Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vintage Sheet Bunting

I'm, getting some sewing done.  My craft area had been a complete disaster, but now there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I still got a bit of a mess of items/junk I don't know what to do with, but my vintage sheets are all nice an organized, I can access my sewing machine, and I now have a permanent cutting table in my room. Yay, to no longer cutting on the floor.

I have pictures of what my room was like, and pictures of the complete disaster it turned into once I decided to move things around.  You know how that goes.  You want to organize so you start to pull things out of all the nooks and crannies, and the mess ends up throwing up on itself.  It was AWFUL.  No pictures just yet though.  I'll share when I get my area a bit more picked up and I'll reveal the before and after.  Yikes!

So what have I accomplished sewing wise as of late?  As I mentioned in a previous post I'm looking for my niche.  I'm gonna try a whole bunch of different things and see what sticks.  The last week or so I've been here and there with bunting.  Finally last night I got to assemble a couple.

I'll admit I wasn't too excited by it when I was cutting out the flags.  I wasn't that impressed with what I was seeing.  However, once I got them sewn onto the binding it all came together, and it was soo much nicer than what I expected.

This rainbow bunting from flag to flag is 10 feet with an extra foot of binding at both ends totaling 12 feet.  Twelve flags in all, each flag from a different vintage sheet.  The flags are made with the same fabric on both sides.  Even the binding is made from vintage sheet.

A smaller version was made with 6 flags.

Both buntings are now in my Etsy shop ready for your next party or to cheer up your craft/kids room.  


  1. I love them! I think these are my favorite of all your vintage sheet projects!

  2. I've been doing a little sewing lately too, plan to do some more today if I can get my but up off the couch! Your bunting is so pretty! I've seen people make things with old sheets but when I look, I can never find any as bright and beautiful. Keep looking I guess.

    I agree, when organizing, it gets a lot worse before it gets better!

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    Good luck, Susanne.

  3. I totally know the stress of organizing sewing supplies. Can't wait to see your before and after pictures. I love your buntings. You chose really cute fabrics. I do have a little tip for you. I make a lot of buntings and I've found that they hang best when there is an odd number of pennants.

    Thank you so much for sharing on the Vintage Sheet Blog Weekend Link Up Party. Good luck!

    btw, your etsy store looks great.

  4. I really like your blog! Thanks for sharing all your thrifting finds. I've been wanting to make a bunting, and I love the rainbow of colors you chose for these two.

  5. I love buntings.. And yours is amazing! Love the fabric.. Thanks for linking up !