Thursday, August 13, 2015

Seeking Sewing Pattern Testers

Helloooo Blogger land!

It's been forever.  I've missed you.  How are you?

Me?  I've been doing well.  Laying low, keeping to myself.  However, that has turned into a good thing.  I'm actually here today with something exciting, and I need some help.  I've written a sewing pattern!


Yup!  That's right.  I've been wanting to do this for a couple of years now, but I'm always tired (hence my blog name "sleeping").  Also, I'm a habitual procrastinator.   Which ultimately means, I have other things I really really should be doing right now, but I'm procrastinating, and did this instead.  :-D

Here's my coin purse story in a nutshell. 

So, over four years ago, January 2011, I made my first Folding Coin Purse.  I wanted a coin purse that let me see and easily access my coins.  To begin the process I used paper to create little boxes to figure out the shape of the coin purse I wanted.

Sorry about the quality of this photo. It's an old photo, that I had to enlarge. 
I picked a shape I was happy with from the paper boxes.  However, after making several of these purses, over the following year, there were some aspects of the design that were bothersome.

Therefore, I worked diligently troubleshooting the size and shape to get the design exactly how I wanted it to far.  (I've been using the rejects to hold my sewing machine's feet and empty bobbins).

The third one is just right. 
Over the years I've had compliments on my coin purse, whenever I pull it out to pay for purchases.  Even at fabric shops I've been asked if I had a pattern for this purse.  Sadly replying... "No".  That has been a very very sad thing to say.  However, I decided to do something about it.   

I did it!  Finally!  I wrote my very first pattern.  :-)

Me writing the pattern in my loft.

This little coin purse is a quick and easy project.  Start to finish time - (it should be) under an hour .  It's a great sewing project for beginners (I hope), and it's a fantastic scrap buster.  Using one fat quarter for the whole purse or two fat eighths. 

So, now what?  Well, now that the pattern is written I need volunteer testers to help me determine if the pattern is user friendly.  Answering a few questions regarding the patterns usability (ex. Are the instructions clear?  Are there not enough details, or pictures?  Are there steps missing and I'm didn't notice, because I make these and know the steps in my head?). 

I'm looking for 5-10 testers, from beginner sewers to Pros, and I'd love to have feedback by August 22.  Are you interested?  If so here's the process...
  • Email me and let me know you’re interested: sleepingorsewing (at)
  • I'll reply with a PDF pattern, which you'll download and print.  Along with some questions.
  • When you're done replay with your feedback.  Also, I'd really love a photo of your finished item so I can show off your awesome finished project, created from my pattern.  This step is NOT required. 
  • And after any tweaks you'll get a free copy of the final version of the pattern.  A token of my sincere gratitude for all your help.
Here's the list of supplies needed

  • One fat quarter or
    • One fat eighth - exterior fabric
    • One fat eighth - interior fabric
  • One fat quarter - Heavyweight fusible interfacing
  • One button snap
  • Button snap applicator
  • Thread 
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Chopstick (a blunt tip item)

If you don't sew but know someone who might be interested please share and let them know I'm looking for help.  Thank you!  :-)

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