Monday, December 10, 2012

Giveaway Day Winner

Wow!  What a great giveaway week.  Thank you to all who participated in Sew, Mama, Sew's Giveaway Day, and all who commented for a chance to win the vintage sheet fat quarter bundle I had up for grabs.

I just want to say a quick hello to all the wonderful new readers, and a thank you to all the wonderful readers who've been around awhile.

Ok, so there was a total of 311 entries and the winner is
Lindsay from PACountryCatfish, said "I have been eyeing up my mom's vintage sheets. I can't believe she gave most of them to my dad for dropcloths!"

O.M.G!  It hurt my heart when I initially read Lindsay's comment about her dad using their vintage sheets as drop cloths, and it hurt just as much when I read it again once picked her as the winner.  I had the misfortune once of going to an estate sale where there were vintage sheets on the garage floor covered in oil.  So sad.

Alright.  Yay, Lindsay!   Congratulations on your new bundle of vintage sheets.

Thank you everyone who entered, and don't be sad I'll have another vintage sheet giveaway next month for my two year blogiversary.  

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thrift Share - December 4

Holy Cow!  Where did November go?  I know I've been MIA here, but I think about posting all the time. Really I do.  In fact I did get a brief post up yesterday as part of Sew, Mama, Sew's giveaway day. 

The truth is I hadn't 't done much thrifting, therefore I didn't have much content for a thrift share post, and then yes I've been sewing like crazy for a month long event that began last week. I didn't want to bore you with sewn items I've shared in the past.  However, if you don't follow me on Facebook here is what I've been sewing towards.

This is my booth/display for the Blue Genie Art Bazaar that runs here in Austin from now until December 24.  It's a daily show from 10-10, and 10-6 on Christmas Eve.  This bazaar has a 100+ artist and crafters who display and sell their items at this event.  They even have a movie theater in this venue that plays Christmas movies all day (for free), and a bar so that you can drink while you shop.  How freaken awesome is that?

So with Blue Genie up and running, giving sewing a slight rest,  I had time to think vintage this weekend, and boy did I have some awesome finds.  Prefect timing too with the Austin Flea coming up in two weeks, I needed some fresh vintage finds.  Oh, and I haven't told you out there in blog land yet, a little over two weeks ago I got a booth at a local shop, Austin Gift Company, to sell my handmade and vintage items.  Here's a peek of my 2' x 6' space.  If you're in the Austin area go check out this shop, they have tons things/gifts to choose from new, quirky, humorus, vintage to handmade. 

Alright, I know you're here to see all my thrifted finds.  So lets get started.
First my favorite finds from this weekend and a little over a week ago.  PYREX!

Butterprint AND Pink.

Yeah, I know!  Some of the hardest beast to find out in the wild, and in such great condition.  The Butterprint is practically mint. 

Not one, but two funky adjustable industrial table/wall lamps.  Found at two different estate sales.

That's the weird thing with vintage items.  It's like vintage species are released into the wild at the same time.   I can't recall ever seeing lights like these before, and then my mom pulls out two at two different locations.  How weird is that? 

Remember to always look up, high up when thrifting.  I could have easily missed this awesome cake holder if I didn't look up.

I purchased this metal cake lid a few weeks back.   It was just too cute to pass up, even without a base, but you know what, I found a base that matches the pinkish copper top, and it fits perfectly. mom found it. 

Got these neat items.  The one on the left is a 4-way liquor bottle, as in it holds 4 liquors seperately, and it has 4 openings in the top, only missing one stopper/cork thingy.  And I always love these green wine decanters.


 Some lovely vintage glasses.

Two juice(?) jugs?

 An awesome set of milk glass spice jars.

And last but not least. These ab-fab Disney records.  When my mom showed them to me I grabbed them right from her.  Hell yeah I'll buy them.  The records appear to be in fantastic condition and the covers are gorgeous.  I really need to find which type of needle our record player uses so I can play these when no one is home, because I know no one would want to sing-a-long Disney with me. 

I'm expecting vintage finds will start to be sparse this time of year, but I'll keep going and looking until I can't look no more. 

Have you had any awesome finds lately? 
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Monday, December 3, 2012

Giveaway Day - December 3 2012

Giveaway Day
This giveaway has ended.

It's time!  It's time!  Sew, Mama Sew's giveaway day is here again.  A week where bloggers and shops can gather to one location and have a giveaway hop.

Sew, Mama, Sew! has ingeniously broken down on how you can go to giveaways that appeal to you.  If you're just interested in bags there is a whole giveaway section for that, or if it's just supplies you want well there are giveaways for you too.  Just hop on over to Sew, Mama, Sew! to see the list of all the bloggers and shops who are participating.

So, what will I be giving away?  A bundle of 9 vintage sheet fat quarters.  Perfect for your last minute holiday projects.

There's so much you can make with these, including stocking stuffers or actual stockings.

You have up to three entries for your chance to win.

1.) All you need to do to enter is leave a comment.  Any comment is fine.  Do you love vintage sheets?  Are you feeling the crunch time already for Christmas?  What's on your to-do list?

2.) For a second entry let me know if you follow my blog (recent or old).

3.) Follow me on Facebook.

This giveaway is open Internationally until Friday, December 7th 5:00 p.m. PST.  The winner will be chosen at random that following Saturday, December 8.

If your email address is not set up in your profile please leave it with your comment.

Happy Giveaway Day hopping.

This giveaway has ended. 
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thrift Share Monday...Um...Err Tuesday - November 6

 Whoa!  I'm back, after two weeks of being MIA.  Well...with thrifting that is.

I did have this post all typed up for Monday, but I was so busy with other things I never got around to taking pictures of my loot.  I've been hunkered down in my tower/cave (windowless loft) sewing away in preparation for the Blue Genie Art Bazaar that opens at the end of this month, and I've tended not to leave the house to roam aimlessly in hopes to score some vintage.  That changed this weekend though with a charity garage sale, The Settlement Home for Children (click the link to see their Facebook pictures from the sale).

Friday is when this sale started, and I was there ready and waiting in line with a few hundred others.  I was solo this day, my partner in crime (mom) was out and about on her own.  So I had to scour this huge space by myself in search of some great treasures, but I think I was either overwhelmed by it's greatness or coming down with the 24 hour bug my daughter had the day before, because 40 minutes into it I was tired, unfocused and just ready to leave.  Um...the 7 lbs of sheets/fabric handing on my shoulder probably slowed me down a bit too.

So here is what I walked away with on Friday.

This so awesome vintage ice bucket,

Vintage sheets...mostly pillowcases, but definitely some great colors to add more variety to my projects/production, and some random fabric.

I was a bit thrown off with the two pieces of fabric to the right.  One of my favorite vintage sheets are from this print, but in pastel colors.  So when I saw these as non-vintage sheet fabric I thought I was dreaming....or seeing things.  It was just weird...I don't know why but it was. 

And a super cute vintage travel iron.  

Sunday was a whole different story, 50% off day, and I returned with reinforcements, my mom and my two kids.  Of course my kids weren't to happy to find out we were being dragged here, but once we were in my 9 yr old son was in thrifting mode and looking out for things that would interest me.  The other two reinforcements had a head start, since I dropped them off out front so I could park,  and they already had items to show me once they found me inside.  This is what they had.

This super awesome vintage folding table, the legs fold underneath, and then it's all compact like a serving tray.  How cool is that?

Ice bucket,

As I was looking through the glassware this is what my son picked out.

These white glass wine glasses...not sure if they are milk glass....they look a bit different. 

And as I'm typing this I decided to Google them, and  HOLY COW, 2 of these PV France goblets sold on ebay for $50,....and as you can see I have six.  Damn! I think I need to take my son shopping with me more often.  

He also picked out these Krosno glass/mugs from Poland.  Does anyone know what this style of glass is called, or if this is a specialty glass for a particular drink?

These smoky gray glasses,

And he picked out this lone black striped/swirled glass, since he knows I like black.  It'll be a nice juice glass.  I have to say he does know my taste.

I grabbed these pink glasses, 

and itty bitty snifter glasses, because they are the babies to the two over-sized ones I bought a few weeks back

I also got this cute, tall, skinny pine tree that will be perfect to display the Christmas stockings I am making for the Blue Genie Art Bazaar.  Thank you mom for spotting this, and the other great vintage items.

Now back to sewing, and preparing for E.A.S.T(East Austin Studio Tours), where I'll be selling vintage and my handmade goods.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

What I've been up to

Ok....I've been meaning to do an actual sewing related post for awhile now.  Hello, my blog name is Sleeping or Sewing, so where has all the sewing gone?

I do sew, I am sewing, I guess I don't want to bore you with the same ole items that I've been sewing.  However, I have a new item I made recently, and I really love how quick it was to make.  I shouldn't be surprised though, I've bought several patterns from this shop/blog before and they are all so easy and fun to make.

Look at this cute little duffel bag.  I love the vintage sheets(pillow case) I used. 

Gingercake is guilty for creating this great duffel bag,  but it doesn't stop there.  I've made their "On-the-go Organizer", and "Owl purse".

The "On-the-go-Organizer" was the very first blog post I ever wrote, and that was a little under two years ago.  Accidentally, I realized the organizer was perfect for my Kindal Fire, so I wanted to make another one and went digging for this pattern, but couldn't find it.  I emailed Gingercake's and she was quick to have it resent to me (Thank you).  I then decided to make some for an upcoming craft show in December.

Whatcha think?

I did have the initial thoughts of using all vintage sheets or all print cotton fabric for the organizers, but as I was testing combinations I wasn't too sure on the pattern-on-pattern look.  It seemed a little too busy, so I went with the Osnaburg cotton as suggested in Gingercake's pattern.  It looks great with regular and vintage sheet fabrics.  Yay!

Yes, I know I still need to sew on the buttons, but that will be left for a tv or movie marathon, where I can sit and hand sew (yak, I don't like hand sewing)

So since the Blue Genie Art Bazaar is in December I have considered to make ornaments, but I haven't been able to think of any quick simple fabric ornaments to make.  Then, duh, it struck me.  How about stockings?  This is still a thought, but I did try one out, and if I do say so myself I think it's pretty cute.

I didn't want a full-size stocking, nor one too tiny.  I think this is a cute size.  It could fit some small  gifts from the bazaar vendors, like lip gloss from Lipglosserie, jewelry from PrettyKiku, coasters from Crab Apple Designs, soap from Feto Soap, or roll up a baby-suit and bib from Baby Bolt.  Just to name a few of the awesome vendors who will be there.  ;-)  (Huge brain fart, since I didn't have any of the above mentioned gifts at hand the only thing I could think of to put sticking out of the stocking, for size reference, was Kool-Aid. I want Kool-Aid. The only reason why I have it was for a play dough project that never hasn't been done yet. )

I am leaning in the direction of making these for the bazaar, it's just I don't want to get too distracted from the others items I need to be making as well.  It's four weeks away, which kinda seems like I have plenty of time, but the days are going by fast.  Yikes!

Ok...I gotta get back to sewing.  (Whip cracking sound in background.  Don't think dirty).

Oh wait, one more thing.  I've been making headbands like CRAZY, and now I'll have them all nicely displayed on some chipboard, and I got a stamp.  Look, I'm all fancy.  Ooooooh!

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - October 15

Let's jump right into my finds.

Got some super bright red vintage suit cases at the thrift store...

and these awesome roly poly glasses with caddy, minus one glass, but whose counting.  At $3 I can wait until that 6th glass magically appears somewhere... someday.

Had a Thursday estate sale that I went back to on Friday, and Saturday.  Here are my finds from this home.

A vintage Versa-Cart.

Now I bought one of these a few weeks back and was really thrilled with that find.  This one is not as cute  looking, since it has that wood-grain look, but with a little paint it will make a very nice display piece...or piece to sell.  We'll see. 

This was an odd find.  A vintage hair dryer.  Still in box, AND the box had never been opened.  It had those heavy duty giant staples sealing it closed.  I did open it (once I bought it, opps) to make sure it worked, and YES it does.  It's sooo cool.  It has cold and hot settings. 

Yikes!  I guess this warning was necessary, but I don't know how it would be effective since this sticker is on the inside of the dome.  Durrr!  And look how it's all cute and compact like a beehive.

Onward!  I got these highball glasses.

I eyed this typewriter table on day one of this estate sale, but it was at a ridiculous price, day two no one bought it yet.  Day three just before they closed I called to see if it was still there.  Yup it was still there, and I got it for the price I wanted.

Does it look familiar?  Yeah, I just bough one of these just last week.  It's weird how that happens, all of a sudden same things just start popping up.  These could be really cute end tables.  I'll be listing them individually on Etsy soon.  Keep your eyes peeled.

At an estate sale, on Saturday, I scored these really cute little stacking stools.

Ok, my mom twisted my arm into buying these by saying that she thought thy would be worth a lot more than what they were priced at.  I hesitated wondering if I would even make my money back, and I didn't have my phone with me to do a quick online research check, but I bought them anyway.  Looks like I could make a good profit on these if they sell like these on Ebay, seen here and here.  I really wish there was a third one.  *sigh*  (Yes mom, this is why I keep you on payroll....minus the pay.)

I really like this wine rack.  It looks like it had been painted and the paint has been naturally worn to show the underlying red paint along the edges..

And I got a printer tray.  I love finding these.

Now on to sewing.  From now through December I'm gonna have to be a sewing "machine".  For the upcoming holiday season I had applied for three holiday events.  One event got canceled, another I was declined, but the third event (the handmade mother load of them) I was accepted.  Huh?! What?!  How the hell did that happen?  Over 300 applications were received and just over 140 artist are accepted.  This was the event I really didn't expect to get in, and I kinda applied just so I wouldn't regret not applying, with no real expectations of getting in.  Well...what do you know I got into Blue Genie.  Now I possibly need to sew hundreds of items (more smalls than large, but yeah probably hundreds).'s a month long event that's open daily.  Holy Cow!  Let's hope I don't procrastinate too much with this. was your last week?

I'm linking up to Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday and The Living Space The Nifty Thrifty .
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - October 8 - Round Top, Tx

Who know where last week went, because it flew by.  I went to my regular thrift store maybe twice, with nothing to show from it.  However, we had plans for the end of the week.  Fridays destination...Round Top, Texas.

It's been a few years since I've been out to Round Top.  Last time I went with my two kids, and dragged them around in a wagon (some areas have gavel).  Those of you who've been there, done that, dragging kids around at a large fair, event, or anything with a lot of walking knows that after a short period you yourself stop having fun quickly.  It gets very tiring.  So I've had no desire to go to Round Top since then.  However, I was able to go on Friday when the kids were in school and arranged for my sister to pick them up after, so me and my mom were kid free.  Yippee!

Round Top and Brenham, Tx (neighboring cities), have an antique weekend two times a year(it's actually a two week event), where there are hundreds and hundreds of vendors set up at the side of the road.    Some vendors have your farm fresh junk, while other will have your upscale antiques, and then you got your shabby chic.  Not to mention everything else in-between, and outside of this realm.

When we were driving there, a little under a 2 hour drive, I told my mom I was going just to go.  I didn't have intentions to shop for my Etsy shop, since I've remembered from the past that there are some vendors that have their items marked for the super fanatic collectors. You know....I don't think some super fanatic collectors would even pay the prices some of these vendors have things priced at.  Yikes!

I forgot to take my camera with me, but I did remember to take a few pictures, with my breaking phone, during our trip.

Welcome to....

So as I mentioned my intentions when I came here weren't for my Etsy shop,  but I couldn't help it, it was hard to pass up a deal.  Our first buy was at a hodge-podge mess of an area.

My initial thoughts here were "HOLY COW! How do these vendors do this?  Bring all this stuff/junk, unload, set-up, and reload.  AND live out here having to watch their stuff that is out in the open 24/7 for two weeks?  Then what happens when it rains and tables upon tables of stuff is not under tents?"  These are hard core pickers/sellers.

I didn't do any big time spending, but here are some of my few little finds.

Some vintage Federal Glass shot glasses.

A vintage poinsettia brooch, and this really neat Art Deco-ish vanity manicure...something.  Maybe a nail, cuticle, tool?

At another area I got these items.

Super cute mushroom spice rack with shakers.
These roly poly glasses with caddy.

And this funky wood buffet server.  The top trays are a little rough, but I can see someone painting this and using it as an awesome jewelry display.

Here are some pictures of what can be seen while strolling the acres at this event.

There were a few areas that had vintage Christmas items, and I couldn't pass up taking a picture of these cute little cardboard houses.

I watch American Pickers often and when I saw gas pumps, all I could think about was Mike and Frank, and how they love to finding these.

Heehee....this made me giggle.

 Bird houses anyone?

How about some medicine? we go.  This is what all those meds are for.

Time to sing "This is Halloween...This is Halloween."

I loved this hotel mail slot desk.

I also loved these old phone booths.  They were a hit too, all of them were sold.

Five hours later, with sore feet we left, and it looks like it was just picking up.  There were sooo many cars driving in.

Tired but not too tired we managed to head out Saturday to an estate sale, already on it's third day leg, so I didn't make out with much to mention except for a few items.

This super old-school tape recorder.  

I still need to find out if it works, but I need to dig a cassette tape out from the garage some where to test it.  Haha....a cassette tape...that sounds so weird. 

Last but not least three cases of vintage Scotch Snuff boxes/jars, 34 jars in all, just shy of three complete cases.   

These were in the garage on a shelf, all enclosed in their cases, I don't know what made me look in the boxes, but once I saw the jars inside I grabbed all three boxes. I'm a sucker for jars and bottles. The bottom of the boxes are marked 1950.  Awesome!

Whew!  That was a long post.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Hopefully you had some luck out thrifting last week.  Any good finds?
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