Monday, April 30, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - April 30

Wow! Where did April go?  This month flew by.  It started out with great thrifting, had a lull in the middle and ended just as good as it started. 

My scores started out early in the week with a great find at my favorite thrift store.  At one point last year I had decided that I was going to collect the butterfly gold Pyrex/Corning Ware for my own personal use.  This was determined when I got some great hook handle cups in the pattern.  Then my finding of this pattern wasn't as easy as I thought.  I had found a butter dish and some D handle mugs....which I eventually sold (not too sad about getting rid of those items).  Then I found a set of 5 mixing bowls/serving bowls, and last week I got these...

A 23 piece plate, mug, and saucer set (7 plates, 8 mugs and 8 saucers) for $7.99.  I got an 8th plate a few days later at another thrift store.

And these two serving/casserole dishes.  All three finds at different thrift stores.  Yay!

That was a great start to my thrift week, but it didn't stop there.  Got this small green Pyrex casserole dish.

7 of these super cute milk glass, Indopal, farm scene custard cups.
The farm scene is so tiny and detailed.  Look at those cows.  Does anyone know anything about this brand, Indopal, made in Indonesia?  Is it vintage or newer?  I haven't seen anything vintage from Indonesia yet, but that doesn't mean anything.

Thursday I went to an estate sale that started at 2 in the afternoon.  That was a first for me, usually that's close to the time estate sales are closing down for the day.  Hey, but I'm not complaining.  I got there 30 minutes early, and I scored one of my happiest finds there.

A vintage Cosco step-stool chair.  In RED!!! I rushed into this estate sale hoping this would be a good price since I saw it in their online advertisement.  It was $20.

About a week or two earlier I was just telling my mom how you never see these.  I remember my great-grandma had one that she kept in her kitchen.  This chair is in fantastic condition.  It looks like it has some paint splashes on it, but the paint is red so it doesn't stand out.

And here at this estate sale I scored a pile of vintage sheets and pillow cases.  Three of the sheets have the same patterns, but are in different colors.  Awesome!  I already have some market bags made out of these for a fair I'm selling at this coming weekend.

Then on Friday I went to another estate sale.  Mom wanted to stop for breakfast, as I hesitantly said yes.  I wanted to get to the sale early to get what I saw online.  Ugh!!!  We were number 34, and they let 1-20 in first, and we had to wait for almost an hour to get in. The suspense was eating at me.

It wasn't a large estate sale, they had higher end stuff like art work that I don't mess with...yet.  However, I did get what caught my eye.  This dress form.

I went in with a price in mind.  I know how much these are new, and it would double as a display for picture taking of my aprons and bags I list on Etsy.  The price I had in mind was a bit high and I did walk away from it once I saw the price was exactly what I had in mind.  Ouch!  I came back to it to look at it some more, then saw the adjustment dials on it's side.  Damn!  It's my size too.  I had to get it, and in all reality $60 is a steal for this, and it's in a great neutral brown color, and of course in fantastic condition.

Here is Esmeralda (what one of the sales ladies called it when I was carrying it at the estate sale) displaying a new market bag I made with the just purchased estate sale vintage sheets.

Saturday morning I hit up a few garage sales and got...

this super fab Samsonite two-suiter.  It's sturdy, heavy, and I love how it's set-up inside.

I was a bit confused about some of the doo-dads in the suitcase, like a bar that swung out, and a rod flush against the interior, not sure what they were for, then I found this ad.  Man they were fancy back then.  
The rod is for your ties, and the bar is to hold your suit pants.  Wish I could travel that light. 

Well onto the few remaining things I got. A much needed cutting mat, 24x34, $3(forgot to take a pic).  Got a tip for those who have warped cutting mats (maybe from ironing on them.  Don't ask me how I know hem).  Place it on a flat surface outside in the sun and it will "melt" back in place from the heat. ;-)
An retro pitcher pitcher with lid.  

 and got a couple of random glasses and mugs via thrift store and garage sales.

Did you have any great finds this week?  If so include your link with your comment.


  1. The little custard cups are sweet - I've never seen ones like that... You found some great treasures..

    Here's some of what I brought home -

  2. That's a nice score on that red Cosco chair for $20. Well done.

  3. Great stuff again, love the chair and the dress form - I'd kind of like one even though I'm not a sewer - and the pitcher is a great shape. And the custard cups are cute, we don't really have those here. Oh and the suitcase too - love that you found the relevant advert - very Mad Men!

  4. I think $60 is a great deal for Esmeralda!