Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sewing "Machine" - Preparing for a festival

I'm tired.  I have been a sewing "machine".  Sadly it looks like I've done nothing volume wise. 

On Saturday I'm attending my first market/show that is ALL handmade.  I've done a few markets over the last year....4 total, but I've blended my vintage finds with my handmade.  So I have had bulk...substance and security with my vintage items, and without my vintage items with me this weekend I already feel naked.  My handmade items will be exposed with no vintage Pyrex to hide behind.

The pressure is on.  Well it's been on.  I've wondered what I've gotten myself into by signing up for this, but the thought to cancel really hasn't entered my mind.  Yeah I have handmade items that I've made over the last year, but it hasn't been nearly enough to fill up a spot all on its own.  Therefore, why I've been a sewing machine.

For weeks I think I spun my wheels messing with things and searching for new patterns to work with, and last week, 11 days out from the festival, I knew I was in crunch time.  I gave myself a goal to make at least three items a day.  Any items.  I'm 9 days into it with today and tomorrow left, and I'm ahead of my goal with 36 items made.  However, these items are not huge gowns that take up space, they are pouches, market bags, chalkboard mats and aprons.  Folded up on the couch they look like that how my booth is going to look? Bare?  This is not how I'm gonna display them, but looking at the items like this looks... little.

This week I've added more market bags to my stock and some ruffled aprons.  (I'm making sure Esmeralda works off her cost.)

Today and tomorrow I don't think I'll get too much sewing in.  This morning I "worked" on a sign in hopes to have something a bit better than the little 8x10 cardstock I had (sooo generic) but I'm not 100% sure this is much better.  I'm my worst critic.  If someone else made this for me I'm sure I would be happy with it. It looks a bit messy buy my logo is not clean lines either it's more of a brush stroke so I shouldn't be criticizing it too much, right?

I used a 23" loop I bough for $3 at a thrift store and a vintage sheet (my favorite one).  I'm so not a draw-er and attempting my logo this size free hand was not an option.  So what I did was place my fabric in my loop, then I taped the loop to the top frame of the tv.  I did a light trace of the logo with washable marker then removed the loop from the tv and retraced with permanent marker.  This is my analytical mind at its weirdest.  Why I thought to use the tv to trace a logo I have no idea, but it worked. 
42" TV screen on top, 17" lap top screen on the bottom.

I forgot to take a before picture so this is the loop after, re-taped to the tv for reference. 
Now that this is out of the way I definitely want to get some more bunting and zippered pouches done by this weekend, but gathering everything needed for the weekend, and pricing items is top priority. 

Oh so I've gone and done a bad bad stressful thing and I've signed up for two shows one weekend after another.  I am so not a self promoter and talking to people, face-to-face, about my stuff is a bit stressful.  I could hype/talk about someone else's stuff all day, but I'm modest and don't like to highlight myself.  Does that make sense? I'm different via type/blog.  Ay!  The good thing about the following weekend though is that I'm selling my vintage items at a venue I've sold at once before, the Austin Flea (the only venue that wasn't a dud for me), so I have an idea of what to expect and know where I'll be setting up. 

Please keep your fingers crossed for me that things go well.

Anything stressful going on in your life right now?


  1. I think your sign looks great! I don't know how you came up with the T.V. idea either, but it sure did work! You'll be fine! The aprons are very cute, and that bag Esmerelda is holding is very cute.
    As for stressful things in my life, we are buying a house! Arggghhh! We just can't be still, I guess.

  2. Good luck! I love your new sign! It turned out adorable. And the TV tracing idea is brillant!

    I'm stressed out at work. I have to give a presentation tomorrow, Tuesday, Thursday, and then 2 Mondays from now...each presentation to a higher level or management all the way up to the CFO. Oh, and public speaking is my biggest fear, so I might end up throwing up! haha, that'd be really embarrassing!