Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thrifting Fool

What a Saturday!  This kids are out of town visiting their grandparents .  So that means I get to run around town.

I should of slept in, but really how could I?  Especially since there was a craft show up North.  The first 30 people got a goody bag, so of course I wanted to get there early to score some goodies. And why waste a perfectly great morning drive to the other side of town?  Might as well hit up garage sales on the way, and that's what I did.

First score was 6 fantastic pots of monkey grass at $1 each, and this wonderfully awesome fabric. Total for fabric and plants $7.50.  The green paisley fabric is 52" x 90"...for $1. One Dollar!!! Who are these people who sell soo much fabric for $1.  Wow! Oh, and I think I see pot holders in my near future out of that pea and tomato fabric. 

The next few stops didn't have much to offer, and walk away empty handed, however there was one stop that did have some gorgeous art work to stand and admire for a few minutes.  Melba, of Melba's Rose Garden, had very large beautiful rose paintings (one 8 feet long), and Melba was soo nice.  She was carrying out paintings when I drove up and she just started right on talking as I walked by her, then continued to bring out more paintings.  They were truly stunning.  Even though I didn't buy any they will definitely be something I remember.

A few more bad stops, and then two small scores. Small sheet score, salt and pepper shaker and this old canning book.  I've been wanting to learn how to can...since I cook so much. NOT!  But really, for that exact reason I want to learn how to can my spaghetti sauce since it takes awhile to make, and since I don't cook "long meals" too often I would like to have the stuff that takes a long time ready to use.  I think if it was in a can and easy to see it would get more use then something frozen that you would have to wait to thaw. You know what I mean?

Next stop got this green chicken candy dish, and super cute 1980 Otagiri house piggy bank (Is it still considered a piggy bank? It's not a pig...but a house bank doesn't sound right.).

Next onto the craft show, Shop Crafty.  I love coming to these types of shows.  Usually I'll buy something little here and there, but this time I didn't.  I think the prices put me a little in shock since I was just dealing with $1 purchases while out garage sale-ing.  Anyway, it's interesting to see handmade items, live.  Browsing on Etsy you see so much, but then seeing it right in front of you does give it that additional admiration.  It's so inspiring seeing all the things that are handmade, and it's amazing.  It makes me want to make things even more, and experiment with trying new things. 

Check out the items that were in my goody bag from the craft show. A retracting measuring tape, a DIY decopatch outlet cover kit w/outlet cover, a tutorial on how to make a necklace out of a shirt, an AnneMarie wallet, an oilcloth zip bag kit, two small handmade soap samples (they smell yummy), a pink t-shirt that I might upcycle to t-shirt yarn, pen, the reuseable bag all the stuff came in, and last but not least a knitted dress key chain.  What The!!!  It's an actual mini dress...not just the shape of a dress!  That is amazing!
Craft Show Goody Bag

Knitted dress key chain.

After the craft show it was on to an estate sale, and a thrift shop.  The estate sales is where I had my find of the day.  Look at this?  A vintage German Kernex cherry pitter!!!  In it's box!  What an odd find.  Well at least for me.  I love cherries and can't wait to use it.  I also got these vintage pillow cases, fantastic Russian matryoshka nesting dolls, and 6 little trays with flowers on them (what would these be used for, sushi? I just liked them.).

1985 Russian Wooden Nesting Matryoshka Dolls. Set of 7.
At my last stop I found this wonderfully vintage creamer, and super cute shaker with owls on it. Both now in my Etsy shop.
Shaker with owls.

Oh earlier this week I did find this fantastic Corning Ware skillet.  The colors are so vivid, absolutely gorgeous. Also in my Esty shop.

1975 Corning Ware Blue Birds

 Today I had a good day!  Hope yours was equally wonderful.

Yay! I get my kids back tomorrow!!!


  1. Wow Cassandra you had an amazing weekend! Love all your treasures here, beautiful fabric, amazing goody bag (definitely worth being early in line), excellent retro chicken...and no kids!

    I jest of course, it's always lovely to have them back again (not that I ever get shot of mine ;-) )

  2. What a great day you had with many wonderful finds! A huge success!

  3. Good scores! Love the pea and tomato fabric :) Those flower trays are so pretty too.

  4. Recently I also have been coming across S&P shakers I can not resist. Always love the stacking dolls. What is that in the picture with them that looks like a snail?

  5. Great thrift scores! The dainty floral trays are so sweet. I also love the vintage material and Russian nesting dolls. Thanks for sharing!

  6. How funny, I found a nesting doll set at an estate sale that could be the cousin to your set! You can see a picture of them here: I'm envious of your fabric haul too, whenever I see fabric it's only tiny scraps or it's polyester. :(