Sunday, February 20, 2011

Question about Vintage Fabric.

So as I mentioned in an earlier post, last week, I've been working on this purse (It's taken me this long because I always tend to have issues with the bottom thread tangling up when sewing at the handles and just along the rim of the purse).  The pattern is from Artsy-Crafty Babe, and the exterior fabric is from a garage sale. 

I love this pattern, I love the exterior fabric as well, but I'm not too fond of my interior fabric choice.  At first I thought it would look good, but now... not so much. I need to figure out what would be a good coordinate with this fabric.  Any suggestions?

Waverly fabric.  Is this vintage?
I have a question.  How do you know when a fabric is vintage?  This is a Waverly fabric, "Field of Flowers".  I've Googled this information, but didn't find anything resembling it.  I've guessed it's vintage because a lot of the fabrics at the garage sale had a very "dated" look....meaning they looked old (almost retirement home old or like Village Inn old (if any of you have ever been to a Village Inn restaurant you'll know what I mean)). 

The fabric was being sold by the bag.  You got to stuff a grocery bag until it over flowed for $5. Score!  Three yards of this Waverly fabric was stuffed in and a whole bunch of smaller random fabrics were chosen by me, my daughter, and mom.  This was early November, just before my sewing obsession kicked in.  Now I regret not getting more. 

Fabric with 1979 side line.
You can see the information I got from the Waverly fabric is on the side line, edge of the fabric.  Does anyone know what these side lines mean?  There is another fabric I have that has a date of 1979.  Does this mean it was printed in 1979 or is it a reprint from 1979?  This fabric I used in an earlier project, the pleated tote.

It would be nice to know this information in the event I want to sell an item made from these fabrics.  This way I could indicate the fabric is vintage.   

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