Monday, May 28, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - May 28

Last thrift share for the month.  Was it me or has this month seemed really long?

Lets get to it. 

During the week I tended to be a hermit and didn't get out much, but did get to some garage and estate sales on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturdays garage sales landed me these items.

A red kitchen utility cart.  It's missing a wheel, but hey for $5 I'm sure to find a wheel somewhere.  In the mean time we'll go pirate style with a peg leg.  AND don't forget another find of mine a few weeks ago, it matches this red Cosco stool/chair.  Yay!

 An aqua Samsonite vintage suitcase.  The hardware has seen it's better days, but to be honest it adds to the character of it.  I know there is someone out there who'd love to use this as a display piece.

This wire rack.  A little elbow grease and this might make a good display piece for my pouches/wallets, when I do craft shows.

An old bird cage.  For who knows what.
 These two cute Sterling China Co coffee mugs.  There are really cute and chubby.  They kinda remind of the Maxwell House coffee commercials, "Good to the last drop".
 Random Fire King and Pyrex milk glass.

 This really cool vintage Polaroid land camera.  It's in fantastic condition, and sooo interesting.

Sunday's estate sales 
A super cute pink and black vanity stool.

An enamel pot with wire holder. 
Some vintage thread and buttons. 
At times do you wonder why you had to think so hard about buying something?  For example there was this large painting my mom was looking at at an estate sale.  It was $25, and it was 50% off the painting was actually $12.50.  We stood and looked at it saying it was really nice, pretty, it was a great painting.  So why did it take us several minutes to pull it off the wall?  Really.  You can't get a little wall art piece at Target or Wal-mart for that price.  Plus she has a beach-y theme in her bedroom, whites and tans with some shells here and there.  So it should have been a no brainer.
 It's already mounted above her bed.  :-)

Oh and finally after a dry few weeks I'd finally scored some vintage sheets.  Yay! 

Any luck out thrifting? Include the link to your finds with your comment so we all can see. 


  1. Not half as much luck as you! If only we had estate sales! The trolley is very cool - and I like the bird cage, only for plants though.

    The painting has a lovely fresh feel to it, bet it looks great in its new home.

  2. Great buys. Lovely painting. Bird cage and trolley were favs.

  3. Ooh that suitcase reminds me of the guys on TV here down under who renovated a room and used suitcases (without the lid) as drawers. I'll post a link below so you can steal a peek, but I actually came by to say I nominated you for the Liebster award at thanks for sharing on a consistent basis, you're interesting! Ok the suitcase drawers are...

  4. That aqua suitcase is so pretty! Funny about the painting--thrifting sometimes does weird things to us, doesn't it, where suddenly $12.50 seems like an outrageous amount of money! LOL I've done the same thing, most recently on a set of chairs, which were then gone when I finally came to my senses and went back for them. Lesson learned!

  5. Ooh, I love the bird cage! I would spray it white and put some stuffed fabric birds inside.

    Lovely vintage sheets, especially the one on the left.

  6. Love that vanity seat, but the suitcase is a close second favorite.

  7. Oh wow what wonderful treasures you found!! :) Hugs, Holly