Monday, June 25, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - June 25

This week I wasn't in a huge thrifting mood, but the weekend didn't leave me empty handed.

I went to two estate sales this weekend, and only one produced goods.

Vintage ceramic Christmas tree anyone?  I have one of these, that might have been my grandmas, but I haven't seen them with the little bird lights before.  So freaken cute!

Got these Texas Ware melamine dessert plates, cups and saucers.  Look at that great atomic design.

Some cute vintage hats/caps.  What are these called?  One is marked 100% wool, the other looks to be hand-made.  I'll be listing them on Etsy as soon as I can get some information on them.  The red one is marked on the inside but I can't make out the company name,  it's out of New York.

A cute vintage wallet/coin purse.  Love all it's compartments.  Now listed on Etsy.
So many times at estate sales I forget to look at pieces that hold/display items for sale.  If a price is not obviously visible I tend to automatically assume it's not for sale and it's just for display.  I have to manually turn this feature on in my brain, and think everything is for sale.  I went back to this estate sale on it's last day, 50% off.  This is when I grabbed the hats and the wallet.  I figured that was it.  As I was looking through a cart of linens I acknowledge the cart the linens were in,  "Oh this cart is cute-ish", but I didn't see a price on it. I almost walked away, but rolled it around and there was the price on the other side, $12...half off $6.
Ok, yeah I know it's a little rough (like my grass), but I've already thought I'll try to sew up the deteriorating cloth, or just put it aside and make a new one.  The cart itself is worth $6.  It will be a very cute display piece at a market.  I could throw so much into it.

I see blue mason jars so often online, very rarely in person, and when I do they are pretty pricey.  So when I saw this jar at a garage sale I almost didn't ask.  Good thing I did ask, because at 50 cents it's a steal.  I know it's missing it's wire and glass lid, but it will be a great addition to my craft space.
Last but not least, Pyrex.  Got these fantastic Daisy bowls at a garage sale.  This is the first time I've seen this pattern out in the wild (other than online). 
How was your thrifting week?


  1. Hi Cassandra;
    Like your post a lot. I think the hats are called Pillbox hats, like the ones Jacquie Kennedy made famous?

  2. I found a ceramic tree just before Christmas and I just love it!!!

    Lucky you finding those beautiful Daisy bowls!