Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hell!  Time is flying!

Quick update.

It's been roughly 8 1/2 days since I received an email from a local, fellow Esty shop, Hannah Stoney, asking if I would like to participate in an Art, Craft and Vintage fair, here in Austin, on the Drag...in two weeks (now 5 days from today).  Check out her Esty shop...I love her paper cut-outs.  This shadow box is amazing.  I don't know what it reminds me of, but it reminds me of something nice... almost nostalgic.  Maybe an old movie?  Ugh what movie does it remind me of?!

Anyways back to her invitation.  When I received her email.  I was thrown off a bit not knowing what I was reading, because it wasn't sinking in, but once it did I gave it a few hours of consideration, since I've never done this before, and because I would have to sew as much as I could in a short period of time to have stock for this fair.

I said yes,...

and so here I am.

Here is what I have completed so far.  (Yes, I've made sure there is permission to make and sell these patterns, and/or I've obtained permission.  ;-) )

5 Vintage sheet Pleated Totes (pattern by Artsy Crafty Babe)
5 vintage sheet lavender pillow sachets
5 folding coin purses
3 Vintage sheet Buttercup Bags (pattern by Made by Rae)
1 Vintage sheet Grocery Bag (pattern based off BurdaStyle's grocery bag)  (reversible)
1 sling purse

and a partridge in a pear tree...

plus some of the other random items that were already completed and listed on Etsy.
Buttercups bags and grocery bag.

Pleated totes, lavender pillow sachets, sling purse, and folding coin purses.

Got 6 more grocery bags cut out, pinned together and ready to sew.  I'm not sure how much more I'll be able to complete in the next 5 days, but I'll do what I can...and that's all I can do.

The set-up/booth/table should have some good girth to it, since I'm guessing it's on a small scale since it's the coffee house's tables (I'll go check them out the day before the fair).  I'll be taking my other little vintage finds that I have posted on Etsy, like the tea snack plates plus other items I haven't gotten around to posting yet.  Hopefully I'll have what is needed to attract customers.

Only time will tell.

Oh I have a fear.  Please tell me if any of you have had similar fears.  It's along the line of that popular depicted bad dream where you have a report you need to present in front of your class and you end up walking to the front of the class in your underwear.  Well my bad dream (I haven't actually dreamt this yet, but I think about it during the day) is someone buying something I made and it falls apart as they walk away with it.  Like all the seams that hold the purse together just start to unravel.  Ugh!  That's such an awful thought.   Ay!

Silly fear I know.  I've used several purses that I've made so far and I haven't had any unraveling issues.  The biggest issues I can recall from my past creations is that I didn't sew buttons on good enough, I've used a delicate material where a magnetic snap was used, and didn't use reinforcement where the magnetic snap was at, like interfacing.  These are all mistakes I've learned from, and I've corrected all these issues.

Ok....gotta get back to sewing... then some sleeping.
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Lovely Pincushion by Spincushions

A quick thank you before I forget.

The Sew Weekly has been having (the month of April) 30 Days of Pincushions giveaway, and the first week of April I won one.  Yay!

It arrived over the weekend, all the way from Australia, and it is fantastic!  It's a great size, much large than I thought.

So I would like to thank the lovely Esty shop Spincushions for the gorgeous hand-made pincushion. All the little flowers are beautiful.  I definitely admire those who can be so detailed in items such as this.  Gorgeous work.

Needless to say I ran right out and bought pins (an excuse to buy cute pins) for my new pincushion.  The prefect place for all these butterfly pins, that my daughter strategically placed.

There is 5 more days left for the 30 Days of Pincushions so head on over and enter to win a unique pincushion of your own.

Oh!  Don't forget to check out Spincushions array of handmade pincushions.  They are all so wonderful.  Go pick one out for yourself.

Thank you The Sew Weekly and Spincushions!!
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Running Backwards or Running in Place.

Oh my!

I've been busy, busy making items for this Sundays May Day: Art, Craft and Vintage Fair.

I've been non-stop and feel like I haven't got much accomplished.  I feel like I'm either running backwards or running in place...going the wrong direction and/or getting nowhere, but at the same time I've made more in this last week than I've ever made before.

My goal when I started this blog back in January was a project a week.  For the most part that's because it takes me so long to complete anything.  You know... life allows you a little free time here and there, so during that free time I sew.  It usually would take me a week to complete an easy project like a purse, but then this just shows what you can actually accomplish when you set your mind to it.  

I'm definitely keeping true to my blogs name, Sleeping or Sewing. Thankfully so far I haven't been unmotivated.  I'm still having fun...it still feels like a hobby, and if I come home with everything I take to the fair at least it will be an experience and something I can check off of my to do list.  Get it out of my system... you know what I mean.

I think by Wednesday or Thursday I'll really start panicking.  Gotta figure out my set up, tag and price everything....on and on.  Ay!

I will follow up later today or tomorrow with my progress and show you what I've been able to finish.  
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Monday, April 18, 2011


Excuse me.  Didn't mean to gross you out, but I got a barf worthy situation.

Remember last month when I wrote a reallllly long post about wanting to sell?  (Thank you to all who took the time to read it.)  Well that post led me to open an Etsy shop about 6 days later.  Now one month later I get a message on Etsy.  It's from a local Etsy shop who is curating a show in two weeks.  (Yes in two weeks.)  She wants to know if I am interested in being a part of an Art, Craft and Vintage Fair.    


I read it again...

Is this spam?...

Huh?  What?

What is she talking about?

Oh hell!!!  She's seen my shop on Esty and would like to know if I want to sell at the "May Day Art, Craft and Vintage Fair".

Wait this is spam right?  ugh!

So I ask some additional questions about the fair.  It looks very quaint, it's at a coffee house, using the coffee house's tables, but my initial response is no.  My only reason for no is because it's in two weeks, and that would mean I need to make a lot of stuff in two weeks.

I mention it to my mom and she says "do it".  "Uh mom hello it's in TWO WEEKS."

I'm leaning to say no, because how can I do what needs to be done in that amount of time.  Any of you craft showers please let me know what time frames you work in to get stuff together for a show.

My bed room is now a sweat shop (don't think in the gutter), I start tracing and cutting out fabric like a mad(crazy) woman.  I want to see how much I can get cut out and partially started before I give my answer.  I got about 10 purses cut out, and 4 about 80% completed, but this is on a Sunday, 1/2 day with no kids.

So I gave my answer.



I don't know how I'm gonna do it, but I'm gonna hate myself for who knows how long if I don't give it a try.  Might as well hate myself for failing then not trying at all...right?

Please any tips, tricks, suggestions, advice, about how to handle myself and this show.  I know sit straight, brush my hair, and talk slow (my sisters will be there to remind me of that).

Seriously advice would be greatly appreciated.  

Thank you!
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thrifting Fool

What a Saturday!  This kids are out of town visiting their grandparents .  So that means I get to run around town.

I should of slept in, but really how could I?  Especially since there was a craft show up North.  The first 30 people got a goody bag, so of course I wanted to get there early to score some goodies. And why waste a perfectly great morning drive to the other side of town?  Might as well hit up garage sales on the way, and that's what I did.

First score was 6 fantastic pots of monkey grass at $1 each, and this wonderfully awesome fabric. Total for fabric and plants $7.50.  The green paisley fabric is 52" x 90"...for $1. One Dollar!!! Who are these people who sell soo much fabric for $1.  Wow! Oh, and I think I see pot holders in my near future out of that pea and tomato fabric. 

The next few stops didn't have much to offer, and walk away empty handed, however there was one stop that did have some gorgeous art work to stand and admire for a few minutes.  Melba, of Melba's Rose Garden, had very large beautiful rose paintings (one 8 feet long), and Melba was soo nice.  She was carrying out paintings when I drove up and she just started right on talking as I walked by her, then continued to bring out more paintings.  They were truly stunning.  Even though I didn't buy any they will definitely be something I remember.

A few more bad stops, and then two small scores. Small sheet score, salt and pepper shaker and this old canning book.  I've been wanting to learn how to can...since I cook so much. NOT!  But really, for that exact reason I want to learn how to can my spaghetti sauce since it takes awhile to make, and since I don't cook "long meals" too often I would like to have the stuff that takes a long time ready to use.  I think if it was in a can and easy to see it would get more use then something frozen that you would have to wait to thaw. You know what I mean?

Next stop got this green chicken candy dish, and super cute 1980 Otagiri house piggy bank (Is it still considered a piggy bank? It's not a pig...but a house bank doesn't sound right.).

Next onto the craft show, Shop Crafty.  I love coming to these types of shows.  Usually I'll buy something little here and there, but this time I didn't.  I think the prices put me a little in shock since I was just dealing with $1 purchases while out garage sale-ing.  Anyway, it's interesting to see handmade items, live.  Browsing on Etsy you see so much, but then seeing it right in front of you does give it that additional admiration.  It's so inspiring seeing all the things that are handmade, and it's amazing.  It makes me want to make things even more, and experiment with trying new things. 

Check out the items that were in my goody bag from the craft show. A retracting measuring tape, a DIY decopatch outlet cover kit w/outlet cover, a tutorial on how to make a necklace out of a shirt, an AnneMarie wallet, an oilcloth zip bag kit, two small handmade soap samples (they smell yummy), a pink t-shirt that I might upcycle to t-shirt yarn, pen, the reuseable bag all the stuff came in, and last but not least a knitted dress key chain.  What The!!!  It's an actual mini dress...not just the shape of a dress!  That is amazing!
Craft Show Goody Bag

Knitted dress key chain.

After the craft show it was on to an estate sale, and a thrift shop.  The estate sales is where I had my find of the day.  Look at this?  A vintage German Kernex cherry pitter!!!  In it's box!  What an odd find.  Well at least for me.  I love cherries and can't wait to use it.  I also got these vintage pillow cases, fantastic Russian matryoshka nesting dolls, and 6 little trays with flowers on them (what would these be used for, sushi? I just liked them.).

1985 Russian Wooden Nesting Matryoshka Dolls. Set of 7.
At my last stop I found this wonderfully vintage creamer, and super cute shaker with owls on it. Both now in my Etsy shop.
Shaker with owls.

Oh earlier this week I did find this fantastic Corning Ware skillet.  The colors are so vivid, absolutely gorgeous. Also in my Esty shop.

1975 Corning Ware Blue Birds

 Today I had a good day!  Hope yours was equally wonderful.

Yay! I get my kids back tomorrow!!!
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thrifty finds

I'm having sooo much fun thrifting and garage sale-ing.

This all started with the thought in mind that I'm gonna sell the thrifted stuff I find, but that's almost impossible to do.  I'm not finding tons of stuff, I guess I'm still buying as a regular consumer would buy... for them self.  But hey for a few dollars here and there I'll buy for myself all day long.

Check out all this stuff.  If you can't tell I'm loving the white, milk glass right now(not sure if it's all milk glass either way I'm loving it). 

Glass bear jar .25 (but was just given it)
Corningwear bowl .50
Pyrex pie plate .50
Double sided serving plate with cute green flowers .5  (no maker mark on the bottom)
10 juice glasses 1.99  (to fill in my crate)

All this for a grand total under $4.00!!!!  OMG!!!  Good by bulls-eye and smiley face box stores.  I'm done with you for my random splurge shopping... I've found a more satisfying way to spend my money.  (Keep in mind I did say for random  splurge shopping... I will continue to shop these places for the inexpensive wardrobes.  I haven't found the patience to thrift for clothes yet).

Viva la Thrifting!!

All this for under $4.  Gotta love thrifting!!!
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More vintage sheet coin purses

Who's gonna get tired of these vintage sheet creations?

Sorry I don't think I'm close to being tired of them yet.  I'm still obsessing over them and visiting the thrift stores, like every third day if not every other day in search of them.

Someone, please I need help.  Haha just kidding I might bite your arm off if you try to intervene....so stay back.  :-)

So as you may know I was previously having issues with small zippers on some previous small vintage sheet coin purses I've made, but I got it down now.  These are iddy bitty, and fantastic in their vintage sheet glory (now in my Etsy shop).  But I'm not gonna take all the credit.  I found and printed out this super cute little coin purse pattern  from ithinksew.  And it's free!!!  So what are you waiting for go get it.  I'll wait.


Did you get it?  Don't you love it?  I also loved and bought this cute clutch pattern (to be made down the line), and does this clutch look familiar?  Yes, this is where I also got the cute clutch pattern from my previous post, Clutch and Crate.  

Grab and go clutch from ithinksew.com

I have about a dozen more 4" zippers so I'll be making more coin purses until they are all used up...so be patient with me.  However, I'm on another mission so I may deter from coin purses.  I want to know how to make these fantastic fabric bowls that Sosorosey creates.  They are fan-tab-ulous!!!  I think I got down how to cut the sheets up for "yarn", but I'm having the hardest time seeing my chains.  Granted I've slightly attempted this, but I still can't see the chains ... so how am I suppose to count my chains/stitches.  Ugh!
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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Clutch and Crate

Whoo hoo!  I actually feel like I've done something, out of almost two weeks of feeling like I've done nothing.  Check out this soo cute "Grab and Go Clutch" by ithinksew.  I bought this pattern back in February and attempted it once, and completely bombed it.  As always it was a user error.  I did soo many wrong things, like using heavy interfacing on a heavy fabric, and using an invisible magnet (uh duh invisible magnets don't work too well through heavy fabric...note to self).  Plus there was some weird partially sew the inner and out together trick that I've never used before so I was completely confused on what to do the first time I tried it, but I'm so happy now, because second time is a charm and it came out great. 

Is it possible to become more obsessed over vintage sheets?  The reason why I ask is because with each project I do, where I use vintage sheets, it has seemed like a sheet in my stash always coordinates with another.  That was/is my biggest issue with fabric you buy from a store.  I buy what I like and when I come home, depending on the project,  you'll want two fabrics (like for a purse you'll want a coordinating or contrasting for the inside and out), and it seemed like whatever I had in my stash didn't go together (at least in my mind) then off to the store again to buy something that will work with the project in mind.  But with these vintage sheets their like "peas and carrots" (Forrest Gump referrence) they just go together.

Oh!  And I'm soo happy because I was able to finish this so quickly in one night (since I usually drag my projects out).  Yay!!!  I want to make more!!!

So after I made this cute little clutch I had a peanut butter cup revelation.  You know, how two things came together by accident and it was a great accident, because they went so good together.  Well that's what happened when I was moving this cute wooden crate for 10th time this week.  This crate was found last week while garage sale-ing.  I originally thought I might put my rolled up fabric in it, but figured that would be a bad idea since the wood would more likely snag it.  So all weeks it's been moved from the couch, to my bed, to the chair, to the floor, since I don't have a home for it yet.  But while moving it last night I noticed that some small jars I also started buying while thrifting looked to fit in the little squares in the crate.  OMG!!!  That's it!!!   I'll fill this crate up with jars for my crafting odds and ends that I NEED to have out.  Yay!  Another happy dance.

Silly little things like these make me happy.  Looks like it's gonna be a great weekend.  

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm behind.

OMG!  I have no idea what I've done the last week.  No big accomplishments...not even a whole bunch of small ones.  Sewing wise I've been almost non-productive.  I've managed to complete a few of my folded coin purses and have posted them up on Esty.  I don't know why I haven't completed more.  Ugh!  Oh well!  I'll slowly get more listed in the next week or so.

So what am I behind on?  I have no earthly idea. I just feel like I haven't done nearly enough.  Not enough sewing. My first quilt has been at a standstill. Sigh... 

I have had some luck in vintage sheet finds (below are just a few, but they are all listed in my Etsy shop).  I'm sooooo happy with my findings, if only I could find the time to make more items out of them.  I so want to make more aprons.  I'm even eying one for a skirt, for myself.  It would be soo cute for Easter.

I've also had some luck with other vintage finds.  Check out all these new vintage knitting needles.  I've wanted to learn how to knit since all I know is crochet right now, but now I don't have the excuse of not having the needles to learn.  I'm not keeping them all,  I'll be posting some (the duplicates) in my Etsy shop.  And check out the super cute vintage books and creamer.  Love them!  Also this math game, Quizmo.  It looks unused and seems to be similar to bingo, but math style.  Awesome!

Now it's time to start sewing something....ugh or maybe dream about sewing something.  I'm tired.
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

Oh no!  I've been so non-productive the last several days.  I did manage to work on the small project for my sisters birthday last night.  She thought it was hilarious.  I used it as a gift certificate holder/envelope. I got the tutorial from iAshley.  It's such a cute idea.... especially since my sister is mentally stuck in the 80's....wanting a mixed tape an all. LOL!

Other than this I have done nothing.   My room/crafting area needs to be picked up badly, but after this mornings birthday brunch I have been zonked out.  I just want to sleep.  Yawn...

I hope I'm more productive this coming week.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vintage Sheet Fat Quarter Winner

Wow!  Where has this week gone?  It's flown by.  Between a business dinner, my daughters talent show, and a concert (acoustic Chris Cornell.  He was amazing!), I've had virtually no time to sew the last few days.  I definitely feel that huge weight of "you've forgotten to do something" on my shoulders.  Yeah I've forgotten to sew.  

There's a project I'm needing to work on as a gift for my older sister's birthday tomorrow.  It's small so it should be quick, but I have to start it soon.  Ahh!  She's funny.  A few weeks ago she had me purchasing some songs from iTunes, and as I was downloading them for her she was happy saying "Yeah yeah yeah.... I can't wait for my mixed tape;".  I busted out laughing "uh mixed tape? It's a CD duh."  She's showing her age.  Don't get me wrong I've had my fair share of mixed tapes back in the 80's, early 90's, it's just funny that she hasn't transitioned, mentally, to CDs or iPods/iPhone. 

So when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday she wanted a gift card to iTunes so that she can make another mixed tape. I knew I had to work on this particular project.  It was fate when I randomly ran into this site the first time she made the remark of making a mixed tape.  It's perfect.

Ok. Ok.  Sorry for the delay.  I have a winner to announce for the Vintage Sheet Fat Quarter Bundle.

Let's enter the number of entires into the handy random generator machine....beep...boop...bop...bop.....and the winner is...

#9 is Christy!!!  Congratulations!  I'll be emailing you shortly to get your contact information. 

Thank you everyone who commented.  Have a great Saturday and thank you for stopping by.
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