Monday, April 2, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - April 2

Holy freaken cow!  What a thrif-tastic weekend...well week, my weekend hadn't even begun when I made my haul of purchases.

I went a little berserk thrifting and bought a ton of stuff (maybe some stuff I could have done without).  My whirlwind of buying started on Thursday at an 8 am estate sale.  I arrived minutes after they opened, and I quickly grabbed some Pyrex nesting bowls, and vintage sheets.  Can't beat bundled flat and fitted sheets for $2.

These Pyrex Forest Fancies mixing bowls are in fantastic condition.

Love these colorful sheets.

I grabbed a set of children's books too.

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Friday started out at an estate sale. Me and my mom got there 45 minutes she took a leisurely walk around the neighborhood, while I patiently waited in line.  Me and my mom were the first of 10 people let in, and I am sooo happy I was there early and let in on the first run.  I got myself some super cute Samsonite burgundy luggage, and a wonderfully cute typewriter in it's own case, and it works.  (When I showed my 8 year old son the typewriter I asked him "Do you know what this is?"  "A calculator?" he replies.  Ha! "No, next guess." "It's a thing you make messages on."  It's funny how there are things now kids are no longer exposed to that we once were.  The first message he typed was "".  He is so sweet.)

The dot dot ".." was because "there were no spaces on the buttons."  He is so freaken cute!

I walked out of this sale happy, while my mom lingered inside. Good thing I had a second pair of eyes inside because she got me this sleeve ironing board, and a super cute vintage sewing book.  My mom always comments on my hoarding  gathering of vintage items, but since this weekend I informed her that she is now my enabler; she did nudge me on getting multiple pieces of the luggage.
Sleeve ironing board and vintage sewing book. 
We slowly started to head back home, I had to be back in the neighborhood by 12.  The church nearby was having a garage sale (I did try to sneak and shop before they opened around 9, but they told me to come back at 12 since they only had about a third of the stuff unpacked.)  We got to the sale just after 12, and I went on a frenzy. 

Immediately I grabbed a table cloth I saw earlier when I stopped by, then bee lined to the kitchen wares.  Grabbed some Pyrex Homestead dishes (initially I wasn't too sure about these), small Pyrex coffee pot, small Corning Ware syrup pitcher(?), a 50 lb scale, jars,  and other odds and ends.
Love the coloring on this vintage table cloth.  Maybe it will have a new life as a purse.
Homestead Pyrex

The green jar is quite cute.  It's embossed 40 oz, on one side vertically it  is marked  "water" and the other side "juice".  The large clear jar is from the 1940.  The lid had Duncan's vacuumed packed coffee on it. 
Luthje, Denmark cheese plate with lid

Melmac ashtray
Small Corning Ware and Pyrex pitchers

50 lb scale, that works!

Cute squirrel spoon holder
Cute vintage owl card holder, and ornate metal frame.

I passed some blue Cornflower Corning Ware, (to me these seem to saturate Ebay and Etsy) but my enabler mom brought them up, then I remembered how cheap this church sale was last year.  Items weren't priced.  So I kept last years prices in mind and grabbed the whole set. 

As we walked to the register with two full boxes we passed by two old stools.  They reminded me of something my grandparents had when I was little.  Then once again my enabler mom said they were really cute, and I should ask how much they are. I grabbed one and asked.  $5.  Then mom said well get both, so I offered $8 for both. 

Then it was time to calculate my damage.  How much is my loot filling two banker boxes going to cost me? With the two stools there was a total of 21 items (not counting Pyrex and Corning Ware lids).  Ay! What was I going to ditch, based on the total cost?

The price was being thought up in the cashiers head (since nothing was price)....and the total was given.

$20 for everything.

Well.......Yee Haw!!!

What a busy Thursday and Friday.  After all my treacherous hard work (wink) thrifting I was due for a relaxing weekend. 


Saturday started out at another church sale, just south from me in a quaint little town called Buda (actually the same town the Thursday estate sale was at).  That sale was a complete dud.  We headed back to Thursday's estate sale to see what was 50% off.  My mom got this retro, green Kitchen Aid mixer for $12.50, and it works. 

And...I got another typewriter.  Now, I did see this typewriter on Thursday (for $20), but it didn't speak to me (the gray coloring just wasn't fun), but once again my mom pointed out the typewriter.  "You're not going to get it for $10?"  Ugh, I hadn't really thought about it.  So I ask to turn it on to see if it worked.  Yes, it did, and then that's when it spoke to me.

This not so fun looking, gray calculator typewriter types in cursive.  Wow!  I did not expect that, and that's what sold me.  Out the door we went.  (My son wasn't so turned on by this one, but he was pleased that it had its key still, to lock the case.)

Now, I was sooo tired, but at 12 I thought about the church sale (from the day before), it was suppose to be wrapping things up so I ran right over to see if they still had some shelves that caught my eye the day before.  They were a thin, narrow set of metal shelves, about 5 ft tall, and I figured I might be able to use them in my room for my vintage/Etsy inventory.  They were still there, and I asked how much they were.  A painful price of $1.  Ugh! After this weekend of too much spending how could I justify $1?  Ha!!!  I gladly handed over my George Washington and lifted my shelves with one hand, like a waitress with a tray, and loaded it into my car (I love my Pacifica). 
It still needs to be clean.

Ok, what a weekend.  Where to now?  I got some luggage burning a hole in the floor yearning for a trip.
P.S.  My sister had came by the house and commented on our haul of thrifted finds sprawled out in the living room and kitchen table, my moms reply was "well if you can't beat them...join them."  She is slowly being converted to a thrift-a-holic too.  *insert maniacal laugh here* Muahahahahaha!  ;-)


  1. I'm so jealous! You found SO much good stuff this week/weekend! I can't believe all that stuff was only $20. Great deal!

  2. Wow, I hope every weekend isn't like that or you'll go crazy...haha. I've just posted my months worth of car boot fabric finds, I'm addicted too and really must open an etsy shop before the fabric takes over the house!

  3. I love every piece that you bought - what fun you must have had bringing that all into the house!!

  4. Bloody hell, amazing haul! I love the handwriting font on that typewriter, the fabrics, books and shelves. You and your mom are going to become some awesome mother/daughter thrifting team!

  5. Ha, had to laugh at your very first item....I got those bowls when I was first marrired in 1982. Still have them still use them, they still look great and they've had lots of use. I don't have a ton of dishes. Tools, well that's another subject, I love tools.

    Looks like you had a great week!