Monday, February 7, 2011

Potholder Entries

Well it's done... almost.  I've submitted my entries and all I can do is wait.  I created four potholders for Prudent Baby's sewing machine double down.  There's about 48 hours left so I may make some more. 

The four are all unique in their own way...well based on what I've personally seen during my potholder research.  Yes, they all have something in common, they are potholders...duh, but I've tried to create something that was different.  They all started off with a thought in mind and were adjusted as ideas popped into my head.

Backside of chalkboard potholder
For example the chalkboard potholder started off as a regular square potholder in mind, since this was my first ever potholder to sew.  However, as I looked at tutorials, and designs it seemed that most potholders have loops or holes to hang on knobs or hooks.   Hmmm, well I don't have hooks or knobs in my kitchen so I don't need one of those loops on my potholder, but it would be nice to have it easily accessible.  "Ooooh how about a magnet so that I can keep it on the oven or on the refrigerator? 'Gasp!' The refrigerator! I can use the chalkboard fabric to write notes on the refrigerator!!!"  Then the chalkboard, potholder with a magnetic tab was born. (In case you are wondering I purchased the chalk board fabric from Nancy's Notions.  I've only purchased from there once, only because I like to have my fabric now and buy from the few stores around my house.  Other online shops I have bought from are, and Fort Worth Fabric Studio(both also once).  However, all three were quick in their shipments and I'll more likely buy from them again.) 

Backside of pinwheel potholder
The next three evolved less then the first one did, but there was brainstorming involved.  The pinwheel was inspired by a pinwheel project I ran into.  It initially seemed easier then what it turned out to be.  The project was a no sew, but with the potholder I had to sew it.  I started out sewing the fabric right sides together but then realized I wouldn't be able to turn it right side out since the center of the pinwheel was so narrow.  Ugh!!!  I grab my seam rippers to undo the stitches.

I did end up sewing the pinwheel right side together again, however I left the bottom half of the pinwheel open (on all sides), and this is where I turned it right side out, but then that left weird openings and it was not very practical, or pretty, to hand sew it closed.  That's when I decided to sew it applique like onto the potholder, but after I quilted the both sides of potholder separately. Then applied the pinwheel to one side, then joined them together with the bias tape.  Whew!

The next two were inspired by the fabric I had in my stash.  Both green fabrics were very fresh looking and reminded me of spring, which I can't wait for.  That's when I decided to maybe do a flower, 6 petals.  It's looks more like a pizza then a flower but I like the way it came out.  The dark orange single fold bias tape I used on the pouch was from my great-grandmothers I'm guessing it's vintage since the rick rack, hem tape and other bias tape in this stash has prices of 19, 25 & 35 cents.  It's crazy using this stash, just a few months ago I didn't know what to do with this weird ribbon, haha.  Even though my great-grandmother is no longer here, she is here in spirit sewing with me.  :-D
Look closely for the free motion quilting.

Last but not least the owl potholder is self explanatory.   I saw owls and figured an owl potholder made sense.  Drawing is not my best attribute, but looking at the owls they are all symmetrical so I would only have to draw half an owl; fold a piece of paper in half and voila I got a whole owl.  With the owls I didn't want to quilt straight lines that would take away or mess up the owls themselves.  It was then that I realized I needed to try free motion quilting, and since I just saw the tutorial posted on Prudent Baby I figured I'd give it a try.

Momentarily I practiced free motion quilting on a scrap potholder (I have a small potholder graveyard from ideas that didn't get completed)  then went straight to the owl.  My free motion quilting, obviously, is a little rough, but it didn't take away from the owls which were my intentions.  Oh!!  Like my chalkboard entry this potholder also has a magnet in lieu of a loop, but it's inside the owl instead of inside a tab of fabric.  This is gonna look soooo good on the fridge!

For the moment I think I'm done, but like I said there are 48 hours left until the contest is closed, so I may make another one or two.  I'm drooling for a machine that knows it's alphabets so of course I would like to win.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but I'm not holding my breath.

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  1. Your pot holders are so wonderful. I thought maybe mine would be in the running for the give away but now........... Thanks for sharing.