Saturday, April 9, 2011

Clutch and Crate

Whoo hoo!  I actually feel like I've done something, out of almost two weeks of feeling like I've done nothing.  Check out this soo cute "Grab and Go Clutch" by ithinksew.  I bought this pattern back in February and attempted it once, and completely bombed it.  As always it was a user error.  I did soo many wrong things, like using heavy interfacing on a heavy fabric, and using an invisible magnet (uh duh invisible magnets don't work too well through heavy fabric...note to self).  Plus there was some weird partially sew the inner and out together trick that I've never used before so I was completely confused on what to do the first time I tried it, but I'm so happy now, because second time is a charm and it came out great. 

Is it possible to become more obsessed over vintage sheets?  The reason why I ask is because with each project I do, where I use vintage sheets, it has seemed like a sheet in my stash always coordinates with another.  That was/is my biggest issue with fabric you buy from a store.  I buy what I like and when I come home, depending on the project,  you'll want two fabrics (like for a purse you'll want a coordinating or contrasting for the inside and out), and it seemed like whatever I had in my stash didn't go together (at least in my mind) then off to the store again to buy something that will work with the project in mind.  But with these vintage sheets their like "peas and carrots" (Forrest Gump referrence) they just go together.

Oh!  And I'm soo happy because I was able to finish this so quickly in one night (since I usually drag my projects out).  Yay!!!  I want to make more!!!

So after I made this cute little clutch I had a peanut butter cup revelation.  You know, how two things came together by accident and it was a great accident, because they went so good together.  Well that's what happened when I was moving this cute wooden crate for 10th time this week.  This crate was found last week while garage sale-ing.  I originally thought I might put my rolled up fabric in it, but figured that would be a bad idea since the wood would more likely snag it.  So all weeks it's been moved from the couch, to my bed, to the chair, to the floor, since I don't have a home for it yet.  But while moving it last night I noticed that some small jars I also started buying while thrifting looked to fit in the little squares in the crate.  OMG!!!  That's it!!!   I'll fill this crate up with jars for my crafting odds and ends that I NEED to have out.  Yay!  Another happy dance.

Silly little things like these make me happy.  Looks like it's gonna be a great weekend.  


  1. What a cute clutch (and yes vintage sheets are the best)! And I love that crate!

  2. Lovely clutch, you're right, the colours do go perfectly. I've just bought a couple of vintage sheets, but knowing me they'll sit around unused for aaaages! I love what you've done with that crate and jars - can imagine that selling on a website like Pedlars for silly money

  3. love the clutch and the fabric choice. such a good idea with the crate too it's gona look fab when it's all full :)

  4. Great crate - I can see sooo many possibilities for it. Love your catch phrase up top - you never know what you'll need - so hoard. Something I have mastered.

    I will be looking at sheets differently from now on.

  5. I fifth that! The clutch is so pretty! And I think the crate idea is perfect. It is nice to fill your workspace with things like that- they inspire you!