Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My First PDF Sewing Pattern - Available now!!!

Do you remember in August when I was seeking testers for my first PDF sewing pattern?  Well, I had some amazing volunteers step-up to the request.  They were fast with their turnaround, and they all had great suggestions to add to my instructions.  I am sooo extremely grateful for their input. Thank you!

So, as soon as I had the notes from my last tester in I immediately edited and completed the pattern.  Then I held my breathe... and released it into the wild.  After years of procrastination, thinking about writing the pattern, but never getting around to it, and now it's out there.  Just. Like. That.

What now? Well,  now this PDF pattern is available for anyone in the world to purchase to so they could make their own awesome, unique, Folding Coin purse for themselves, as gifts for family, friends, teachers...., and to sell (on a small handmade level).  One of my testers made 12 in the week she tested the pattern.  She was already preparing Christmas gifts.  I was flattered.  :-)

This pattern is really a quick, easy and a satisfying project.  The initial average time is about one hour, but once you got it down you'll speed up.  What slows me down is deciding which fabrics I'm going to use. That really takes me for-ev-er.  :-)

Currently the PDF pattern is available online at two locations, in my Etsy shop and on Craftsy.   It's perfect for coins, gift cards and to hold your earbuds.

The pattern has been available for four weeks now and I have sold some patterns.  Nothing crazy though, seven sales, and six out of the seven sales have been through Craftsy. OMG! someone has actually purchased this pattern!

Being the huge pessimist that I am one of my biggest concerns was that no one would buy it, the pattern would sit there sad and alone until I removed it from the internet (because I wouldn't want to keep on hoping someone would buy it and be disappointed).  However, on the other shoulder I have my leeringly optimistic side that hopes that this pattern would go viral and it would sell like crazy.  Such a silly thought, but who do I need to talk to to make this happen?    :-)

I have a needle holding open the coin purse open, for photography purposes. :-)

Oh and by the way listing and selling PDF patterns on Craftsy is free.  They do not charge any fee at all.  Nothing.  No listing fee and no sold fee.  Craftsy is sooo freaken awesome!  Thank you Craftsy!  

Well, enough of my blabbering.   I would like to once again thank my pattern testers, Thank you!  Your assistance and enjoyment of my first pattern gave me confidence that this pattern is not only easy to follow, but could be (fingers crossed) successful as well, and thank you to whom ever can make this pattern go viral.  :-) 

Can't wait to get started on your own Folding Coin Purse?  Well get sewing, you can buy the pattern here and here

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