Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thrift Share September 10 ...Continues

Yesterday I started off with some of my thrifted finds from last week.  Like I said I bought a LOT of stuff.  So instead of overloading you with a never ending post I decided to split it up into two....or maybe three.  Lets see.

Ok...where to begin.  Oh!  I want to cry on your shoulder first, and share with you what I had to leave behind at a fourth stop.  I went to a sale purely to look at this one item....maybe with the hopes that it would be inexpensive.  I've seen typewriters priced anywhere from $8-$75 at estate sales.....so I had silly hopes.

Isn't it gorgeous?  Well it was $350...so I had to sadly leave it for someone with deeper pockets.  *sigh*
Back to our third stop on Friday, it was an estate sale that was packed.  No furniture just tables and tables of knick knacks, doo-dads, and kitchen items.  FILLED!  And I think kitchen items are my weakness.  I don't know why since I don't spend too much time in the kitchen (well, I spend more time washing my thrifted finds then anything else).  I do cook, but not all the time....maybe twice a week....ok....maybe once.  Sometimes there is that rare line up of planets, and I'll cook three times a week, but we all know the planets don't line up that often.  

So I went this estate sale on Sunday too, for 50% off day so here are my combined purchases from both days.

I'm gonna start off with the greatest find.  That my MOM, yes, once again spotted that I overlooked.  I even looked at this item, but didn't even realized what it did.  So I passed it by.

A Versa-Table.

I've seen and purchased kitchen utility carts, here and at just before this sale here.  However, when I saw this one I didn't realize it was a kitchen/entertainment cart.  Why?  Because it was half folded, up against a wall.  It was my mom who called it to my attention when she unfolded the whole thing to show to me.  WHAT?!!!  It FOLDS up!!!

How cool is that?  My mom was just telling me when I purchased the crunchy cart earlier that day that I should take it as a display piece to the markets I do (or will be doing), but my reply was that the cart would take up too much space in my car, and it wasn't practical.  Well....well....well....she solved that problem, right?  It was a whopping $28. 

Alright, onward...

I got Pyrex crazy at this sale and purchased these Pyrex pieces.

A 57 piece Blue Band mixed Pyrex and Anchor Hocking set. 

A milk glass pitcher.  I love this piece soooo much, the flowers are such great colors.

I also got coffee pot happy at this sale.  How cute are these "His" and "Hers" coffee carafes?

And then look at these two cool coffee pots.  The pink one is a percolator from the 1950s with 22k gold decorated design, as I found here.  Fancy!

Two large vases(?).  What are these called?  Matchbook holders?(haha)  My grandparents had a large green one similar to these and it was filled with matchbooks.  But really, aside from serving margaritas to my mom what are these for?  Anyone?

A Thermos ice bucket.  (Yes mom....you got me hooked on buying ice buckets.  Don't laugh....remember I "hoard" where you reside.)

 And then a whole bunch of ceramic planters/pots.  Why?  I don't know.

Now, I got to find a place to put all this stuff aside from where they are, the dinning table.

My storage shelves in the garage are already filled.  Yikes!!  Keep your fingers crossed for me that I make a big dent in my vintage goods this weekend while I sell at the Austin Flea


  1. did you sell the pink percolator coffee pot? I wonder if it can be used on a electric burner...the coil type? LOVE IT.