Monday, June 6, 2011

Thrift Share Monday's - June 6

This was an Estate sale marathon weekend.  I was amazed at how many were going on this weekend, I went to a total of 7.

I know some people walk away with arms full of items, and I've been that person before, but I held back a bit and only grabbed what really caught my eye.  Keeping in mind would I want to keep the item in the event I don't sell it.

So here we go.

To the left a so sweet mouse on mushroom, with daisies sugar/jam bowl.

Set of three Vaseline glasses for a whopping $1.  These are being donated to my sisters collection.

A great tea cup, The Toscany Collection, with a lid and strainer/filter.  Awesome!

This super cool enamel gold-tone owl pendent.  It's pretty large 2 1/2" x 1 1/2".  He looks mad, and the head and tail sways from side to side. Love it!!

Milk glass mixing bowl and candy dish.

1981 Otagiri Victorian house sugar bowl.  (I previously found a 1980 Otagiri Victorian house bank....that I still need to list in Etsy).

Super awesome set of three vintage napkins.  I glanced at them when I decided to buy them since the colors yelled vintage.  Then for a brief while I was disappointed once I got to my car and saw they still had tags on them.  I thought to myself "ugh they are new", but the colors were still super fab.  However, once I got home and Googled the name I found out they were indeed vintage Yay!!!

Grabbed a bag of utensils for $1.  Hmmmm.... don't really know how I'm gonna attempt to sell these.  If I ever get around to it.

Now look at this.....wait for it....

This absolutely fantastic Metlox set.  Look at the colors so gorgeous!!!  Let me just say it was the third day of this estate sale with  1 1/2 hours left, and I got a deal....even if I didn't know anything about this set, but now I do.  SCORE!


  1. For being a "careful" shopper you did amazing. I have a vintage set of S&Ps that would go perfect with your mouse house. Vintage napkins with tags still on? Score! Love the color and look of the Metlox. You had a great day.

  2. The vintage napkins are awesome - so cool when you find them with tags :)

  3. The owl is cool. Never seen anything like it before.

  4. Cool napkins and love the Metlox find.

  5. everything is wonderful but that mouse is super cute!