Monday, October 1, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - October 1

Lets bring it.  It's the 1st of October, the holiday seasons are upon us.  This is the part of the roller coaster where you're at the top of the tallest peak looking down (or shutting your eyes) and it speeds it's way to the end of the year, and along the way you pass Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and for me five birthdays.  Eeek!

As with everything I procrastinate, and wait to the last minute to try to get something,anything done (or half done), so lets see if I accomplish any holiday projects, until then lets talk thrift.

My thrift stores were pretty sparse this week, I grabbed a couple of items, but nothing exciting.  This weekends sales were a little weird too, not heavily stocked, but I did manage to grab a few things.

My favorite find was this vintage metal typewriter table. 

It stills needs a little TLC to make it look really nice.
Now, this item is a little off my normal beaten path, but it was just to cute to pass up.  A vintage nursery baby scale. 

And look, this is not vintage but a totally awesome find.  A compact picnic table.

Yup, this table and chairs all fold up nicely into a compact carrying case. 

I've looked this up online before, but I didn't want to drop the money for one.  This one was a whopping $10.  Score!

Last but not least this desk lamp. 

I'm liking these gooseneck desk lamps more and more.  I sold one I had on Etsy and was soo happy when the buyer said

 "ohmigosh, this is just like the lamp my naval officer father used ... i love having it on my own desk!" 

I know there are some people that don't feel, or understand the "vintage thing", maybe it's not nostalgic for them....yet, but for me it is nostalgic.  Of course all the things I see and buy are not reminders of my past, but I do see a lot of things that are, and with that customers comment it just proves nostalgia tugs and gives others that longing to have something that reminds them of their past.  They want that memory, even if it's not that authentic "original" item from their past. 

That's all I got for my thrifting.   How was your thrift week? 


  1. great score. I had that same table and chairs years ago. We used it so many times. It finally wore out.

  2. I'm with you. There's something about vintage office supplies that always make me swoon.

  3. My uncle has one of those tables and chairs - it was fantastic when we all had cheap tickets to the races. We staked out an area near the finishing line and had our picnic there!

  4. Also I know what you mean about October, so many friends and family birthdays between now and New Year. My poor mum has my sister, me and my dad all in one week!