Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thrift Share Tuesday - May 22

Sorry, I got behind on my Thrift Share Monday due to Sew,Mama,Sew! Giveaway Day.  See what I have for the giveaway in Part 1 & Part 2.

Let's dive right in with this weeks finds.

Early in the week I found this freaken awesome end table.

I posted about it last week asking for some help identifying it, since I'm extremely bad with dating/identifying furniture.  I got one reply from Julia over at A Living Space (a new to me blog).  This is Julia's response

"This looks very similar to the style of mid century slat benches. The legs definitely have that atomic / mid century look. I would definitely guess that it was made somewhere in the neighborhood of the 1960's." 

I'm glad I have more info on this table, but if anyone out there has something to ad please do.  :-)

At one of my regular stops I spotted this cute mushroom mug,

and as I scanned the shelf for some more I spot on a separate shelf a matching snack plate. Yay!
Friday me and my mom went to an estate sale that was being managed by a family (usually way cheaper than a company estate sale).  I almost missed this because it wasn't on the estate website I usually check out.  Good think I was looking at garage sale listings for Friday.

Me and my mom were there for over an hour, and I got soo dirty.  I spent $31 and she spent $42, and this is what we bought with that money.

My buys for $31

A couple of large jars.  One of these days I'll get a terrarium to live longer than one week.

Two Forest Fancies Pyrex casserole dishes in fab condition.

A Corning Ware Spice of Life pan (pot?, casserolle?).

Two large galvanized wash bins.

A very large 15" glazed pot. It's huge, and heavy.

This large old coffee pot.  Mom has already claimed it as decor for the kitchen.

Some office supplies.  I have no idea on when I'll need that much twine, but hey for $1 I'll do something with it. 

D-clamps.  You never know when you might need these...or never, but it's nice to have just in case.

This lovely vintage scarf.

And then this standing table lamp.  Its shade doesn't seem to go well with it.

Look at it.  It matches the lamp I just rewired last week.  How weird is it to fix up a garage sale find that I've had for months, then two days later find a matching table lamp?

They are not just similar, they match, looks to be part of a set, as in same color, same pattern on the glass, and same pattern on the base.   Freaky!  Who's found a matching set of lamps, at completely different times, with night light bases before?  Seriously, I don't think it happens frequently. 

Now on to what my mom bought for $42 (some stuff she gave to my sisters right away...so I didn't get to take photos of them)

An extremely heavy cement bear bench. 
  Aw, it resembles Honey (our family dog), whom we call Honey Bear. Well, their butts are the same. And I just looked it up online since there was a marking on it.  It's a Lomeli's bench that sells new for $395.   She bought it for $20.  Holy Cow!!!
See? Doesn't she have a bear-butt?
She wasn't too happy with this photo shoot.
A cement bird bath, about 2 1/2 feet tall.

A fish planter, succulent not included.

Some of the other items she got (not photoed) were office supplies, a double boiler pasta pot, a wooden owl sculpture, other small cement critters, and a large Navajo type sculpture.

At a separate garage sale I got these super old National Geographic magazines. The covers are aged, but the interior pages are crisp and bright.  It's almost like the covers are from another life and the interior pages are brand new. Very strange. 

I just love some of the ads in these. Who wants a 6-cyclendar Whippet Sedan for $770?  I do!
 And who needs coffee that keeps you awake?  How about some "Kaffee  Hag Coffee" that lets you sleep, and "doctors" even recommend it. 
How is "Hag" an appealing word or name for coffee?  If you're getting your sleep wouldn't something like "Beauty" sound better since you're getting your beauty sleep?

And I LOVE this refrigerator!

And that is all for my week.  I did attempt some garage sales on Saturday, but nothing did much for me so I didn't spend.  Where I did spend money was at the Renegade Craft Fair that was here this weekend.  I bought some jewelry, something I usually don't spend money on, but I'll go into that in another post.

Wow, that was a long post. 

 How was your week thrifting?

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  1. Great finds! I can't believe you found that matching lamp! That's crazy! I didn't have much luck thrifting this weekend. I only found clothes for myself. Nothing for the house, which bummed me out.

    That's so funny about your dog's bear butt because we say the same thing about our dog. When he was little he used to hide under the bed and only his butt would poke out and it looked like a black bear's butt. So we call him Ringo Bear now.

  2. I have a bench similar to that I'll table. Same legs even. I don't know the history either as it was given to me and was given to the last owners also. I