Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fabric Tower

Hi there.  Yup, I'm still here.  Sorry I haven't been posting my Thrift Share post, but I promise I'll get one up in the next week or two.  I have made it out a bit and done some thrifting so I do have some great items to share.  However, in the mean time I want to share one item I purchased at a thrift store back in January.

Do any of you still display your music cd's at home?  You know cd's, those musical circular things you/we use to buy to play music in our cd players and cars? Yeah....yeah... I know I still have some too, my car is not so smart so I don't have the ability to plug a mp3 player into it and play my downloaded music.  So I still roll old-school style and listen to some of my music from cds.

Anyways, way-back-when I use to display all my cds in a cd holder. They came, and are still available, in a variety of styles, table top, wall units, or towers.  I had a tower, a tall narrow stand that you could easily squeeze between something and stylishly display your beloved collection. Then came along the cd binders so you could take you collection with you everywhere you went.  It was then no longer necessary to display empty cd cases in the tower at home, and the cd tower knows what happened to it.  A garage sale was probably it's demise. Just like this find.

In January, I was roaming my favorite thrift shop when I spotted this stand.  I'll admit when I saw it I didn't see cd tower, I saw shelves.  I passed it and continued perusing.  I came back to it, and looked at it some more.  Walked away again, then came back...again.  I made up my mind.  It was coming home with me.  It was $19.99.  Ouch!  That is more than I like to spend on anything thrifted, but I had a vision.

However, once I got it home something happened.  It all of a sudden looked like a cd tower, and it was no longer the "shelves" I initially saw.  I was a bit grossed out by it, and into the garage it went.

About a month later I decided to pull it out of the garage, clean it up, and do with it what I initially envisioned.  Have it be the home for my fabric.  You probably saw a sneak peek of it in February if you follow me on Facebook.

Now it's almost all filled up with the fabric I've been hoarding collecting (like a squirrel saving nuts for the winter).  And I'm am soooo happy with it.  This is what I first saw when I saw this tower, shelves for my fabric and not for cds. It's perfect since I have so little storage space in my room.  Right now it's right by stair case, and my sewing table.

The last week I've also been cutting into my fabric and have over 100 pieces ready for headbands.  I'm really hoping I can get some sewn up and into my shop within in the next week. 

So whatcha think?  Would you have seen a cd tower and thought fabric tower? 


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