Sleeping or Sewing is ready, are you?

I'm ready to get serious and would love to have some lovely sponsors, as well as review products/patterns and host giveaways.  Are you interested?  If sew email me at sleepingorsewing@gmail.com


If you're interested in sponsoring Sleeping or Sewing I'd love to hear from you.  I'm going to keep my sponsors to a minimum,  I don't want too many buttons flooding my page.  Plus when there are too many sponsor buttons they tend to get lost, and are no longer focused on.  Right?  

Sponsors will be placed on the left column, just above "I link up to".  Three (250 x 250) squares will be available in the order of first come first serve.  I'm open to offers for spots. 
I'd be happy with swag (free product, a sample of what you sell/offer).

I would love to have sponsors on products/sites/services I've used and support.  Not sure if I've used or support you just ask.  If I'm not familiar with you then this is were reviews come into play.


Do you have a product or sewing pattern you'd like to have advertised/reviewed and talked about to my readers?  Well then I'd love to hear about it.  I'd love to review your product at no cost, aside from me possibly keeping the item I'm reviewing.  I'll be honest, and nice with my reviews.  

When reviewing, upon receipt of item(s), I'll let my readers know what was received, and that  I'll be trying it out and will be posting a review about it down the line.  Depending on the item being reviewed it could take several weeks of use for an honest, through opinion to be made.  

Examples of items I'd like to review, but not limited to
Craft lights (very bad lighting in my craft space)
Cameras (I take a lot of pictures for this blog and my Etsy shop using an old camera)
Business card printing 
Custom labels
A product you make (example Etsy sellers)
Jewelry (I'm simple with stud earrings, small rings, and small/thin chain necklaces)
Sewing machines and other sewing related contraptions


Do you have a shop and have an item you'd like to promote?  Hit me up.  I love giveaways and enter them when ever I can.  I love having giveaways too, but I'd be poor(er) if I'd have them all the time on my dime.  So I'd love to host a giveaway promoting an item your excited about.  Or sometimes you just need another venue to get more traffic to your site (believe me I understand).  There is no cost to have a giveaway hosted, but a little Sleeping or Sewing love on your end would be appreciated (maybe a shout out on your Facebook page or blog in return).  I'd love to review your item as well...see above review section.

Any questions, or do you want to jump right in?  Email me at Sleepingorsewing@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest

Sleeping Or Sewing