Sunday, March 13, 2011

Garage sale finds

It was an interesting Saturday morning.  As I've mentioned before, previously I haven't been much of a trifter, but now I'm at thrift store at least twice a week...mostly looking for vintage sheets.  Same goes for garage sales.  In my past life I haven't been one to go scouting out garage sales.  If I was to go to one it was because I was driving pass in on the way to somewhere else and something caught my eye in order for me to stop.  However, yesterday I set out to look around.  I even went online looking for the garage sales posted and wrote down a list of sales I wanted to hit.

We attended more than what I had on my list, stopping by some as we were on the way to others.  I have to say it started out being very disappointing.  The first few garage sales were pathetic.  Very little of anything, and we did a few drive by not even stopping runs.  A few items placed on the sidewalk, in my opinion are not garage sales.
$3 standing tray
It adjusts! Going to be a great table for my daughter when she draws and paints

Anyway, the last place on my list ended up being big. Whew!  Finally an actual garage sale.  They had a lot of stuff.  Previously stationed in Japan they had tons of stuff from there.  I managed to score a large piece of Indigo blue Japanese fabric.  BEAU-TI-FUL!!  They asked if I sewed and they let me grab some of the other fabric pieces they had, that I liked, at no cost.  I also got a large agua fresca (fruit juice) jar.  The fabric and the jar is all I bought here.  The stuff they had was fantastic and I could have bought a lot more, but I didn't let the urge overwhelm me.  (Well I did drive away without the juice jar....then turned around and bought it.)
Indigo Blue Japanese Fabric
This piece of fabric is 18 inches wide by 7 yards.  For Free!!

We were heading home when my mom said lets keep on going.  I guess she was in the mood to find more and wanted to venture a bit further out.  OK lets go!  Our venture out landed us at a restaurant for breakfast with a garage sale next door.  This is where I found my super awesome find of the day, week, month...maybe year (it's early and so far I would say find of the year).  These super cute retro tea cups with snack plate are to die for.  OMG!!!  She only had one on display, but turned out there was a set of 13 (wait 15 was actually in the box.  I found out when I took them out to take the picture.  Yay!).  Initially I was only gonna buy a few and my sister wanted a couple but then decided they were soo freaken awesome I wanted them all and offered to buy them all at a set, lower price.    SCORE!!!  Yes, my sister got a couple from the set. 

One set out of a 15 piece set.  So freaken cute!!
Look at this cute pattern!
Breakfast afterward was delicious, especially after such a great find.  AND while we were waiting to be seated I noticed that behind the restaurant there was a quilt shop.  Now don't laugh at me, up until the last couple of months I didn't realize what quilt shops had.  In my mind I figured they had grandma fabrics, and the word quilt always threw me off. So a quilt shop never peaked my interested.  Oh how I have judge stores by their names...sham on me.

Last week me and my mom went to a quilt store that she drove by the week before.  When we went it was actually the grand opening, and OMG they have the most delicious fabrics and it was such a super cute store.  The one we went to yesterday was also a great find.  They had a plethora of fabric, and it looked like every fabric they had also had been cut down into fat quarters.  They had soo much.  It was crazy.  I know where I'm going if I have a theme I want to stick to in my sewing ventures, because it looked like they had it all. (Both stores are out of town, but not too far away)

Whew!  That was fun!

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