Monday, February 6, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - February 6

Dang! It's been a long time since I've posted a Thrift Share.

I have had camera issues (what's new), and I've almost splurged on buying a new one, but good thing I didn't since I was laid off last week.  :-(  So I've dug out my old, old Sony Cyber-Shot and will make do with it. (I think it actually takes better pictures too).

I've done very little thrifting lately, mainly due to the holidays...AND the build up of items since I've procrastinated on listing on Etsy, but my hoarding may dwindle this weekend, Feb 11, at the Austin Flea.  I'm in hopes I'll sell quite a bit of stuff for some extra cash, including vintage sheet items.  I still have plenty purses from my first attempt at a market (that was dead), so I'm making other items for variety.

Oh, but first I want to share that  I got my third vintage, tear drop, milk glass vase to complete a set I envisioned in my head.  I first bumped into one of these vases at an estate sale May of last year.  I loved it so much I debated about parting with it, then months later I found another one at my favorite thrift store in September, then I really debated about parting with them.  At that time I thought, as you usually see in home decorating shows, a set of three would be nice; groups of items should be odd numbers (how odd).

In November at that same thrift store I saw my potential third vase, but didn't purchase it because it was chipped, and I have, somewhat, kicked myself for not buying it.  So a few weeks ago I was at that same thrift store, and initially thought it might have been the chipped vase from a few months back, BUT it wasn't. Yay!!!  My set of three is now complete.

The rest of my share this week is my recent vintage sheet finds, and very colorful ones they are.  I'll be cutting into these this week to make aprons, tissue holders, and zipper pouches.  They are also available as fat quarters in my Esty shop where you can pick your own vintage sheet fat quarter bundle.  You can also view my stash of sheets on my Flickr page.

Here you go.

Let's start off with the fan-tab-ulous one.  This one is huge!  A king vintage lovely saturated in beautiful color. 

Gorgeous greens

Petite blues with large pinks.

So springy.

Lovely oranges

How has your thrifting been lately?  Any vintage sheet scores or other vintages goodness?


  1. Love the color and patterns of those vintage sheets!

  2. I am beginning to love milk glass - three vases - how great is it when you find them separately and make them a set!