Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tea cup pincushion

So after yesterdays post and of course now having my Accuquilt Go! Baby for one week, this morning I felt the need to complete a project.  I definitely don't want to have won this great fabric cutter in vain, and not put it to use. So I decided to make an itty bitty mini quilt for a pincushion (I got to start small. Plus I got 17 of these great vintage Anchor Hocking milk glass cups for $4.99, see here).

I'm utterly amazed how quilters make whole quilts using small squares.  It's definitely time consuming.  This project only took 25 2" squares and it seemed to take forever, but then again I was taking my time since I'm new to this thing called quilting.

I have to say I was quiet pleased on the outcome of the square, but a little disappointed that a lot of the work was covered up once I converted it to a pincushion.  I knew that most of the squares were gonna be tucked inside the cup, but I wanted to see more of the pattern, not only 9 out of the 25.  Humph...oh well.  

Note to self: Next time use a wide boarder for the edge of the quilt and only 9 squares in the center.  This will reduce the amount of work for the pincushion.
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Friday, June 24, 2011

My baby has arrived!


Ah!  Look!!  My baby has arrived!!  My Accuquilt Go! Baby that I won from The Spunky Diva(thank you!). It came in, last Friday, a week ago today.

O.....M.....G....I am soo excited.  As soon as it arrived 5" and 2" squares were immediately being cut.  My son, 7, was even excited by it and wanted to cut along (shhhh I don't want his dad to know, but I love that he's interested in my crafting stuff).

There is so little to do and so much time to do it.  Strike that....reverse it.  I don't have enough hours in a day to do all that I want....but cutting fabric with this is just soooo much fun, a minute here and there with it is not only entertaining but super productive.  I can cut 30 2" squares in under a minute.  What?!!! Yeah you heard me.  Wow!!!!!!!

I chose what seemed to me the most practical three dies, including a 2 1/2" strip; that can be used to make jelly rolls.  Yeah, uh huh!  Something I could see myself using in vintage sheet quilts.

When first using the 5" die, I was having some issues with it cutting all the way through, and I thought it was user error, but the 2" and 2 1/2" strip were working great.  After several attempts many different ways, one layer of fabric, multiple layers. Flipping the mat.  I figured it wasn't me so I emailed Accuquilt about it Saturday(the day after I got it), and Monday they were already responding and ready to send me a new die.  It arrived 3 days later, Thursday.  Wow!!!  Now that is super customer service!!!  A great product and great company behind it (they have not endorsed me to say anything about this product or their service. I'm just a happy user of a product I won from another blog).

As for now....look at all the lovely squares and strips (I love the 2 1/2" strips).  I'll be brainstorming on a project or quilt for them.

Oh!! Check out Craft Buds Giveaway Roundup there are 5 different blogs giving away a Accuquilt Go! Baby.  Don't let the number of entries for these giveaways deter you.  I was #17 out of 290 comments and I won mine with just one comment.  Remember you can't win if you don't enter.  :-)

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Treasury Thursday

Oooh!  I just got into creating my own treasury on Etsy.

You know, I've always seen them on the Etsy main page, and initially just thought these were collections that Etsy created, but not so long ago I realized that Etsy members did it.  Durr!!! I know.

So this week I decided to create two of my own.  These are items I really like, but don't let them fool you.  I'm plain Jane, but if I were to live another life this would be it.  Sigh....maybe sooner than my next life.  ;-)

'Another life' by SleepingOrSewing

Mini Stovepipe Top Hat ...

Custom Steampunk utilit...

Garden Gate Locket, Bla...

Steampunk Clockwork Bro...

22 inch waist Brass Ste...

Victorian Steampunk Ove...

Red and Brass Steampunk...

Steampunk Mechanical Fl...

Gothic Victorian Styled...

Size Large Burlesque bl...

Striking Steampunk Cloc...

Love Grows Stronger wit...

THE RED QUEEN Dramatic ...

Rock n Roll Corset Unde...

Sateen Black Antique S...

Antique Silver 21 Jewel...

'Not enough time' by SleepingOrSewing

Gothic Victorian Styled...

Filigree Wings Noir Hai...

Striking Steampunk Cloc...

Steampunk Clock Hands N...

Steampunk Watch Face Ne...

Vintage Clock Cameo Rin...

Steampunk - Time Flys M...

Black and White Steampu...

Clock Hand 8X10 Fine Ar...

Small Steampunk Clock H...

The Keeper of Time- Res...

One of a Kind Steampunk...

Steampunk Owl Clock Pen...

Steampunk earrings

Steampunk Butterfly Cru...

Gothic Fan Hair Stick ...
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Thrift Share Monday's - June 20

Why does thrifting always seem to start out was very slow, but my week turned out pretty good. 

It's always fun to find vintage sheets smothered in color.  I've tended to be turned off now when I see white sheets with a few flowers here and there.... I have plenty of those.  So these finds are always a delight.

Do any of your thrift shops bag glass items like this?  It's crazy how they just bag a lump amount of dishes in clear plastic bags.  I got 17 Anchor Hocking milk glass tea cups for $4.99.  I have something in mind for these.  Possibly tea cup pin cushions.

Look at these fantastic mushroom canisters.  They are soooo cute!

My mom went out with me on Saturday and it's nice to have her see what I see....especially when there are estate sales at nice houses.  It's amazing to see neighborhoods you normally don't see on your regular have no idea these nooks exist.  Sometimes you feel like you're in a different town when you go a few streets in off a busy street. 

So onto our finds.

Check out these great plant stands.  They were $2 each so we grabbed all three.  And these stands needed pots so we were able to score the terracotta pots to go in them for 25 cents each.  How awesome is that?!

A while after scoring the plant stands and pots mom asked me if I ever see plants at garage sales.  Uh yeah.  You need to look for the signs that say plants for sale, and shortly after...."look plants for sale".  So we got some plants to fill our new pots. It's been super hot here so we went for cactus, and other heat tolerant plants.

Two Tuppperware containers that match some tupperware mugs I scored a few weeks back. Awesome!

One stop had boxes and boxes filled with yarn.  Looks like someone loved to hoard yarn.  I contained myself simply because it was kinda sad...thinking of myself hoarding all this yarn and never using it, and it hurt my heart thinking of my family having to go through all my crafting stuff and selling it for 50 cents (what I paid for each roll of yarn).  One roll had a price of $20 on it, and I paid only 50 cents.  Estate sales always seem to be bitter sweet.

The same sale I got this really great large piece of fabric.  I love the flowers and the birds.  Also 50 cents.

Is it just me or do you also hold your breath when you ask for a price on an item your interested in thinking they are gonna give a price you'll decline on, but if it was in a store you would more likely pay 2-10x more?  Then I'm in shock when they give a price like 50 cents.  What? Huh?  Are you looking at the item I'm asking about...I think to myself.  Maybe it's just easier to sell something at a low price when it is not yours.  I tend to be insulted when someone doesn't want to pay a few dollars for something when we have garage sales.  A lot of times things are still worth more to me that are mine even though I don't use them anymore, and sometimes I'd rather give it away to Goodwill then to sell it for 50 cents.  Does that make sense?  Oh well.

Ay!!!  Sorry if I sound down.  It's just that these estate sales sometimes get you thinking about loosing someone, and what these families must be going through to part with items that belonged to their loved ones, but they have no need for.  I wonder if they will ever regret not keeping certain items.  I know I have.  When my grandma passed away 2 1/2 years ago it hurt thinking about taking anything of seemed greedy, because my grandpa still lived in the house they lived in in a way the things I wanted were also his.  However, if I knew then that he would shortly get rid of everything I would of been more aggressive in asking for things when I was able to, and take things.  Just a tidbit of advise, in a situation like this, if you want something ask for it.  You may never get the chance to do so again,  once it's gone it's gone.

Well that's it for me.  How was your thrifting week?
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Thrift Share Monday's - June 13

It was one of those weeks.  I wasn't in a mood to do much, not even thrifting.  However, you get that nervous twitch, and feel you have to just because you have to...or else that nervous twitch just gets worst.

So Friday afternoon I attempted to get it over with, with a hit and run stop during my lunch hour.  I'm glad I did, because I got this gorgeous sheet.  Ooohhh look at the pretty colors.

And I scored this Pfatzgraff set for $16.  Yes, all the pieces including the three storage jars.  I know it's kinda tacky posting the price you paid for something that you plan on reselling, but come on we all know the stores we buy stuff from do the same thing.  Plus I know I'm willing to paying  good money on something I am in search of, or really want.  Not caring how much the person I'm buying it from bought it for.  Right?  Am I alone on this?

Saturday was very bland on garage sales.  I made the weak attempt to go out and scour some close by my house, but there was very little luck.  My last stop was about two blocks from my house and I came away with some fabric and three paperback books all for $1.75.  There is three yards of this navy blue and polka dot fabric, 50 cents.  What?!  Three yards!

Sunday...that nervous twitch kept on twitching.  So I decided to hit up an estate sale.  I'm sooooo super glad I did.  OMG!!!

I got these super cute juice glasses. (They need to be washed...their still dusty :-o  )

Pyrex serving dish and Federal Glass bowl.

A yummy lemon yellow vintage sheet with butterflies.

And are you ready for this one?   Drum roll please.

This super fantastic Regal Food Tote!!! 

It has a detachable handle for one of the pans, and it even still has its paper advertisement with it.

However, it is missing the U shaped metal rod that holds all 5 pans together.  This is where I need your help.  Where can I find a replacement?  I've looked online and I emailed Regal, hopefully they will get back with me and they don't have any replacements since it was discontinued in the 80's.  Do any of you hard core thrifters know of other resources to find replacements?

Look at the info on the label.  It's hilarious.

"Foods stay fresh and clean...."

It's "A perfect gift for favorite people". 

 I scored this food tote for $5, and I'm not planning on letting it go any time soon.  I love it!

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