Monday, March 19, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - March 19

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Sheesh!  It seems like forever since I've done any garage sale hopping.  I've tended to stick to estate sales and thrift stores, mainly due to the lack of good garage sales.  I don't clothes dive, I don't have the patience to sort through clothes, pretty much at any venue, and it seemed like most garage sales towards the end of last year were just that...clothes.

It's early in the year, and warming up,  therefore people are getting out of their slumber and are spring cleaning.  Hopefully meaning good goods.  On Saturday, my garage sales hopping wasn't planned, at the last minute 10 a.m. (I know late on garage sale time)  I decided to head out.  I didn't find a ton, but I think I found a few good things.  

These two almost perfect Corning Ware coffee/tea pots, were scored.  During my year of thrifting you learn certain patterns of certain items.  Like with Corning Ware you see all-the-time the "Blue cornflower" pattern and "Spice of Life".  I've purchased some of these items and learned yeah they could sell, but not at a big profit.  So when I saw these two patterns they were foreign to me.  I hadn't seen them anywhere before, not even during my research while looking up other patterns.  So I was intrigued, and bought them.

My digging (research) showed the blue flowered pattern is called "Canterbury" and the other soft faint iris pattern is called "Shadow Iris".  On Ebay I found two of the "Canterbury" patterned pots sold back in January for $40+ each.  Yeah! That's what I like to see.  The "Shadow Iris" doesn't have any completed listings on Ebay, but I found one listed on Ruby lane for $23.  Hmmm....I think I'll post "Canterbury" on Ebay and "Shadow Iris" on Etsy.

Now onto what might be my treasure find. This typeset drawer, for $5. 

Isn't if fantastic?  In my year plus of thrifting I haven't seen one yet.  The second I saw it I knew what I wanted it for, but wasn't quiet sure my wanna-be use for it would fit.  I bought it anyway, it was just too good to pass up.  I was even proud that I was able to say 'thank you' when I bought it.  Huh?  Yes, I always say thank you ..... for everything, but here I noticed the "money takers" were signing to each other (sign language).  I've always wanted to learn to sign, and I've taught myself very minimal signs (mainly the alphabet), and the thank you is a sign I knew.  So that made me happy, or proud of myself to sign "thank you" once I paid....very silly I know.

Oh! So it looks like this score will meet it's purpose.  A place to put my thread.  The plastic thread containers I had were just not cutting it.  How cute is this gonna be?  I need more thread.  :-)

I love to paint everything black, but for some reason that urge is not here for this.  Think I'll leave it as is,  whatcha think?

Now earlier in the week I bought this shelf, at a thrift store, with the intent to use for my thread and other small objects, since these shelves are deeper, but now I got my old new typeset drawer for that, and I'm out of walls.  Ugh!  I'm gonna have to figure out what to do with this.  I know it'll look great black.  ;-)

Sunday, I went to the other side of town.  Mainly for a friends, daughters birthday, but during the week I saw there was gonna be a Sunday sale up in her neck of the woods.  So of course I might as well kill two birds with one stone.  I hit up this sale prior to the party, and I'm glad I did. 

This wasn't the usual garage/estate sale. I didn't ask too many questions, however I did talk with the seller quiet a bit.  From what I got she hunts for things, I don't know if she has the intent to sell, but she buys and if it doesn't work for her home then she sells.  I'm guessing.  The sale was inside her home, and she showed me what was for sale.  She had some very cute furniture for sale and not for sale.  Either way she had a retro vintage eye.  She asked me what I was looking for and I mentioned the Corning Ware that was in her post (no title, item description or pictures), so I was curious to see what she had. 

She had some Butterfly Gold plates, cups, AND Pyrex bowls in this same print.  OMG!!!  I looked at them and kept on walking.  Ekk! I didn't want to seem too excited, besides I was the only one shopping.

We talked about thrifting, where she finds her stuff (up in her neck of the woods of course where I almost never venture out to), and talked about her boyfriends art work.  Very cool funky stuff.  He makes stuff out of old rusty metal, like wall hangings and little plaques with nut and bolt little robot people.  It reminded me of that movie "Robots", a really cute movie. (sorry no photos my daughter was playing with my phone in the car while waiting for me) 

Then I browsed some more at what I might want to buy.  Then she showed me this melamine set, still in it's original box.  I couldn't pass it up.

At my max, or what should be way over my max, to spend I decided to walk out with the Pyrex bowls, all 5, and the 34 piece melamine set.  I'm gonna have to keep this Pyrex set, I already have 8 hook cups to match it, and how could I sell the melamine set?  Ugh!

Sooo, you might want to know how much I spent on these two items.  Garage sale wise a little pricey, estate sale wise maybe below their cost,  $30 for the 5 Pyrex bowls, and $20 for the 34 piece melamine set.  In your thrifty opinion did I do good with these prices?  I did talk down prices, the Pyrex was originally $40 and the melamine $25, so I knocked off $15.  

Sometimes my thrifting doesn't seem thrifty...even though it is, but then when I think to buy for myself instead of resell I start second guessing my purchases.  Ay!  Maybe the melamine might go up for sale, but I'm not too sure about the Pyrex.  Ugh!

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  1. You did great! The pyrex bowls came out to $6 each and the dishes were even cheaper. Plus, you got the "whole" set and they are so cute!
    And you had fun.

  2. i definitely would not paint your new thread holder. it looks terrific as it is and what a great way to repurpose it!

  3. I love those printers trays - mine has my earrings in, but I like it for thread too, really pretty.

  4. Wow! Thatmy be the best thrift store trip ever! All that Pyrex!! Super fun!