Monday, February 25, 2013

Thrift Share Monday - February 25

Whoa!  It seems like it's been since I've written a Thrift Share post.  It's been well over a month...dang!

I've had little time to go thrifting or estate sale hopping. With my new job it's had me occupied Friday and Saturday mornings (during prime estate sale times), and I'm in the opposite direction of my favorite thrift shops, with one being closed by the time I get out of work.  So I was excited this week when I managed to squeeze in some thrift shop stops, and an estate sale.

My thrift shop score this week was this very groovy bread box with canisters.  Which by the way flew off the shelf, at Austin Gift Company, where I sell some of my vintage goods.  Me and my mom were literally bringing in new inventory, and rearranging my space when these were snagged up. 

The lone estate sale luckily wasn't disappointing...or maybe I was just to excited to finally be at one.  I think I got out with some great finds, but I'll let you be the judge.

Let's start out with the awesome roly poly glass set with caddy.

Yup, got a Pyrex score.  I alway love finding Pyrex with blue.

Got a little mushroom happy.

Super cute mushroom house cookie jar.

I love the color of these blue green ceramic pheasants. 

I've found one of these before, and since then sold it. So I was pleased to spot this gravy separator.

A little bit of orange?  Yes, please.  These vintage orange gloves are fab-u-lous.

Then there is vintage enamel jewelry, an owl brooch....

and Koi pendant.  I'm really in aw of this pendant, and it's movement.  It's not a solid stiff piece.  It's whole body is move-able, as if it's ready to jump in a stream to swim away.

One of my different finds was this wall letter holder. It has some defects where labels once sticked, but I couldn't leave it behind since the colors and designs were so wonderful.

Well, that's all I got for now.  I think I had a good week.  Did you have any great finds this last week....or month, since I've been M.I.A?
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