Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thrift Share Tuesday- September 25

Sorry for the delay.  My old, old (9 years old) camera  decided it didn't want to share it's pictures anymore, and wouldn't download, so I had to run out and buy a new one this morning.  It's really about time, I've been struggling too long with my last two cameras, since my 4 year old camera went kaput sometime last year.  It worked, but didn't work.  So yay, I'm excited to see how this new one works out, and if it improves my photos in anyway.  Let's see.  

If you follow me on Facebook you might have seen a tease about an item I bought at an estate sale on Friday, that has sold on Ebay for $1,000.  This has been my biggest "thrifted" purchase to date in size and cost.

A few weeks back I saw, on another blog, a Danish teak folding desk that was awesome. So when I saw pictures of and estate sale and saw something that looked similar I was ready to buy.  When we went to the sale I told my mom if it's $300 I'll get it, but I figured it would be much more expensive.  Then after waiting in line for about 30 minutes, with a sales tab already running from items in the garage, we were inside.  I bee line to the kitchen, as usual, and end up in the living room where I find my mom standing guard by the folding desk, with a price less than my top price. UGH, this is usually not how this goes.  Most of the time the item is 2-5 times more than what I want to spend.  I look at it, intimidated by it (because I really didn't expect it to be less) and walk away. 

Yes...I walked away.

Then a few minutes I'm back, ask if they would take a little less (estate sales usually don't go down on prices the first day), and they said yes.  Oh hell!  Ok. It's mine, and here it is.

A vintage, Danish, teak, mini-office/folding desk.  
Magazine rack on the bottom left, and it has a large drawer just under the desk.
I really need to get a smaller car so that I'm deterred from buying large items, because the second it got into my car I started to second guess myself.  What did I just do?  It's really nice, this would be an awesome craft area, but would I be able to sell it?   My mom knows I'm second guessing myself and asked me to go online to reference the one APG had on her other blog, MOD Sonoma.  OMG!  It looks to be the exact same one and she had sold hers for $625.   I'm happy again, and even more happier later when I look on Ebay and see that one sold for $1,000, and the one on Ebay is exactly like the one I have.  I even have the key to lock it. 

It all folds up to just under 4 feet tall, and 2 1/2" wide. 

I think I'm just going to keep it for a little while since it's so neat, but it's also very tempting to list it and see if I could get 1k for it too.  We'll see.

So here are my other finds from this last week.

A Merry Mushroom spice rack set.

An Aladdin lunch set, with two insulated bottles, a lunch box with 4 nesting cups/bowls,  all packed up in a cowhide case.

Some Pyrex.  Such a pretty blue.

Look at the glass Butterfly Gold carafe, a great addition to my ever growing Butterfly Gold collection.

My mom spotted this item.  A vintage General Electric toaster.  I'm not sure how old this is (possibly early 80's), but it looks great.  Our toaster died recently, and we bought a new one that arrived dead, but this one works.  Even better it matches our kitchen and at $3 it was a steal.   I've eaten toast every morning since we bought it. 

And she also bought this, a flip desk calendar with thermostat.  Yeah, weird the center piece is a thermostat, that works.  The calendar part is pretty cool too.  You flip the little rectangle piece and the numbers change.  The only info I have on this is the thermostat if Florn, and it was purchased at a jewelers "Nat Jewelers" in NJ (sticker under the piece). 

Yay, got this done and out of the way.  Time to start taking pictures to list items on Etsy


  1. Enjoy that desk! We picked one up from the charity shop a few years ago for £65(approx $105)
    We loved it for a while but it was just too big and so we tried to sell it, but no interest so we gave it back to the charity shop and felt good about it! I hope it went to a good home!
    Here are my photo's of ours.

  2. The desk is breathtaking...I would have a hard time giving it up:) but then again I say that way too many times as it is.
    AKA Atomic Moxie

  3. Thanks for joining us at Atomic Moxie:)