Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Play Date

You know I'm finding that I'm enjoying online blog interacting more and more.  I can say what I want to say, or "silently" present an item and walk away. 

With that being said I occasionally link up to other blogs, like Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday, or enter craft projects for giveaways.  It's like presenting something without everyone starring, and when they are staring they are starring at what was presented and not necessarily at you.  Does this make any sense?

However, if or when you're acknowledged it's nice.  For example last week I linked up with The Vintage Sheet blog showing off my vintage sheet lavender heart sachets, and those sachets were featured on their next post.  What a pleasant surprise!  My analogy for this is like making a drawing in elementary school and your drawing ends up being picked to be displayed in the hallway for everyone else to see, you know it's yours, but not everyone knows you by name.  It's a nice happy feeling.

My next link up is with a new found blog, I was directed to them by The Twinery, The Play Date Cafe.  Since I'm new to them I'll describe them how I've interpret their site by what I've seen so far.  Each week they have a color theme, and you are to submit crafts in those colors.  Easy enough right?  So since this week the colors are a combination I really like, black white with a bit of pink, I'm gonna link-up with this weeks Play Date Cafe Challenge.

If you check out their link-ups most of their entries are cards, which are lovely and soo fun, but I'm not a scrapbook/card making person.  I don't have those supplies.  What do I have?  Yeah, hello, fabric.  So I decided to make some fun pinwheels.  No sewing involved.  I bumped into this pinwheel tutorial early last year. 

These pinwheels are on a smaller 5" scale, and at first I wasn't sure how I was going to present them.  Do I put them on sticks? Do I pin them on my wall?  Then it clicked.  Magnets.  Yup, good old fashion magnet decor.  Each pinwheel is centered with a swirl of bakers twine that I purchased from the Twinery last year. 

Pinwheels on metal stair railing.
How fun are these?


  1. Love how these turned out!!! Thanks for playing along with us at The Play Date Cafe!

  2. We are so happy you found us over in The Play Date Cafe and what a TERRIFIC entry for our challenge. We hope you will come back and play again...our newest challenges are at 12:01am EST every Thursday!

  3. So cute! Wouldn't those be darling decorations for a birthday party?! We are so glad you joined us at the Play Date Cafe. We welcome all kinds of crafty creations - we hope you'll join us again soon!

  4. First of all, love the title of your blog. :) Second of all, your pinwheels are fabulous! Thanks for playing along at The Play Date Cafe... please come again. :)

  5. We LOVE it when people enter with different ideas, we're not just all about cards over at The Play Date Cafe so I do hope you join in again. I just LOVE your pinwheels, the colours you've used are FAB! Gorgeous! I want some for my little plants around my home now!!!