Thursday, October 1, 2015

October - National Breast Cancer Awareness month

Did you know October is National Breast Cancer awareness month?

"National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM), is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure."(Wikipedia)

So, I have my own story regarding awareness and  also wanted to send out a reminder that we need to regularly (monthly) check our breast for any lumps/abnormalities.  The sooner something is noticed the sooner you can be examined by your doctor and determine if any additional steps/procedures are need.

I know the thought of this can be a little freaky, for multiple reasons.  For me I don't have any insurance, so my initial thought is bills adding up by going to my doctor for a breast exam....then having to go to a specialty doctor if anything further needs to be investigated.  Ay! I know, bills should be the least of the concern but that's me, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Hopefully, many of you have insurance so you're covered, but if you're not insured don't let that deter you.  You can do one simple little thing to possibly get assistance... Google it.  Yes, I said Google for help.  I'll tell you what I did last year.

Last October (coincidentally during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month) a lump was noticed in my breast.  It was noticeable, I wasn't too concerned though since I'm weird like that, but that following morning before I went to work I stopped by my younger sisters house.  She worked for my OBGYN and I asked her to see if it was just me or was there a noticeable lump.  She confirmed and that I should have my doctor check it out.  When I left her house she hugged me and told me "it'll be ok", and it wasn't until that second that I got worried,  but that's how I am.  I could be/seem/act ok...until someone ask "how are you?", then I break down.  Anyway, so I went straight to my doctor's office that morning for an exam.

Luckily I got there early before my doctor had any scheduled appointments so I was seen right away.  He wasn't concerned about the lump, but did suggest to have an ultrasound done to be sure.  Ugh! An ultrasound?  I knew those weren't cheap, but my sister said she would research the clinics they usually refer to and see who was the least expensive.

The next day my sister was still researching and I decided to look as well.  Then I did something silly,  I Google "Free breast cancer screening".  I know my sister was helping look for low price exams, but you know free would be soo much better. Right?  But with a search like that I figured I would pull up a whole bunch of shady, porn like results (I once Googled hardwood to see if my other sisters flooring business pulled up and you could probably guess what hardwood brought to my screen.  Yikes!), but I was really surprised by this search.  It worked, or at least I think I found something. 

My search pulled up the Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas, and after some roaming around on their website I located an email address and sent this email

On Oct 15 I noticed a ball/lump in one of my breast (it's hard round, moves around, and about the size of a balled up piece of gum).  I went to my Dr. the next day 10/16 and he indicated it doesn't seem to be anything to be concerned about, however, as a precaution he has suggested I get a sonogram.  However, at this point in time I do not have insurance and they are currently looking up locations for a place who has a low cost (my sister is doing this whom works for my Dr.).
I found the BCRC online and figured I'd email you to see what are the steps to get a sonogram.
If you have any questions regarding my exam you can call my doctor                     and speak to his Office Manager                                                  
Thank you,

I was surprised to receive a response later that day.  I was informed that they "have funding in order to help pay for mammograms and ultrasounds" for the county I lived in as well as a few other surrounding counties.  A form was sent along with the email and all I had to do was complete it and send it back.  It was a basic application like form, name, address, income, and if I had a doctors order for the procedure.  I completed it and sent it right back.  This was a Friday, by Monday I received an email that my information for an ultrasound was forwarded to a clinic and  to expect a call to schedule an appointment. The next day, Tuesday, I scheduled a same day exam. 

The exam?  Oh...well...that was interesting.  When I checked in at the clinic it was discussed that a mammogram should be performed in addition to the ultrasound, and since they had a cancellation that day I was able to take that appointment.  Let me just say I'm 38 (well, 37 then), and never had a mammogram done before, but have heard the stories.  So I thought "I'm a small A cup, It's not like they have anything to squeeze between two plates."  Oh...I was wrong.

There was a lot of pulling, pushing, squeezing and praying that they wouldn't change the shape of my boobs by the abuse they were receiving (after all they were already sucked down to almost nothing after breastfeeding two babies), but yup they were able to obtain enough A cup boob to tightly press between two plates.  Ouch!

After the mammogram I had my ultrasound.  Here I kinda knew what to expect. Been there done that with my two kids. At least they were kind enough to have the ultrasound gel warmed up. Thank you technician.

Like a baby ultrasound you're laying there watching the screen as the technician maneuvers the wand to locate images.  I know she knows what she's looking for and sees, but I also know it's not her job to tell me what she sees, in the event it's bad stuff. So I just watched as she took measurement after measurement after measurement. Not in just the one breast that I noticed a lump in but in both breast.  Um...ok.

Once she was done she stepped out, then a few minutes later back in to inform me that all I had were cyst in my breast. Nothing cancerous, and nothing would need to be done (since they weren't bothering me). OMG!  I was sooooo relieved.

That was it. I was done.  Within a week, Wednesday to Tuesday, I noticed a lump, got examined by my doctor, found a free breast cancer screening place online, scheduled an appointment for an ultrasound and had my exam. 

I know not all results are like mine.  A family friend lost her fight with cancer 8 years ago, this was my older sisters best friend from high school.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer at 25, and fought.  Boy did she do all that she could to fight it.  She had a double mastectomy, but the cancer moved to a bone in her leg. She fought that to end up with a very large tumor on her brain. She fought that, but then lost her battle to pancreatic cancer at the young age of 35.  My sister's best friend of 20 years was gone. 

Well, with all this said, regarding my experience and the memory of my sisters best friend, Ana, I would like to raise and donate $500 to the Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas.  Why $500?  I didn't have to pay anything for my breast cancer exam but the bill was a little over $500. So, I would like to pay back what was given to me so that someone else could also benefit from the services that are provided.  These services could possibly save someones life. 

So first off  remember you can always directly donate to any center of your choosing, however, with any money I raise through sales from my Etsy shop I'll be donating it to the Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas, since through them they funded the services I received.  Starting today until October 15 (or $500 which ever comes first) 100% of the sales from my PDF sewing pattern and 50% of the sales of all my handmade items will be donated (headbands, purses, clearance items and stockings).

I'm hoping this could be an easily reached goal.  It doesn't seem to far fetched, that would only be 101 PDF sewing patterns, or 83 headbands, or any other combination of items.  That's do-able, right?

Please share, directly donate, and/or share your experiences in the comments below.  I'll keep you up to date with a monetary counter on this post as well as updating my Facebook page.

And to all the courageous women out there fighting this fight, and to all those supporting these women

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My First PDF Sewing Pattern - Available now!!!

Do you remember in August when I was seeking testers for my first PDF sewing pattern?  Well, I had some amazing volunteers step-up to the request.  They were fast with their turnaround, and they all had great suggestions to add to my instructions.  I am sooo extremely grateful for their input. Thank you!

So, as soon as I had the notes from my last tester in I immediately edited and completed the pattern.  Then I held my breathe... and released it into the wild.  After years of procrastination, thinking about writing the pattern, but never getting around to it, and now it's out there.  Just. Like. That.

What now? Well,  now this PDF pattern is available for anyone in the world to purchase to so they could make their own awesome, unique, Folding Coin purse for themselves, as gifts for family, friends, teachers...., and to sell (on a small handmade level).  One of my testers made 12 in the week she tested the pattern.  She was already preparing Christmas gifts.  I was flattered.  :-)

This pattern is really a quick, easy and a satisfying project.  The initial average time is about one hour, but once you got it down you'll speed up.  What slows me down is deciding which fabrics I'm going to use. That really takes me for-ev-er.  :-)

Currently the PDF pattern is available online at two locations, in my Etsy shop and on Craftsy.   It's perfect for coins, gift cards and to hold your earbuds.

The pattern has been available for four weeks now and I have sold some patterns.  Nothing crazy though, seven sales, and six out of the seven sales have been through Craftsy. OMG! someone has actually purchased this pattern!

Being the huge pessimist that I am one of my biggest concerns was that no one would buy it, the pattern would sit there sad and alone until I removed it from the internet (because I wouldn't want to keep on hoping someone would buy it and be disappointed).  However, on the other shoulder I have my leeringly optimistic side that hopes that this pattern would go viral and it would sell like crazy.  Such a silly thought, but who do I need to talk to to make this happen?    :-)

I have a needle holding open the coin purse open, for photography purposes. :-)

Oh and by the way listing and selling PDF patterns on Craftsy is free.  They do not charge any fee at all.  Nothing.  No listing fee and no sold fee.  Craftsy is sooo freaken awesome!  Thank you Craftsy!  

Well, enough of my blabbering.   I would like to once again thank my pattern testers, Thank you!  Your assistance and enjoyment of my first pattern gave me confidence that this pattern is not only easy to follow, but could be (fingers crossed) successful as well, and thank you to whom ever can make this pattern go viral.  :-) 

Can't wait to get started on your own Folding Coin Purse?  Well get sewing, you can buy the pattern here and here

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Seeking Sewing Pattern Testers

Helloooo Blogger land!

It's been forever.  I've missed you.  How are you?

Me?  I've been doing well.  Laying low, keeping to myself.  However, that has turned into a good thing.  I'm actually here today with something exciting, and I need some help.  I've written a sewing pattern!


Yup!  That's right.  I've been wanting to do this for a couple of years now, but I'm always tired (hence my blog name "sleeping").  Also, I'm a habitual procrastinator.   Which ultimately means, I have other things I really really should be doing right now, but I'm procrastinating, and did this instead.  :-D

Here's my coin purse story in a nutshell. 

So, over four years ago, January 2011, I made my first Folding Coin Purse.  I wanted a coin purse that let me see and easily access my coins.  To begin the process I used paper to create little boxes to figure out the shape of the coin purse I wanted.

Sorry about the quality of this photo. It's an old photo, that I had to enlarge. 
I picked a shape I was happy with from the paper boxes.  However, after making several of these purses, over the following year, there were some aspects of the design that were bothersome.

Therefore, I worked diligently troubleshooting the size and shape to get the design exactly how I wanted it to far.  (I've been using the rejects to hold my sewing machine's feet and empty bobbins).

The third one is just right. 
Over the years I've had compliments on my coin purse, whenever I pull it out to pay for purchases.  Even at fabric shops I've been asked if I had a pattern for this purse.  Sadly replying... "No".  That has been a very very sad thing to say.  However, I decided to do something about it.   

I did it!  Finally!  I wrote my very first pattern.  :-)

Me writing the pattern in my loft.

This little coin purse is a quick and easy project.  Start to finish time - (it should be) under an hour .  It's a great sewing project for beginners (I hope), and it's a fantastic scrap buster.  Using one fat quarter for the whole purse or two fat eighths. 

So, now what?  Well, now that the pattern is written I need volunteer testers to help me determine if the pattern is user friendly.  Answering a few questions regarding the patterns usability (ex. Are the instructions clear?  Are there not enough details, or pictures?  Are there steps missing and I'm didn't notice, because I make these and know the steps in my head?). 

I'm looking for 5-10 testers, from beginner sewers to Pros, and I'd love to have feedback by August 22.  Are you interested?  If so here's the process...
  • Email me and let me know you’re interested: sleepingorsewing (at)
  • I'll reply with a PDF pattern, which you'll download and print.  Along with some questions.
  • When you're done replay with your feedback.  Also, I'd really love a photo of your finished item so I can show off your awesome finished project, created from my pattern.  This step is NOT required. 
  • And after any tweaks you'll get a free copy of the final version of the pattern.  A token of my sincere gratitude for all your help.
Here's the list of supplies needed

  • One fat quarter or
    • One fat eighth - exterior fabric
    • One fat eighth - interior fabric
  • One fat quarter - Heavyweight fusible interfacing
  • One button snap
  • Button snap applicator
  • Thread 
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Chopstick (a blunt tip item)

If you don't sew but know someone who might be interested please share and let them know I'm looking for help.  Thank you!  :-)

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Thrift Share Monday August 4, 2014

I was all ready for this weekend to be a slam packed thrifting adventure.  Venturing out about 1 hr away for an estate sale, but I didn't get there when they opened, at 7 (we arrived about 8), so I should have known I wasn't gonna score what I was eying in the estate sale photos.

Don't get me wrong I got some good stuff, but I wanted the Butterprint Pyrex, Kimberly Fire King mugs, a Hollywood regency lamp.  The lamp was still there, but they were using it for lighting and it wasn't for sale that day, "come back tomorrow" they said.  Sigh.

Aside from getting there late I was somewhat disappointed with the hoard.  Yes, this lady was a hoarder.  The building was/is a 4 apartment/unit building.

An interesting floor plan, as the units flowed well into one another when their front doors were open (almost like a conjoined hotel room).  I was told once her last tenant passed she took over all 4 units, and hoarded.  They said there was very little walking room and stuff was just piled up.  In the back yard they had a mound of baskets, afghans, and stuffed animals.  The two units upstairs were all clothes and shoes. Not cool old vintage clothes, just old person. One of the living rooms downstairs was just all kitchen glassware.  The actual kitchens were itty bitty so not too much kitchen stuff there. 

This is when I kick myself for not taking photos of the chaos, but then remember I'm on a race to grab what I like before the person right behind me does, and believe me that does happen. This sale was also frustrating because they didn't have a hold area.  So I was carrying large market bags and sticking my glass items (yikes) in the bags as I walked through the house.  Glass weight adds up quickly so I had to check out and make another trip.  Which slows down the gathering process. 

So in my travels and scouring here are my goods.

Vintage phone planter anyone?  This is really super cute.

A few pink Arcoroc bowls.

While I was looking at these bowls I hear the estate workers talking about these pieces.  "Those are depression glass, they are very expensive."  "Well I only priced them at a couple of dollars each".  I grabbed them, and that was that.  However, I knew these were not depression glass.  I've had these pieces before, and did extensive research on them prior to selling them.  My biggest fear is misinforming buyers and then get dinged for incorrectly listing an item.  They were a great find at an awesome price. 

You wouldn't believe my excitement when I saw these...

Flamingo pink Pyrex mixing bowls randomly sitting in the backyard!  I know they weren't there earlier.  Maybe someone put them down while looking at something else and forgot about them?  Like I said there were no holding areas so it was a hold what you can and checkout.

I frantically grabbed them and stuck them in my bag.  However, you could imagine my disappointment when I saw the damage that the smallest bowl had, after I bought them while rearranging items in my car.  Now, it was apparent why these were left behind in the backyard.

I am usually extremely picky when I purchase glassware.  I look for the smallest cracks and chips, and dish-washed damaged Pyrex I just hear "Taps" in my head as I pass them by.  It's not even a consideration, but this set was taped together and keeping my glassed filled bags up on my shoulders kept me distracted.  So inspecting them didn't even cross my mind.  Beside the exterior bowl looked great.

How can you do this to your dishes?  This doesn't happen with just one wash does it?  After seeing some damage wouldn't you stop that method of cleaning?  I tried not to be too bothered with this, and kept in mind a Pyrex restoring post I read about two weeks ago.  So as soon as I got home I went to work on them.

A few weeks ago I shared a Pyrex percolator find.  I mentioned that I don't come across these too often with their innards still intact, since they're glass.  Well you know what? This estate had about 10.  I did walk past them a few times.  I already had one in stock, and they look so delicate, I didn't want to be lugging them around slung over my shoulder in a market bag.  But after my first round of lugging and checking out I went back in and grabbed one.  There was no debate whether I should get more, I really don't have the storage space for what I have now, so I was happy with my one, and shortly after all the others were gone.

Then there is my love for milk glass.  Scoring this lovely little candy dish.  (Which I've had once in my past).

I guess I wasn't initially too excited with this haul since a few of the items were repeat purchases, but it doesn't make them any less great. 

I did score some new-to-me items at close by garage sales.   Like these awesome red-orange Anchor Hocking canisters.

And these lovely blown glass swans.

Don't think I was going to keep you in the dark regarding the pink Pyrex.  I cleaned them.  Initially with Easy Off oven cleaner, which I've used on Pyrex in the past.  I was hoping that would help with possible film build-up on the small bowl, but it only helped with the exterior grey utensil marks and some baked on grease.  My only other hope was coconut oil, in hopes it's luster would return. 

Well what do you think?  The coconut oil does help tremendously, but it's something that will more likely need to be reapplied after washings.  We'll see what happens, but now you know you can somewhat salvage what appears to be dead Pyrex. Yay!  :-)

So how was your weekend?  Any good finds?

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Thrift Share Monday July 28, 2014

Third week of Thrift a row.  Yay!

I was a little bummed this weekend.  I had planned on an out of town estate sale, but it got moved to next weekend.  So I made do with the sales in the area, and came out with very little.  However, just like last weekend I'll also share some of my finds from prior months that I haven't shared yet.

First off though, my finds from this weekend.

I love this so retro, vintage book/plant stand.  LOVE!

I also got this awesome little cabinet.  It was an old....old record cabinet.  It's sad that the phonograph/turntable has been removed.  From what I've found online its legs were also removed, but that doesn't matter it's still a fab piece. 

I love my car, it holds so much, which is also dangerous because I can buy so much, or big items.  :-)

It still had its label on the inside. Talking machine.  Too funny!

Ok.  So here are a few finds from prior months.

A pair of vintage tissue holders.

My mom scored this pretty cool Kodak case, which I currently have listed in my Etsy shop.

These are from just a few weeks ago, and if you follow me on Facebook then you may have already seen these lovely wall plaques.  Initially I was unsure if they were vintage, since they were in such good condition, but a gift tag on the back of one kinda verified they are vintage.  Would you say that is safe to assume that? :-)

So, how was your thrifting weekend?
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Thrift Share Monday July 21 2014

Yay! Two Thrift Share Mondays in a row.  :-)

This post almost wasn't going to happen because this weekend was pretty much a bust, not much luck in my weekend outings, but since I have gathered some great things, over the months, that I haven't posted about I decided to share some of those find with you now.

I won't start out with the glamor shots. Lets start off with the good junk.  Really junk.

We were on our way home from lunch yesterday and I saw an estate sale sign.  So to my kids surprise (really?  They should not be surprised if I all of a sudden turn around and go in the opposite direction, into a neighborhood they don't know, and stop in front of an unknown house) I stopped at an estate sale.  We literally got there when they were closing. I walk in and I'm told I got five minutes.  No biggie, I can do a lot of damage in a short period of time, but not much inside that caught my attention aside from an awesome oven that I just had to take a picture of.

Don't you just love the color?  

So I'm done looking around inside and I run back through the garage to ask about some bins that were full of nuts, screws and drill bits.  I was only interested in the bins, but they gave me rock bottom prices with contents included.  It was pretty much give it to me or they are donating it.  So I grabbed them, grease and all and I was out the door.


Who knows what I'm going to do with all these nuts and screws.  Maybe art of some sort?  The beginning of the next Cathedral of Junk (a real place here in Austin). 

So there is my junk, now time for the pretty stuff. 

As I mentioned last weekend Pyrex has been scarce this last year, but back in May I did score a few beautiful pieces.

I love this blue chip and dip set.  Now I need to find the little metal dip holder for this set.

Ha! Wish me luck.  Unless you or someone you know have a spare dip holder thingy just lying around (fingers crossed).

So on to more Pyrex.

These pinks are just delicious.  At this moment in time I don't think I can part with these blues or pinks.  Would you?

Got a fantaistic green enamel pot.

And, I've managed to gather a little collection of brass vanity mirror trays.  Fancy!

I'm really drawn to these vanity mirrors.  They have that lady of the house, Hollywood glam thing going on. Let me just brush my hair as I sit at my vanity, on my fancy chair while I gaze at the mirror while wearing my flowing night gown, with matching flowing bed jacket.  ...Yeah...what a life. 

Alright that's all I got for now.  How was your weekend?

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Thrift Share Monday July 14, 2014

I'm back!!!

Hello lovely vintage adorers, and fellow thrifters. 

I'm back, and in the swing of estate sales again, and loving it.  I started a new job last month, and my weekends are free once again.  You have no idea how excited I am about it.  Two day weekends are sooooooo long, it's fabulous (I was previously working 6 days a week).

This weekend was an awesome weekend.  I scored some great items.  So here we go.

It was a Pyrex weekend, and that makes me happy.  Over the last year Pyrex has been scarce.  So I'm trilled when I find it, and at amazing prices too.

Don't you love Pink Gooseberry Fridgies? With their lids!!!

More Pyrex please.  How about a large yellow and small Delphite mixing bowl (it's blue all the way through).

OMG!!! I have never seen Delphite in the wild. It's beautiful!  A gallon of milk cost more than that Bluebelle beauty.  Seriously, and at an estate sale.  Their prices were almost garage sale like. Almost.

Guess what?  Yup, more Pyrex.

I don't see these Pyrex percolators out and about too often, only a handful of times and two of those times I've bought 'em, but only one had it's innards.  Now this one does too. Who knows what Pyrex was thinking when it made it's inserts out of glass.  I bet hundreds of people broke them on the first use.  So it's amazing to find these all in tact. 

Ok, ok. I'm done with showing off my Pyrex.  How about some Catherine Holmes ware?

Yeah, didn't I say this weekend was awesome?  I love it!

My partner in crime was out with me this weekend, but didn't get too much.  However, I do love this gorgeous satin blue candy dish she got. I've named it Heisenberg. 

Last weekend my mom redid her bedroom, painted and new floors. So she told me the other day to look out for a night stand.  She didn't want a rectangle box, wanted something with legs, and space below.  Could she be any more specific?  I think I found what she wanted.  She's gonna let it grow on her, then if she likes it she'll stain it darker.

Isn't it so freaken cute?!!! Seriously, it's amazing. 

Let's get 70's. Mushroom canisters anyone?

Last but not least I want to share some pretty kitties I got two weeks ago.

These metal Sexton cats are purrrfet.  Yeah sorry I couldn't resit.  They're perfect as in so Mid-Century perfect, amazing items to hang on your wall. They do have the aged/distress markings (scuffs and scratches) on them, but with items like these that just adds to the greatness.  M.E.O.W!

Whew!  How's this post for getting back in the saddle of thrifting.  Yay!!!

So, how was your weekend?  Any amazing finds?  If you blog about them you're more than welcome to add the link to your post with your comment.  :-)

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Solstice Sale Headbands 40% off June 21 & 22, 2014

It's officially Summer and I'm excited about it.  Why?  Well this week I started a new job which gives me my weekends back.  You have no idea how long a two day weekend is until you've worked 6 days a week.  (Thank you for all you hard workers out there whom work 6-7 days a week.)

So to celebrate I'm having a sale in my Etsy shop, and I'll have a few Flash (pop-up) sales on my Facebook page this week.

First off, headbands (only) will be 40% this weekend, June 21 & 22 in my Etsy shop.   This is a fantastic sale and a big discount I don't normally offer.

Now if you want to see what other goods I'll be clearing out of my inventory keep an eye on my Facebook page this week.  I'll be having flash sales as I go through my stash.  Right now I have vintage sheet clutches up while they last. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  :-)

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