Thursday, June 28, 2012

Make a XXXL Mans T-Shirt into a Summer Dress

I don't know about you, but it seems like all the super cute clothing ideas are for the little ones.  Right?

Several weeks ago on Prudent Baby I saw them upcycle a t-shirt into a cute little girls summer dress, pinned here.  Ugh, I want one!  I need summer dresses too.  :-(

That's when it struck me.  I've had the intentions of downsizing a man's t-shirt into a fitted woman's t-shirt (still on my list), so why can't I alter a mans t-shirt into a dress?  I've seen t-shirts and dress shirts made into skirts and other types of dresses, but I wanted one similar to the one on Prudent Baby.

This was one of those projects I didn't think I'd ever get over procrastinating.  With no exact tutorial to follow on the style I'd wanted (that I could find) how would I proceed?  Well I didn't let myself have too much time to think about it yesterday, and just did it. 

It took me a little over two hours to make, but this includes the thought process of me walking in the door from shopping then deciding this is what I was gonna do, including the time it took to take photos.   

Here we go.

The rare blog photo of me modeling the XXXL mans shirt I purchased from Ross Dress for Less (I liked the button snap closure).  You might be in luck and could steal an XXXL t-shirt from your man.

 I have an itty-bitty dress I use for the pool that I roughly used as a guide along with a tank top, for the top of the dress.
Itty-bitty dress for guide
Tank top for guide.
 To start I cut off the sleeves.  No turning back/returning now.

 Then the collar and the top of the shoulders got cut.  At first I thought the collar would make good straps, but it wasn't long enough for two straps.

 Next I traced the top using my tank top as a guide.  Only going down to below the bust.

Not photographed, I cut the sides of the shirt from under the bust, and angled out to the bottom corners of the shirt.  Remember to leave seam allowance.  I used 1/2".

Like the back of my tank top, I cut the back of the shirt straight across, mid bust.

The front was cut out, and sides(side boob) of the front and back were folded down 1/2" and pressed to hem.

The center front hemmed as well.  I used a contrasting burnt orange thread since the shirt was already accented with this color.  (Photos taken after completion, so you'll see straps already attached)

Then up both sides of the dress, no picture.

Straps were made from remaining fabric, 1 1/2" wide x 17", much longer than needed.
  I have to say this was a huge chunk of time, since knit material doesn't hold it's crease. I had to slowly fold in the fabric, like if you were making bias tape(sorry for the very bad picture below.  Your construction time can be reduced dramatically if you use another technique, like ribbon or actual bias tape.
 Then sew the straps, and onto the dress. 
 And voila!  You have a summer dress.  It's even longer than the actual t-shirt since the neckline got lowered by the straps. 
Silly smile.  It's hard to smile for a camera on a timer. 
Whew!  Glad I got that out of the way.  Maybe I'll be doing a few more.  The guys shirts always have the cooler screen prints, minus the shiny glitter stuff that girls t's have.  :-)

So whatcha think?

I'm linking up to Ta-dah Tuesday over at Faith Hope and Charity Shopping.  
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - June 25

This week I wasn't in a huge thrifting mood, but the weekend didn't leave me empty handed.

I went to two estate sales this weekend, and only one produced goods.

Vintage ceramic Christmas tree anyone?  I have one of these, that might have been my grandmas, but I haven't seen them with the little bird lights before.  So freaken cute!

Got these Texas Ware melamine dessert plates, cups and saucers.  Look at that great atomic design.

Some cute vintage hats/caps.  What are these called?  One is marked 100% wool, the other looks to be hand-made.  I'll be listing them on Etsy as soon as I can get some information on them.  The red one is marked on the inside but I can't make out the company name,  it's out of New York.

A cute vintage wallet/coin purse.  Love all it's compartments.  Now listed on Etsy.
So many times at estate sales I forget to look at pieces that hold/display items for sale.  If a price is not obviously visible I tend to automatically assume it's not for sale and it's just for display.  I have to manually turn this feature on in my brain, and think everything is for sale.  I went back to this estate sale on it's last day, 50% off.  This is when I grabbed the hats and the wallet.  I figured that was it.  As I was looking through a cart of linens I acknowledge the cart the linens were in,  "Oh this cart is cute-ish", but I didn't see a price on it. I almost walked away, but rolled it around and there was the price on the other side, $12...half off $6.
Ok, yeah I know it's a little rough (like my grass), but I've already thought I'll try to sew up the deteriorating cloth, or just put it aside and make a new one.  The cart itself is worth $6.  It will be a very cute display piece at a market.  I could throw so much into it.

I see blue mason jars so often online, very rarely in person, and when I do they are pretty pricey.  So when I saw this jar at a garage sale I almost didn't ask.  Good thing I did ask, because at 50 cents it's a steal.  I know it's missing it's wire and glass lid, but it will be a great addition to my craft space.
Last but not least, Pyrex.  Got these fantastic Daisy bowls at a garage sale.  This is the first time I've seen this pattern out in the wild (other than online). 
How was your thrifting week?
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Thrift Share Monday- June 18

Where has this month gone?  I wrote this post two weeks ago (a majority of it), and never got around to taking pictures of my finds, then I had intentions of having it ready for the following week but that didn't happen either.  So third times a charm. 

This post compiles mostly of finds from two weeks ago, with a few (very few finds) when I was on vacation, along with this weekends finds (which happen to be my favorite finds).

Let me start off with what I didn't/couldn't buy, that hurts my heart.  While out of town, on vacation, I stopped at a few thrift stores, with not much luck.  At one of these shops I thought I scored big time.  In the storefront window were two fantastic items....that ended up not being for sale, but for raffle.  Ugh!  Look at that great great green canister stacking set, and pink cake pan.  *Sniff Sniff*  They were so freaken cute, and so hard to walk away from. 

Ok, I'm in mourning about what I didn't get.... but here's what I did get. 

I scored two fantastic Pyrex casserole dishes from my favorite thrift store.  It's one of those things.  "I was just here yesterday....where did those two come from?"

I almost didn't grab the Butterfly gold casserole because it looked weird.  As in not like the other ones I have in my collection.  It's very movie theater nacho cheese looking.  Come to find out it's Butterfly Gold 2.  So it wasn't just me.  I figured if I decided I didn't want it maybe someone on Etsy would.

Got this wooden drawer, and box.

And these fantastic typeset drawers, scored at separate locations.  I already have a large one, that is a little bit damaged, so I'm gonna switch it out with my new find from this weekend. 

These awesome mason jars with lids.  At a $1.75 each they were a steal.

I went to an estate sale of a 92 year old sewer.  So what did that mean for me?  A grocery bag full of fabric for $1, and these are not scrap pieces (aside from the bird fabric) 1-2 yards a piece.  Yay!  Now what will I make with them?  A cute skirt maybe with the floral fabric on the left.

A ton of thread, for $5.
Once in awhile I tend to need colors aside from black and white...this should hold me over.
This super cute yarn stand. Is that what they are called?

A 10 piece milk glass set, in box, of Fire King egg nog mugs with bowl.

I revisited this sale on its last day, Monday(what a weird day to have a sale), and grabbed some vintage jewelry.

A  faux pearl necklace.

I really love this necklace.  They are plastic, faceted beads, and super cute.  Wish I had somewhere to wear it to.  Or maybe I just need to make a 1950's dress, with a cute apron and wear it while I cook.   I'm sure someone will love it, once I decide to stop admiring it and let it go.

I wonder what it was like to live back then (50's & 60's).  Costume jewelry always seems so extravagant.  Who goes out to places where fancy fake or real jewelry like these pieces are usable?  I have some very fancy pieces of my grandmas where I envision being matched with a tiara, while having tea with the Queen.

This necklace (below) really appealed to me, even more so at 50% off.  It is really light, not over bearing, and something about it just really drew me to it. 

As I was looking at it the cashier told me her mom hand crocheted them back in the 60's.  What?  I had to look at them closer.
I have old looking hands...don't look at them.  I'm only 34.  :-(
Yup!  They are loose crocheted, beaded loops, and that is what sold me.  It looks to be a metallic thread.  I'm so gonna try to make these.  

My remaining finds

Enamel bowl and very large coffee pot.

Vintage scarfs

Upholstery fabric samples (13"x26") at .25 cents per piece.  These will make some cute little purses.  Now if I could just discipline myself to get to sewing. 

Ok...I'm tired, and just barely squeezing this in for Monday, CST.  I was determined to get this done.  Tomorrow is another day and maybe...just maybe I'll get some sewing done.  :-)
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