Monday, March 28, 2011

Small Random Projects Equal a Productive Weekend.

Just a reminder.  Don't forget I'm having a giveaway to celebrate National Craft Month.  Go here to enter.

Wow!  Why do weekends go by soooo fast?  I wish I had more time to do what I want to do.  At first it seemed like I didn't get much accomplished, but you know what little projects are still projects.  Looking at my weekend as a whole it looks like I had a pretty productive weekend.

Saturday morning started out with excitement, but ended up somewhat disappointing.  I saw a posting for a neighborhood garage sale; in a very nice neighborhood.  There were 40+ garage sales posted.  40+!  I proceeded to drag my mom, sister, and three kids out to the neighborhood.  These were high end houses so I figured the garage sales would be awesome, but they were a complete buzz kill.  They were very whimpy and junky.  I know I know... one's man's trash is another mans treasure, and I guess that's what some of these garage sales were ... they were bring their trash out for bulk pick up and if they sold anything then they scored and if they didn't then to the curb it goes.  Oh well.

We proceeded to a church rummage sale where I scored this oh so vintage-y dark green FTD 1978 compote dish.  Isn't it awesome!!!  It will soon be listed in my Etsy shop.
1978 FTD compote dish.  (Look further down to see the vintage Westmoreland creamer.)

Later Saturday I managed to accomplish a few small sewing projects.  One I had be procrastinating on for over a week.  My soon to be brother-in-law wanted a t-shirt shorted and gave it to me with trust that I could get it done.  OMG!  This is something I have been wanted to try.  I have a long t-shirt for my daughter that also needs shortening, but I've been scared to try.  I Googled about a dozen different tutorials on how to hem a t-shirt, and then I dove in and tried.  LOOK!  I actually looks good.  Granted the serged side isn't as pretty as the outside, but it's the outside that counts right?  Whew!  I'm so I can do my daughter's t-shirt.
Hemmed t-shirt using a serger and twin needle on sewing machine.  Remember to feed the dogs.

My son has been wanting his own eye mask (he's been wearing mine. The one shown in my title banner.).  He even picked out his own fabric about two weeks ago.  He really loves looking at fabric.  He also chose a green fabric so that I can make him a frog.  Uh!  I haven't made any I don't know why that got into his head.  Ugh!  Now I need to look for a frog tutorial.
University of Texas.  Go Longhorns!  (I am soo not a sports person)

Next my mom and sister decided they wanted a whole bunch of the foldy coin purses.  They both wanted them as gifts.  My sister wanted one, and my mom wanted three for her sister-in-laws, my aunts, that she'll be going on vacation with next month.  So I spent the evening watching a movie ironing on the interfacing and cutting them out.

Completed foldy coin purse.  Got more to work on.

Sunday I finished another Buttercup bag out of reclaimed sheets, and it is fabulous.  The butterflies, fruit, and flowers are great, and the colors are gorgeous.  It is now listed in my Etsy shop.  (see the left banner)
Purse interior.

I got out and about to a few thrift shops and managed a few good scores.  Got this super cute Vintage Westmoreland Quilted creamer.  It means business too, it is sooo solid.  Currently listed in my Etsy shop.  I also scored a 37 piece Noritake Progression China set, but I'm have the hardest time identifying it (can you help?  Here is the pattern but they don't have a pattern name.  There's not a pattern name or number on the pieces.  Hmmm.  I'll keep on looking.  And what is a thrift shop trip without finding vintage sheets.  Lucky I found one.  Whew!  Think I was gonna start going through withdrawal if I didn't find any vintage sheets this weekend.  
Check out the pictures in my Etsy shop.  The pattern is very detailed and fabulous.

Oh!  And I attempted to make a light hopes to get better pictures at night.  It still needs a bit of tweaking.  Maybe a better light.   

Well that's my weekend in a nutshell.  How was yours?  

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Giveaway! Vintage sheet Fat Quarter Pack to celebrate National Craft Month

National Craft month is coming to an end, and there has been soo many great giveaways all over the crafting blogosphere. So I would like to join in the celebration, and giveaways.

Up for grabs is a 6 pack of vintage sheet fat quarters; winners choice from my Etsy shop.

Like any fat quarter there are so many projects/crafts you can make out of the vintage sheets.  Check out some of the items I've recently made; an apron, purses and coin purses. (see below)

All you need to do is the following, each comment is for a separate it is not mandatory to do all four steps.

1.) Say "Hi" if you are currently a follower and/or let me know if you are a new follower.
2.) Follow me on Facebook, and leave a comment on this post letting me know.
3.) Check out my Esty shop and let me know what FQ listings you would bundle together.  (If you win you can change your mind later.)
4.) Blog about the giveaway and leave a comment with your link.

That's 1, 2, 3,4 chances to win.   

Giveaway will end at 11:59 p.m  CST on March 31, 2011, and a winner will be chosen at random via  Please make sure to leave your email address in your comment if your email address is not linked up to your profile.  Winner will have 5 days to respond to winning email notification, if I do not receive a response a new winner will be picked.

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents.
Double sided apron out of vintage sheets.
Buttercup bags out of vintage sheet.
Coin purses made out of vintage sheets.  

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The New Life of a Vintage Sheet, and Good-Bye Zipper Issues...Maybe

So I think I figured out my small zipper issue... maybe.

I decided to make some coin purses a bit larger than the ones I had previously made and used larger zippers.  This seemed to work, but I think they worked only because I realized I was sewing the coin purse wrong at the point where the zipper was.  I was folding the zipper in the wrong direction, therefore making the coin purse kinda pucker since the zipper was sewn in place.... in the wrong direction.  Does that make sense?

That was one of those times where you have to stop what you are doing....move away... and do something else.  Otherwise you get caught up in your mistake and momentarily become insane by continuing to repeat your same mistake over and over again hoping to have it magically work out.  I tell my daughter all the time when she gets frustrated when working on a craft or even homework "Step away, take a deep breath and do something else for a bit" I just have to remember to take my own advise.  Let's see how the small zippers work out next time I attempt the smaller coin purses.

On a non-zipper note I've made some purses out of the vintage sheets that I have been obsessively acquiring, and OMG they are sooo freaken cute (If I do say so myself).  I love the purse pattern as well.  It's a pattern from Made by Rae called the Buttercup Bag.

Back in December I had made a purse out of this pattern, just before I started blogging, which ended up in my sisters hands, and I loved it.  It was black with a cute oriental parasol fabric for the lining.  In my near future I see myself making another one for myself; since I seem to be a solid colored purse type of gal for my everyday use.

Purse exterior.

So back to these vintage sheet buttercup purses.  This pattern just seems to fit perfectly with these floral patterns.  I've been ready for spring...and some rain... hello rain are you out there?  Looks like we are gonna have a sad wild flower season from the lack of rain, but at least I can get my flower fix while whipping out these so spring-y purses out of these once loved and reclaimed to love vintage sheets.

Here the purses are flipped inside out so you can see the great interior fabric.  Inside has pockets.  The large purse has one pocket split in two.  Perfect size for your phone.
The small purse, I think, is a great size.  The exterior pattern is designed to be cut out of one fat quarter, which I love especially when working with new patterns.  It hurts my heart to use up a large amount of fabric on something that might not work out as expected.  Plus the small purse is a great size for an evening out; for your keys, wallet and other small necessities.  The large pattern will work best for my daily use since I like carrying around soo many non-essential items.

On another blog Artsy-Crafty Babe she has talked about how she's used Mulsin in leu of interfacing to keep the softness of  the vintage sheets, but to still give the purse some stability/thickness, and she is sooo right.  I would have hated to use interfacing to stiffen up the flowy goodness of these vintage sheets.  Not only do they look good, but they feel good too... nice and squishy.

Both purses will be posted in my Esty shop this week.  Leave a comment if your interested and I'll set up a special reserved listing for you.  I'm thinking $12 for the small one and $21 for the larger one, plus S/H (well $18 for this particular one since there is a small imperfection in the stitch at the top of the purse where I bumped into the button...oops.  So the stitch is straight then curves over the button....then straight again.  Note to self.... place button 1/4 inch lower next time.)
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vintage sewing and knitting magazines

Check out these super cute, great sewing and knitting magazines I ran into.  They are in immaculate condition.
They are very entertaining.  The ads alone are hilarious.  I know this was back in the 50's, but to buy a dress form for $3...OMG!!!  that is crazy! Yes, please I would like one for $3, and a set of 3 pinking shears for $4.50.  Wow!

The pictures are great.  That great vintage-y look.  There are patterns and instructions (granted the patterns are on the iddy bitty scale so you would have to create your own human size pattern), but they are fantastic.

I'll be offering them for sale over at my Esty shop. So go on over and check them out if you are interested.  Leave a comment if your interested in purchasing one if you don't see it in my shop yet.   
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Managing my patterns

I was tired of handling my paper patterns.  You know.  You print a pattern that you find online, you cut it out and fight with it as you trace around it onto your fabric. 

I was done with that.  I went to the dollar store and bought a few poster boards and transfered my paper patterns onto the more sturdy poster board.

This is sooo much nicer.  It lays flat on the fabric and I can easily trace around the pattern. 

All I need now is more poster board for more patterns. 

How do you manage your patterns?
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Etsy Shop Grand Opening Discount

Hello to everyone out there in blogland.

I'm excited about opening up my Etsy shop and I want to celebrate this feat.

For the remaining month of March I am having a Grand Opening Sale; 15% off everything in my shop.  

Currently there is a whole bunch of vintage fat quarters available, and there is even a bundled package where you can select 6 fat quarters of your choice from my shop.

Items will continued to be added on so check back frequently to see what's newly listed.

To get your 15% discount enter GrandOpening at checkout.

Thank you to all who stop by!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

My Etsy store is up and running!!!


I did it!  I stuck to my guns and was determined to get my Etsy shop up and running. 

So far all but one item are vintage sheet fat quarters, but I'll slowly add as I go.

Let's see how this goes.

Check out the side bar to the left to see some of the items listed, and to visit my store. 

Thank you for stopping by!
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Garage sale finds

It was an interesting Saturday morning.  As I've mentioned before, previously I haven't been much of a trifter, but now I'm at thrift store at least twice a week...mostly looking for vintage sheets.  Same goes for garage sales.  In my past life I haven't been one to go scouting out garage sales.  If I was to go to one it was because I was driving pass in on the way to somewhere else and something caught my eye in order for me to stop.  However, yesterday I set out to look around.  I even went online looking for the garage sales posted and wrote down a list of sales I wanted to hit.

We attended more than what I had on my list, stopping by some as we were on the way to others.  I have to say it started out being very disappointing.  The first few garage sales were pathetic.  Very little of anything, and we did a few drive by not even stopping runs.  A few items placed on the sidewalk, in my opinion are not garage sales.
$3 standing tray
It adjusts! Going to be a great table for my daughter when she draws and paints

Anyway, the last place on my list ended up being big. Whew!  Finally an actual garage sale.  They had a lot of stuff.  Previously stationed in Japan they had tons of stuff from there.  I managed to score a large piece of Indigo blue Japanese fabric.  BEAU-TI-FUL!!  They asked if I sewed and they let me grab some of the other fabric pieces they had, that I liked, at no cost.  I also got a large agua fresca (fruit juice) jar.  The fabric and the jar is all I bought here.  The stuff they had was fantastic and I could have bought a lot more, but I didn't let the urge overwhelm me.  (Well I did drive away without the juice jar....then turned around and bought it.)
Indigo Blue Japanese Fabric
This piece of fabric is 18 inches wide by 7 yards.  For Free!!

We were heading home when my mom said lets keep on going.  I guess she was in the mood to find more and wanted to venture a bit further out.  OK lets go!  Our venture out landed us at a restaurant for breakfast with a garage sale next door.  This is where I found my super awesome find of the day, week, month...maybe year (it's early and so far I would say find of the year).  These super cute retro tea cups with snack plate are to die for.  OMG!!!  She only had one on display, but turned out there was a set of 13 (wait 15 was actually in the box.  I found out when I took them out to take the picture.  Yay!).  Initially I was only gonna buy a few and my sister wanted a couple but then decided they were soo freaken awesome I wanted them all and offered to buy them all at a set, lower price.    SCORE!!!  Yes, my sister got a couple from the set. 

One set out of a 15 piece set.  So freaken cute!!
Look at this cute pattern!
Breakfast afterward was delicious, especially after such a great find.  AND while we were waiting to be seated I noticed that behind the restaurant there was a quilt shop.  Now don't laugh at me, up until the last couple of months I didn't realize what quilt shops had.  In my mind I figured they had grandma fabrics, and the word quilt always threw me off. So a quilt shop never peaked my interested.  Oh how I have judge stores by their names...sham on me.

Last week me and my mom went to a quilt store that she drove by the week before.  When we went it was actually the grand opening, and OMG they have the most delicious fabrics and it was such a super cute store.  The one we went to yesterday was also a great find.  They had a plethora of fabric, and it looked like every fabric they had also had been cut down into fat quarters.  They had soo much.  It was crazy.  I know where I'm going if I have a theme I want to stick to in my sewing ventures, because it looked like they had it all. (Both stores are out of town, but not too far away)

Whew!  That was fun!
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Small zipper issues

Ugh!  I don't know what's wrong with me.  For the life of me I can't seem to sew the zippers correctly for a small coin purse.  AHHHH!!  I've made several and they all seem off. 

Since I dove in and cut into my first set of vintage sheets (late last week for the apron giveaway) I've been attempting to make some coin purses from the same set of sheets.  For the price I figure it's good practice fabric, and there is just so much of it. 
You can't see it here, but the green one has a gap where I failed to cover the zipper opening, and the top right one doesn't zip close all the way.  :-(

Ok back to my issue.  I think my issue is that the zippers are 4" zippers.  I've gone through about a dozen tutorials, which are all similar one way or another and the finished product looks clean and finished (in the tutorials), but my end results are ..... uh wonky? Plus the tutorials use zippers that are much longer then cut them down. Maybe that's my solution.... use much longer zippers.

See the top left one...the zipper is bowing.  The blue one you can see that the fabric is puckered at the corner.

I didn't have any issues with a 9" zipper.  Look at the cute little purse I made out of half a place mat.  The zipper was easy to install and the whole project was super quick.  So why can't the small coin purse be the same?

Place mat purse.  There is the whole place mat, the other half is cut up and ready to make another one, and my finished purse.
You can see the reverse side of the mat inside of the purse. 
This place mat purse was inspired by another purse I have that I love to use on the weekends.  Especially if we are going to festivals or open air markets.  Big enough for my phone, cash, keys, the occasional small purchase or water bottle.  When out with my kids I prefer a purse that I can wear that crosses over my chest.  This way I have both hands free, and not have to worry about putting my purse down and forgetting it somewhere. 
My inspiration purse.
(I had a hard time getting the camera to focus on all these pics...I'm just having issues all around.)
Wow! Talk about easily distracted...I'm wanting to complain about my 4" zipper issues and then get off track.  I'm not sure what is going on with these coin purses.  Maybe I need to revert to bias tape.  I made my sister a cute coin purse for Christmas that used bias tape around the edge.  It's just that I tend to fight with bias tape as well.  My bias tape maker has been used 3 times since I purchased it in January, and each and every time I've used it I fail to some extent.  What happens here is that the bias tape doesn't fold correctly at the seams where the strips are joined.

Maybe coin purses are not meant to be my thing.  We'll see...eventually.  Who will win?  Me or the coin purses?
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I want to sell, and do you remember Ebay way back when?

Well I have a scare. My full-time job, as an office manager, may not be as secure as I once felt it was.  The company has somewhat been taken over, and my boss of 5 years is no longer my boss.  A new CEO, my boss, has been appointed.  The office I work in is a very small office, 6 employees, so who's to say our jobs can't be done somewhere else, by other individuals located, maybe where the new CEO is located, in another state.  Gasp!  This is not something I want to think about, but I have to.  I've been laid off before.  Between 2000-2005...three times.  Barf!

I don't plan to jump ship...this transition can be for the better, but with this happening I'm gonna seriously need to get my act together.  I'm divorced with two kids so I need to build a savings account for the just incase scenario.  This means I want to try to sell on Ebay and Esty.  This has been a thought in my mind for years. I have plenty of fabric on hand to make things to sell....I just need to get to it.

I got a long story to share regarding my desire to sell if you would like to take the time to hear my history.  Grab a cup of coffee, something sweet, and sit back and relax.  Are you comfy?  Because here we go. 

As far back as I can remember,....well not that far... about 1997-1998, I've wanted to sell things that I've made.  I've lived in Austin just over 15 years, and when we first moved here, my mom and sisters, we would check out the little festivals that would pop up around town.  There is this one festival that is held yearly, Eeyore's Birthday.  It's not what it sounds like.  You might  imagine the whole gang from the Hundred Acre Woods to be there; It's not anything like that, but they do have the honoree attending, a donkey, Eeyore.  In my opinion, it's not as child friendly as you would think, but children do go.  It's very hippyish, but that's Austin for you (I'm not saying this in a bad way, just a way to describe it).  My mom has always said that Austin reminders her of Los Angeles back in the 70's. 

It's been years since I've gone to Eeyore's Birthday.  At that time there were food and beer stands.  It's encouraged to dress up like if it was Halloween, and dress weird; Austin's motto is "Keep Austin Weird".  Then there is the infamous bongo circle.  The bongo circle is exactly that;  a whole bunch of bongo players unit, and beat their bongos.  There's the random few girls that would dance to the beat of the bongos, and I've seen it a few times where they were topless.  Last but not least there is the smell of the wacky tobacky in the air, which I'm not a fan of, however, the scene of it all was definitely entertaining.        

The first year or two we went to Eeyore's Birthday there would also be people selling items they made, as well as other items like candles, incense, and if I recall correctly pipes (it makes sense the smell and the pipes right?).  So as I saw these people sprawled out on blankets (not stands or tables) I was drawn to them.  I  would buy a hemp bracelet or mushroom shaped candle, but ultimately, I wanted to do this too.  I wanted to sit out on a blanket and sell something that I made.

It was in my mind, and I wanted to do it.  The following year I made a whole bunch of hemp, and that waxy string, bracelets.  My boyfriend (at that time) and I would sit and watch TV as I would make bracelet after bracelet for hours at a time; I even crocheted a couple of hemp pouches.  Then  It was time... Eeyore's birthday was here again.

My boyfriend and I gathered our blanket, snacks and headed out to the park.  At first I thought we got there really early, since I didn't see any people selling stuff from their blankets.  We continued to walk to the trail where there was the most flow of foot traffic, but as we walked we would see
someone sit down, setting up their blanket, then a cop would ask them to pick up and leave.  Of course I decided to wait and we walked some more, and we saw this happen a few more times.  Ugh!  They are now regulating something.  I don't know what they were regulating.  People were not allowed to sell there at the park.  Ugh!  Sigh...
Wax string bracelets.  (The wax string was my favorite and I wore some for years)

Small crocheted hemp pouch
We hung around at the park for a little while...then went home.  Oh how sad.  I really hoped to sell and maybe make money.  Who knows if I would have actually made money.  I didn't keep track of how much money I spent on hemp and beads, but that's not the point I wanted to see if someone would buy from me like how I would buy from others.  Oh well. 

The bracelets were eventually either given away to family or friends.  My boyfriend was even able to swap them for a replacement car window, since his car got broken into at one point in time.  I still have some reminders of that time, 13ish years later I have a few remaining bracelets.  These were the less desirable ones, but I've held onto them.  Even though I didn't get to do what I wanted to do way back then it was still fun making them, and they are a reminder that I attempted to do what I set out to do.
Assorted hemp bracelets.  (Hi Eeyore)
Flash forward a few years later, I was married and a stay at home mom (laid off two weeks prior to having my daughter, but that was ok).  Since I was gonna be at home I was gonna try Ebay.  A cousin had mentioned, not long before, that she was buying things from discount stores and reselling them at higher prices on Ebay.  This sounded like a great idea.  We had just got our first computer, a hand me down from my brother-in-law, and we had dial-up access via AOL (which at that time charged by the minute for internet use...or something like the first so many minutes were free then you were charged.  Ouch!).

Back then Ebay was not as easily done like it is now.  We didn't have a digital camera, so you had to take a picture, develop the film, then scan it into the computer, but we didn't have a scanner.  My husband (now ex) did eventually surprise me with a scanner so that was one hurdle down.  So what I tried to do was buy things I could place on the scanner so that I didn't have to take pictures of it.  Oh and you couldn't download pictures directly onto Ebay.  You had to register with another website, download the pictures there, then export the pictures to Ebay. A long, time consuming process....remember on dial-up.

This Ebay venture didn't last long.  My daughter didn't do well out and about shopping, at restaurants...just out in general.  I breast feed her for six months, and she did not take a bottle... at ALL.  So I had a very small window of time I could be without her, and out with her.  If she got hungry while shopping I would go out to my car and sit in the backseat while I fed her.  Ugh, and there were times where she got super fussy.  If she couldn't see me, while facing the back of the car when in her car seat, she would scream bloody murder.  Ear piercing screams that made me think she was in agonizing pain.  I would have to pull over to see if she was ok, and as soon as she saw me the biggest smile would form on her beet red face.  The look of relief that I was still there would be in her eyes; she didn't loose me (OMG!! she's still like this, but a little less dramatic).  That was the death of my desire to sell on Ebay... then.  I did sell a few items at that time, but it wasn't worth it...the time and stress was not worth it. 

Over the years I have sold a few things on Ebay.  It's easy now.  I have a digital camera, that downloads straight to Ebay, and high speed internet. (Where is my flying car?)  The items I've sold have been nothing spectacular.  Most recently I've sold some school books for much more then what the school would have bought them back for.  That was a major bonus.  However, I've wanted to sell more, but I haven't found the niche of what people want.  How do you know when you are out thrifting what something will sell for?  How do you know it's even worth buying to resell?

Now, as I have been stalking blogs, I have had some little insight to what might sell.  Ultimately I want to sew items to sell, but as of right now I'm looking for what I want to make, obtaining patterns, and test driving the patterns.  Yes, I do know some patterns have rights to sell, and I am looking at the ones that give permission to sell on a handmade level.  Also I do know it will take some time to build up stock to keep my Etsy or Ebay store filled.

The point here is that I haven't let go of what I wanted to do so long ago, and for some strange reason it feels like that possibility is closer, more possible.  Both my kids, 11 & 7, are pretty much self sufficient.  So that means I have some time to do things, while at home.  They let me sew...sometimes.  They're kids so they will get into their helpless T-Rex pose; where their arms are too short and they can't manage to do, grab, get things on their own, and at these times I have to surrender the sewing machine.

The last few weeks I have done some thrifting, and I think I've done good with my small finds.  My focus has been vintage sheets.  I've collectively found a stack of vintage sheets, that I've showed you in a previous post, including two super cute receiving blankets.   Also a really cute Tracy Porter, hand painted, tea cup, non-vintage.  I think I done good job.  I've somewhat steered away from the Goodwill since their prices seem
to be much more expensive then some of the other thrift stores I've gone to.  Like four times more expensive.  Yikes!  Have any of you noticed that?  
Hand painted Tracy Porter tea cup.  Love it, but will eventually sell it.
Super cute vintage receiving blankets. (I want to sell these too)
Up close pic of receiving blanket.
Stack of vintage sheets
I would like to use the sheet to make a few projects and maybe sell the rest off as fat quarters, and with Easter around the corner I would like to sell the receiving blankets.  Maybe just another few more finds and I'll open my own Etsy shop.  Baby steps though I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I do need to work fast.

Any thoughts or fears I should be aware of when it comes to your very own Etsy shop?  Do customers ever not care for the handmade items they've purchased and demand refunds?  If you run an Esty shop do you absolutely love it, and do you do well with it?  At least make back what was spent on what you sold?  Of course my goal is to make money, but ultimately I don't want to loose money.  You know what I mean?

It's all so nerve racking.  I just don't want a repeat of what happened with my bracelets.  I don't want to be shopping and sewing, and into the grove of things and have no one there to sell to.  Is this a normal concern?

Any and all comments/advice would be greatly appreciated.  Anyone else on  the looooong venture of wanting to sell, but haven't plunged in yet?

$3 garage sale find.  SCORE!  Retail price $18.99

**Update April 2013.
That March 2011, I did open an Etsy shop, and 10 months later, January 2012, I was laid off from the above mentioned job. My position was dissolved (technically transferred to the main office in another state).

Did I foresee this or what?  I wish I could do the same thing with lottery numbers.

Unfortunately without finding or creating awesome money making items I didn't have the cash stashed aside that I had hoped for. I was unemployed for 11 months.  However, just before I was laid off I had become a member of an awesome craft group, Austin Craft Riot, and literally the day I lost my job I received a notice from the Austin Flea that I was accepted to be a vendor at their market (I cried, it was happy/unexpected news to receive on such a terrible day. Especially since I just inquired about being a vendor since applications had already closed for that particular upcoming event).  I was a vendor at every Austin Flea last year, and sold at a few other markets.  Austin Craft Riot was a huge help along the way, with support and inspiration from other like-minded crafters/sellers.

Now these markets, for the most part, weren't big money makers, but these two entities, Austin Craft Riot and Austin Flea, I feel kept me involved, gave me something to look forward to, and helped me through what could have been a very hard/dark year as I looked for a new job (you know how the commercials go) which was "priceless". 

**Update July 2014
Recently I started a new "temporary" position, my second job since my layoff (this one is temp to perm, yay).  I am still running my Etsy shop (not as full speed as I probably should/can), and seeking that money making handmade item or ancient garage/estate sale find that will make me a millionaire. I'm still a proud member of Austin Craft Riot, and even though I haven't been as involved as I would have liked (since I was previously working d 6 days a week) I once again have something to look forwards to by getting back in the swing of selling at markets.  My first show on the calendar is the amazing Austin Craft Riot Summer Show.  I'm so excited and can't wait!   

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Vintage (sheet) apron Giveaway!

Good morning everyone!

Look what I have up for grabs.  An upcycled half apron made from vintage sheets.

I finally took a deep breath and took my scissors to some of my vintage sheets that I've obsessively gone searching for the last two weeks.  The apron is double sided using coordinating fabrics, and measures 23" wide by 15 1/2". The straps are each 24" long.

The giveaway is being held over at The Vintage Sheet Blog, where Jen is celebrating her one year blogaversary,  and everyday this month she is having a giveaway.  I love giveaways, and one everyday....that is awesome!!  I'm definitely glued to The Vintage Sheet Blog this month.   

So to enter the giveaway you need to comment (not here) on the post over at The Vintage Sheet Blog.  There is a list of ways to enter for multiple chances to win.  Now go on...go comment to win....Yay!!
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a horse?

 Today was the 82nd annual Zilker Kite Festival.  It turned out to be such a beautiful day.  Check out all the kites.

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