Monday, March 17, 2014

Sewing Share


I'm still here.  I've been in a slight lull, and neglecting my blog, but I'm still here.

So how has everyone been out there?  Me, I feel like I'm always working, or exhausted by work therefore I'm asleep, or somewhere between work-exhaust and asleep.  I've done very little thrifting over the last several months, but I have scored a few good finds on my rare outings.  I'm aiming to get a thrift share post up soon. As for now I want to share something that I've sewn.

I'm very to-myself with co-workers and friends when it comes to my sewing and thrifting adventures. I usually keep that kind of sharing to those who share the same crafty/thrifty interest.  However, the other day I heard a co-worker talking to our supervisor (a guy) about shopping for a prom dress for her older daughter.  Our supervisor jokingly told her "why don't you just buy a sheet and make her a dress?"  So I chimed in (in defense for the sheet of course) and said "hey I have over 70 sheets and make stuff with them all the time.  There's nothing wrong with that."  Later my co-worker asked me what I make with the sheets so I told her bags, aprons, pillows...etc.  She then mentioned wanting to make her younger daughter a pillowcase dress, but she doesn't sew. I told her I have a whole bunch of pillowcases (since I've had the "intentions" to make pillowcase dresses, but my daughter is a grown teenager now so I have no guinea pigs) I'll make her a dress and her daughter can be my guinea pig. 

That day, I came straight home and started working on a dress, after Google-ing of course, and checking out a few tutorials.  I have made a pillowcase dress before, but I needed a sizing chart since I didn't have my guinea pig to base the dress size off of so I found The Mother Huddle's awesome tutorial and sizing chart. After reading through the tutorial my arm was twisted and I decided not to cut into a pillowcase and I used scraps instead to make this really cute dress.  Granted this was more work than using a single pillowcase, but it was fun being a little more creative with my sewing.  I used 9 different sheets.

I have to say I'm really happy with it.  Hopefully, my co-worker will be happy with it too.  I'm still unsure on the straps; ribbons opposed to bias tape or a sash made from sheets.  I may lean to ribbon, since I aim for working smarter not harder, and ribbon can be just another craft supply to start hoarding.

What do you think?  Is this something that I can sell?  Let me rephrase that, is this something I can make that people would actually buy?  I may adjust future dresses to be a little more A-Line.  I think this could also be a super cute spring/summer top for women, with a few, flattering adjustments.   In the mean time I need to finish up a skirt I've been working on, since I would like to possibly make and sell vintage sheet womens skirts too. 

So many crafty thoughts in my head and so little time.

Oh, if you want to make your favorite little girl her own vintage sheet dress don't forget you can always buy vintage sheet fat quarters from my Etsy Shop. :-)

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