Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Lulu Pouch

My other projects (WIP/UFO's) seem to be moving at a snails pace.  I've had flags/pendants for more bunting for almost a week now, but for what ever reason I haven't got around to the binding to string/sew the pendants together.  Ugh!

I've also started some fabric nesting bowls, and for streamline reasons I've made about 6 small bowls, but now need the other 5 larger sizes.  Small, same sized bowls can't nest.  Double Ugh!

So since I feel like I'm going nowhere, fast, I decided to work on a pattern I purchase last week from Ali Foster.  It's called the Lulu Pouch

As I go to grab some vintage sheets I decide I need a brake from them and go for actual (new) fabric.  I decide on some Melody Miller Retro clocks fabric I won about two months ago, at a local fabric shop, The Stitch Lab. 

I've been wanting to cut into this fabric, but haven't know what to do with it...yet. The Lulu Pouch pattern is sooo super cute and very easy, and looks great with my fabric choice.  I love the over sized coin purse feel it has.  It'll be a great little pouch/purse for some cash, keys and phone. 

This was so quick and easy to make I think I'll make a whole bunch more just for that sense of accomplishment since my other projects are going soooo slow. 

Whatcha think?