Monday, May 2, 2011

Thrift-tacular finds

What a great weekend...well Friday for thrifting!

Two places were jam pack with vintage treasures.  My first stop was a fully load yard sale, that was benefiting a charity (sorry I don't recall the charity).  Look at these great finds. 

First we have (below) a vintage White Mountain apple slicer corer with box.  The kids are gonna love this....we are apple eaters.  Love Pink Ladies and Honey Crisp apples mmmm....

Next (below)...a vintage folk art Berggren coffee percolator....minus the middle plastic piece.  As is I think someone could use this as a great vase for flowers.
Next...a vaseline glass mixing cup.  At first I thought it was a rather odd measuring cup, but when my sister  researched this it was soo neat to see what she discovered.  This is a mixing bowl...and a small mixer would attach to the top of the cup/bowl.  See here to see what it would of looked like. 
Next...a vintage Kirchoff noise maker in fantastic condition.
And a vintage pyrex glass bottle with cover, nesting dolls and framed print of the Hill Country.

 That was just from my first stop.  Next I hit up an Estate sale...and it was great.  I even went back the following day to grab more.  I still need to take pictures from the second trip.

Here we got a milk glass pearl and tear drop vase, and a Spice of Life Corning Ware coffee pot. Super cute mushrooms place mats and...

 mushroom sugar bowl and creamer.

Got a Glasbake casserole dish and fantastic plastic tray.
Yay!  I had soo much fun and that was only Friday.  I went back Saturday to the estate sale and got a couple more great items.  I'll post those later.  But now I'll be spending the week slowly adding some of these items to my Etsy shop. 


  1. Great finds!! Sorry I missed you on Sunday. My brother camme into town at the last minute. How did it go?

  2. Great finds! I love everything. I recently sold a berggren pitcher on etsy and I miss it! Their enamelwear is so pretty.

  3. you will LOVE the apple corer and slicer. if it's all in working condition, it will cut down cutting up by way more than half. it rocks. looks like you got a good old one! cool!

  4. Great finds and even more so when you find vintage items including their packaging ;-) The old packaging was always the best and so much fun. I love the placement there really cute with the mushrooms. Have fun, dee x

  5. Great finds! I love the coffee pot - gypsy caravan chic. And yeah, old packaging is just so appealing somehow.

  6. I LOVE that coffee percolator! I have a tea pot that matches it. Has the exact same pattern on it. It is in one of my past Thrifty Thursday posts on my blog. You found all kinds of super treasures! So glad I stopped by. I enjoyed your thrift sharing.

  7. Oh my goodness - - totally in love with the coffee percolater. That would be an AWESOME vase {like you mentioned} and I might even take off the top and use it for my extra kitchen utensils. So cute!