Monday, August 4, 2014

Thrift Share Monday August 4, 2014

I was all ready for this weekend to be a slam packed thrifting adventure.  Venturing out about 1 hr away for an estate sale, but I didn't get there when they opened, at 7 (we arrived about 8), so I should have known I wasn't gonna score what I was eying in the estate sale photos.

Don't get me wrong I got some good stuff, but I wanted the Butterprint Pyrex, Kimberly Fire King mugs, a Hollywood regency lamp.  The lamp was still there, but they were using it for lighting and it wasn't for sale that day, "come back tomorrow" they said.  Sigh.

Aside from getting there late I was somewhat disappointed with the hoard.  Yes, this lady was a hoarder.  The building was/is a 4 apartment/unit building.

An interesting floor plan, as the units flowed well into one another when their front doors were open (almost like a conjoined hotel room).  I was told once her last tenant passed she took over all 4 units, and hoarded.  They said there was very little walking room and stuff was just piled up.  In the back yard they had a mound of baskets, afghans, and stuffed animals.  The two units upstairs were all clothes and shoes. Not cool old vintage clothes, just old person. One of the living rooms downstairs was just all kitchen glassware.  The actual kitchens were itty bitty so not too much kitchen stuff there. 

This is when I kick myself for not taking photos of the chaos, but then remember I'm on a race to grab what I like before the person right behind me does, and believe me that does happen. This sale was also frustrating because they didn't have a hold area.  So I was carrying large market bags and sticking my glass items (yikes) in the bags as I walked through the house.  Glass weight adds up quickly so I had to check out and make another trip.  Which slows down the gathering process. 

So in my travels and scouring here are my goods.

Vintage phone planter anyone?  This is really super cute.

A few pink Arcoroc bowls.

While I was looking at these bowls I hear the estate workers talking about these pieces.  "Those are depression glass, they are very expensive."  "Well I only priced them at a couple of dollars each".  I grabbed them, and that was that.  However, I knew these were not depression glass.  I've had these pieces before, and did extensive research on them prior to selling them.  My biggest fear is misinforming buyers and then get dinged for incorrectly listing an item.  They were a great find at an awesome price. 

You wouldn't believe my excitement when I saw these...

Flamingo pink Pyrex mixing bowls randomly sitting in the backyard!  I know they weren't there earlier.  Maybe someone put them down while looking at something else and forgot about them?  Like I said there were no holding areas so it was a hold what you can and checkout.

I frantically grabbed them and stuck them in my bag.  However, you could imagine my disappointment when I saw the damage that the smallest bowl had, after I bought them while rearranging items in my car.  Now, it was apparent why these were left behind in the backyard.

I am usually extremely picky when I purchase glassware.  I look for the smallest cracks and chips, and dish-washed damaged Pyrex I just hear "Taps" in my head as I pass them by.  It's not even a consideration, but this set was taped together and keeping my glassed filled bags up on my shoulders kept me distracted.  So inspecting them didn't even cross my mind.  Beside the exterior bowl looked great.

How can you do this to your dishes?  This doesn't happen with just one wash does it?  After seeing some damage wouldn't you stop that method of cleaning?  I tried not to be too bothered with this, and kept in mind a Pyrex restoring post I read about two weeks ago.  So as soon as I got home I went to work on them.

A few weeks ago I shared a Pyrex percolator find.  I mentioned that I don't come across these too often with their innards still intact, since they're glass.  Well you know what? This estate had about 10.  I did walk past them a few times.  I already had one in stock, and they look so delicate, I didn't want to be lugging them around slung over my shoulder in a market bag.  But after my first round of lugging and checking out I went back in and grabbed one.  There was no debate whether I should get more, I really don't have the storage space for what I have now, so I was happy with my one, and shortly after all the others were gone.

Then there is my love for milk glass.  Scoring this lovely little candy dish.  (Which I've had once in my past).

I guess I wasn't initially too excited with this haul since a few of the items were repeat purchases, but it doesn't make them any less great. 

I did score some new-to-me items at close by garage sales.   Like these awesome red-orange Anchor Hocking canisters.

And these lovely blown glass swans.

Don't think I was going to keep you in the dark regarding the pink Pyrex.  I cleaned them.  Initially with Easy Off oven cleaner, which I've used on Pyrex in the past.  I was hoping that would help with possible film build-up on the small bowl, but it only helped with the exterior grey utensil marks and some baked on grease.  My only other hope was coconut oil, in hopes it's luster would return. 

Well what do you think?  The coconut oil does help tremendously, but it's something that will more likely need to be reapplied after washings.  We'll see what happens, but now you know you can somewhat salvage what appears to be dead Pyrex. Yay!  :-)

So how was your weekend?  Any good finds?

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