Saturday, May 14, 2011

Book + loops =

Oh lord!!!  Prudent Baby is giving away another sewing machine.  UGH!!!!  It's in contest form like the last one I entered, when I made several potholders.  I think they have had another since but the machine didn't know it's alphabet, and this one does.  AHH!!

I don't know why I want a machine that knows it's alphabet AND embroider, but I do.  It's just one of those things you want.  Plus it would be nice to have a second machine so that my daughter can use one when I'm sewing.  You know how that goes.  I could not sew for days and as soon as I'm on the machine she wants to use it too.  Go figure.

So back to the contest (not officially revealed via blog, but if you subscribe to their newsletter then you know all about it), the kicker here is that this contest "Use Your Words" can not be done by a sewing machine.....well at least not by my sewing machine...since my sewing machine can't spell. So that means I'm gonna try....and I really mean try my best at embroidery by hand.  Personally that is my least favorite thing to do, sew by hand (insert big deep heavy sigh here).  But I really want this machine.

Maybe this is fate.  Last weekend I found this Home and Garden Embroidery book at a church sale for pennies, and this week I scored a few embroidery loops at a church thrift store, which I intended to use as fabric frames as seen here

So I think I have something in mind, but it might be on the simple side.  There's about two weeks to figure this out and procrastinate.  I'm gonna have to just run with it and see where it goes.  


  1. Good Luck! I have faith it will turn out beautifully!

  2. You can do it :) Embroidery isn't as bad as hand sewing (I don't think). I am getting to like hand sewing better, though. Embroidery is a nice second hobby to sewing because you can do it in bed! Can't wait to see what you make!

  3. Good luck! I wanted to enter, but we are moving in two weeks and there just isn't enough time!