Monday, September 17, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - September 17

This last week I told myself I wasn't gonna go vintage hunting since I bought and spent sooo much last week.  I even refused to look up estate sales so I wouldn't be tempted,  however when vintage is placed right under your nose and is in your backyard (almost literally) it's hard to pass up.

Thursday there was an estate sale on the block right behind my house, and it was hard to ignore the bright green signs that led the way to the sale as I took my kids to school.  So what else can one do but follow the colored path.  My sister couldn't even pass it up, the signs lured her in too.  She got there just before I did. 

There wasn't a ton at this sale that caught my eye, and thankfully.  Here are the few things I purchased here.

My favorite find, this super awesome vintage 1950's Samsonite Ultralite suitcase.

This suit case is in phenomenal condition.

Now this vase I've found several times.  Um.... five to be exact.  I don't know what it is, but I really like this vase.  I guess one of the factors is I buy with the intent to sell, but then I don't want to sell  the one(s) I have so I buy another one (then another....and another) so that  I can sell it.  Am I going about this the wrong way?  Well even numbers of items is not the ideal way to display this 6th one I have to sell.  That is unless I find a 7th before the 6th is sold.

Then there is Pyrex of course.

These are a first for me.  I haven't even ran into these small casserole/au gratin dishes online yet.  So I was kinda surprised when I saw Pyrex on the bottom of them.  The sad thing is these were found in the back yard shed.  Why would someone have Pyrex discarded like that?  *sniff*

As I was checking out I grabbed this really neat vintage necklace.  It's 5 strands and 47" long.  I can see this being a very nice everyday casual piece, and an awesome evening out piece.  See the the listing in my Etsy shop. 

On Saturday I was selling at the Austin Flea again, this being my 4th time.  This event has not let me down yet.  So consistent and the best part is it's inside a restaurant so I can order food and drink while I sell.  Manue of PrettyKiku kindly took this picture of my booth set up (yup that's me sitting in the back...I wasn't sure she was getting me in the picture). on my way to the Austin Flea I had to stop by an estate sale.  It's hard to ignore emails about a sale that's on my way to where I'm going.  (I'm soo weak).  This sale wasn't packed with vintage...or much of anything that really interested me, however I did grab a really cool item.

I had just bumped into this online about two weeks ago.  If I hadn't I would have had no idea what it was or even be interested in it.  It's a Chemex coffee pot.  I did some research on it and found this really interesting story about the creator.  Apparently this is an awesome coffee pot.  The way I read it was (now if any of you are Breaking Bad fans then you'll understand)  that Mr. Schlumbohm, the creator, was the Gale of his time.

Initially I guessed this might have been Pyrex, but there are no maker marks on this piece.  Sooooo if I can't determine it's vintage then I'll keep it.  Why not, online they sell (new) for $35-$43 OR if this is hand blown then its $72-$111.  Man!  So if I can't be rich at least I can pretend by surrounding myself with expensive stuff I bought super cheap.  Right? 

Then I grabbed these other items.

A 1960s Pyrex casserole dish

and these cute cherry Anchor Hocking juice glasses.

That's it for my haul.   How has your thrifting been lately?


  1. I agree, if we can't be rich, we can surround ourselves with the discards of the rich. Alright, a B.B. fan...but who is Glenn? I adore the show and hate, hate, hate we have to wait till next summer, don't you?

  2. Durr! I had the wrong name, it's Gale not Glen. Sorry if I confused anyone. :-) SuzieQ, I know it went by so fast.

  3. great haul! i am loving that white vase :D and yes i am totally weak when it comes to any kind of sale too :D