Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lovely Pincushion by Spincushions

A quick thank you before I forget.

The Sew Weekly has been having (the month of April) 30 Days of Pincushions giveaway, and the first week of April I won one.  Yay!

It arrived over the weekend, all the way from Australia, and it is fantastic!  It's a great size, much large than I thought.

So I would like to thank the lovely Esty shop Spincushions for the gorgeous hand-made pincushion. All the little flowers are beautiful.  I definitely admire those who can be so detailed in items such as this.  Gorgeous work.

Needless to say I ran right out and bought pins (an excuse to buy cute pins) for my new pincushion.  The prefect place for all these butterfly pins, that my daughter strategically placed.

There is 5 more days left for the 30 Days of Pincushions so head on over and enter to win a unique pincushion of your own.

Oh!  Don't forget to check out Spincushions array of handmade pincushions.  They are all so wonderful.  Go pick one out for yourself.

Thank you The Sew Weekly and Spincushions!!

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  1. Ahh what perfect pins! I am so glad you received it and that you like it. I hope you have many years of fun sewing with it.