Friday, June 10, 2011

Cherries!!!!! Does it work contraption?

Oh how I love cherries, and you know what?  It's that time of year.  And you know what makes it even better?

This thing-a-ma-bob.

I am sooo excited by it.  I bought it almost two months back at an estate sale.  The second I saw the illustration on the box I snagged it.   I have never seen one of these before.  I didn't even know something like this even existed outside of a warehouse where a machine popped the pits out. 

Once again I love cherries, but the eating process was far from lady like (ahem...I like to think I try being a lady....haha).  You know, pop one in your mouth eat around the pit then spit it out.  Not the best example for the kids.  :-/

Can you imagine my excitement when I first tried it and it actually worked?  It pops the pit out still connected to the stem.  How cool is that?

I love this.  All for a whopping 75 cents.  I love thrifting!!!


  1. I was just saying the other day how badly I need one of these! Now I know where to look..on my thrifting adventures :)

  2. I have one too - although mine is new and therefore not so cool. I used it just yesterday to pit some for my 3 year old - I have to admit I don't bother for me and just stick to the spitting method!