Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hell!  Time is flying!

Quick update.

It's been roughly 8 1/2 days since I received an email from a local, fellow Esty shop, Hannah Stoney, asking if I would like to participate in an Art, Craft and Vintage fair, here in Austin, on the Drag...in two weeks (now 5 days from today).  Check out her Esty shop...I love her paper cut-outs.  This shadow box is amazing.  I don't know what it reminds me of, but it reminds me of something nice... almost nostalgic.  Maybe an old movie?  Ugh what movie does it remind me of?!

Anyways back to her invitation.  When I received her email.  I was thrown off a bit not knowing what I was reading, because it wasn't sinking in, but once it did I gave it a few hours of consideration, since I've never done this before, and because I would have to sew as much as I could in a short period of time to have stock for this fair.

I said yes,...

and so here I am.

Here is what I have completed so far.  (Yes, I've made sure there is permission to make and sell these patterns, and/or I've obtained permission.  ;-) )

5 Vintage sheet Pleated Totes (pattern by Artsy Crafty Babe)
5 vintage sheet lavender pillow sachets
5 folding coin purses
3 Vintage sheet Buttercup Bags (pattern by Made by Rae)
1 Vintage sheet Grocery Bag (pattern based off BurdaStyle's grocery bag)  (reversible)
1 sling purse

and a partridge in a pear tree...

plus some of the other random items that were already completed and listed on Etsy.
Buttercups bags and grocery bag.

Pleated totes, lavender pillow sachets, sling purse, and folding coin purses.

Got 6 more grocery bags cut out, pinned together and ready to sew.  I'm not sure how much more I'll be able to complete in the next 5 days, but I'll do what I can...and that's all I can do.

The set-up/booth/table should have some good girth to it, since I'm guessing it's on a small scale since it's the coffee house's tables (I'll go check them out the day before the fair).  I'll be taking my other little vintage finds that I have posted on Etsy, like the tea snack plates plus other items I haven't gotten around to posting yet.  Hopefully I'll have what is needed to attract customers.

Only time will tell.

Oh I have a fear.  Please tell me if any of you have had similar fears.  It's along the line of that popular depicted bad dream where you have a report you need to present in front of your class and you end up walking to the front of the class in your underwear.  Well my bad dream (I haven't actually dreamt this yet, but I think about it during the day) is someone buying something I made and it falls apart as they walk away with it.  Like all the seams that hold the purse together just start to unravel.  Ugh!  That's such an awful thought.   Ay!

Silly fear I know.  I've used several purses that I've made so far and I haven't had any unraveling issues.  The biggest issues I can recall from my past creations is that I didn't sew buttons on good enough, I've used a delicate material where a magnetic snap was used, and didn't use reinforcement where the magnetic snap was at, like interfacing.  These are all mistakes I've learned from, and I've corrected all these issues.

Ok....gotta get back to sewing... then some sleeping.


  1. Hi Cassandra, there's a blog award for you over at mine x

  2. Hi Cassandra, found your blog via Lakota. Your work looks lovely. I'm sure nothing will fall apart ... :0)

    Shirl x

  3. Found your blog today through Lakota and wanted to say hi! great blog, I am your newest follower :) Love your makes, I adore vintage fabric.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Thanks for the link Cassandra! Your stuff looks great, looking forward to meeting you on Sunday x

  5. I just wanted to say a quick hello found you via lakota's blog. You have a such a sweet blog and i am loving your bags and the vintage fabrics such a delight to see them re used and made into new items. I will look forward to reading your future posts, take care, dee x

  6. I have some of those sheets and can't part with them. Your work a repurposing is delightful.