Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tea cup pincushion

So after yesterdays post and of course now having my Accuquilt Go! Baby for one week, this morning I felt the need to complete a project.  I definitely don't want to have won this great fabric cutter in vain, and not put it to use. So I decided to make an itty bitty mini quilt for a pincushion (I got to start small. Plus I got 17 of these great vintage Anchor Hocking milk glass cups for $4.99, see here).

I'm utterly amazed how quilters make whole quilts using small squares.  It's definitely time consuming.  This project only took 25 2" squares and it seemed to take forever, but then again I was taking my time since I'm new to this thing called quilting.

I have to say I was quiet pleased on the outcome of the square, but a little disappointed that a lot of the work was covered up once I converted it to a pincushion.  I knew that most of the squares were gonna be tucked inside the cup, but I wanted to see more of the pattern, not only 9 out of the 25.  Humph...oh well.  

Note to self: Next time use a wide boarder for the edge of the quilt and only 9 squares in the center.  This will reduce the amount of work for the pincushion.


  1. That is a very cute pincushion!

  2. We recieved it and we have to pass it along to 15 other blogs. We picked you!

    Sunni and Melissa at Love Affair with my Brother

  3. love those butterfly pins! where on earth did you find them? thanks :)

  4. I love the pins too. I got them at Joanns, but they were in the quilting supply section, not the regular sewing notion section.