Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thrift Share Monday Ummm Tuesday- September 4

Man the thrift stores rocked this past week, as for garage or estate sales....eh.

I think I hit up the thrift stores four times last week, a bit more frequently than over the summer since now the kids are back in school.  I didn't find something everyday, but the days I did find somethings they were good.

I'm usually not a store cart person, unless I'm at the grocery store and know I'm buying a lot of stuff.  At the thrift stores I almost never grab a cart, usually I'm in and out in under 10 minutes with an items or two.  So I head my to my first spot, kitchen/glassware, with no cart,  oooh.... and see this teal E.O Brody vase.

I already have a vase this size and color, but in a different pattern.

OOOOooooh!  A large Butterfly Gold II Pyrex mixing bowl.

And this super cute Spring Blossom Pyrex gravy boat. 

What is this?  I have not seen this pattern out and about before.

A Barbed Wire Pyrex split casserole, it practically looks brand new.

Ok.  I now don't have enough hands to carry what I have.  I put down the vase, put the gravy boat in the bowl, and take the Pyrex pieces with me to go get a cart...then bee line back to the vase.

Ok...no more glass items catch my eyes. 

Then I spy this...
It needs some work, but once it's refinished it will look gorgeous.

Oh no....I look at it and grab it...then look at my cart.  Um....I can't carry it and push my cart at the same time, and the last thing you ever want to do at a thrift store is walk away from something you want.  Luckily the legs were just wide enough to straddle the cart.  Phew! 

I walked out happy.

My next thrift stop scored me this almost mint vintage Kromex ice bucket.  It is super nice.  What a great thrifting day.

Another day, and another stop I got these alluring opalescent glasses.  I want to say they are vintage, but I'm not sure.  Does anyone know anything about these?  There is no maker mark on the bottom.

Another day and another stop, and stalk (Yes, I said stalk.).  I'm at my usual thrift store.  Now, I'm not one to peruse clothing at thrift stores, since I'm not patient to look at stuff that's not my size, but I decided to look at jackets, since the day before I was looking at some at Target.

Here in Texas it's still super hot.  Like 99+ hot, but I've learned over the years that once fall clothing comes out I need to look at it then, otherwise three months from now when it gets cool, late November, I won't find anything in mine or my kids size.   So I glimpsed in the jacket section at the thrift shop.  I spot corduroy.  Why corduroy caught my eye...who knows.  I can't recall having anything corduroy before, but this black jacket caught my eye.  First thing I do before pulling the jacket off the rack is look at the size and notice it's my size, it's Victoria Secret, it's cute, AND it fits.

Yeah, hello how could I pass up a perfectly fitted, cute, Victoria Secret jacket for $5, AND a Mossimo jacket for $4. 

I think I'm all set now for our mild winter.

Around the bend I go,I think I'm done, but spot a Matryoski nesting doll.

As I'm debating about taking the nesting dolls home I see a worker stocking the shelves.  I glance into the cart but don't see anything interesting, however as I walk pass her I see something underneath the pile.  Gasp!!!

It's a Catherine Holms casserole pan.  I ask for it, but I'm told I have to wait for it to be put away in the section it belongs, which is on the other side of the store (this has to be translated for me since I don't speak Spanish).  Oh lord!  So what do I do?  I stalk the stocker for 10 minutes.  I kinda keep my distance, but not too far since I don't want someone else to grab it. 

I start to get nervous as she arrives to the end of the isle, even more so when I see someone else ask and point to something in the cart (in Spanish).  Then the stocker arrives to the pan section, she grabs the pan and hands it to me.  Then the lady who just a few minutes earlier pointed at something in the cart said something and I could tell the stocker is explaining I asked about the pot on the other side of the store, since she points in that direction.  Yikes!  I move quickly out of the way.  I stalked fair and square and I got what I was waiting for.  Yay!!!

So those were my thrift store finds. I got a few garage/estate sale finds, but haven't photoed them all.  Here's one item though.

A vintage bread box.

I'll see if I can get another post up show the few other items I scored last week, which does include vintage sheets and vintage fabric.  :-)


  1. Great finds! I love the vase and mixing bowl. Those Pyrex mixing bowls are SO handy to have around.

  2. I would have bought everything you did - love it all!!

    The Pyrex divided dish is great for vegetables and dip, some people cook two supper times in them, I've made apple crisp in mine - they're actually quite handy....

  3. Agree on the awesome finds at the thrift store. And I have that exact same bread box.