About me

I'm a frequently resurrected crafter. I go into my ruts when I don't do much crafting, but then I'll get into specific crafts; necklaces (that I never wear), wings (just because), and sewing.

Currently I'm really into thrifting and sewing. I'm obsessing over vintage sheets, and I'm determined that one day I'll complete my first quilt, which will be made out of vintage sheets.
I'm quiet, and so not the talker (which is the reverse when I write).   Since I started reading blogs and seeing other's creations, November 2010, it has been so inspirational to see all the accomplishments out there, and it has made me want to make and create more things. 

Normally when I got home I would slump down onto the couch (if the kids allowed it) and watch TV, and more likely fall asleep.  However, since I've become somewhat obsessed with sewing I don't even want to watch TV.  I almost have to force myself to go to sleep, because I am so enthralled with researching projects, blogging, sewing etc... I still like to sneak in the occasional catnap here and there, but it's seriously a toss up.  It's one or the other, sleeping or sewing.  

With my blog I have some goals.  Figure out how to make a super nice looking blog (I'm always makes very small tweeks here and there).  Find new tips and tricks to help ease the, sometime, frustrations of sewing.  Maybe get some sponsors.  Open an Etsy store (done!).  And just maybe if I share my small accomplishments they will inspire others to do what they love and enjoy as well.