Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's Officially Over. I'm done.

It's over this time.  Done.  Really.  Prudent Baby's Sewing Machine Double Down Contest has officially closed for entries as of last night, and all I can do is wait.

A last minute entry was created.  I had seven hours to spare (5-12), after work the last day of the contest, and I used up about 6 of them sewing, taking pictures and sending off the email.  Whew!

During the time of the contest Prudent Baby posted some potholders for inspiration, as well as some of the early entries.  There were two post that were of aprons with potholders incorporated into the apron.  Initially I thought these were very clever (they are), and they were oh so nice.  However, once I started to think about them it seemed (I could be wrong) that if my potholder was attached to my apron then wouldn't that mean that I would be pulling my waist towards the oven?

Hmmm.... that can put you in a precarious situation.  I don't want to be thrusting my middle into the oven as my apron is being pulled, not only towards, but into the oven.  How would that be explained to my kids?  'Kids, your mommy threw herself into the oven.'  No thanks!  I'll save that for another day.

So in the heat of the moment you want something that is easily removable right?  Ah hemm.... we are talking about potholders here.  Therefore, my potholders, aka pockets, are removable via velcro.  Yay!  

I cut the velcro into pretty little hearts in order for it not to be an eyesore   

Luckily the kids were with their dad (this night); otherwise I would not have been able to spend 6 hours, after work, on this project.  I made two potholders, and one apron (Thank you for the fat quarter apron tutorial, Prudent Baby) in one night.  Oh lord!  I need to sleep.

Sadly I had to abandon my goal for better pictures, this time, since I couldn't wait to take pictures in natural light, because of the deadline.  So I hope that doesn't hurt me too much as an entry.  Oh well!  I gave it my best...well based on the time frame I gave myself for this particular entry.    

So, on to the next contest.  Sew, Mama, Sew! is having a pillow contest.  Hmmm, lets see what I can whip up.  

Oh!  All in all, yes it would be nice to win in these contests, but over all the inspiration and the push to create is great.  I've learned so much already.  Learning is a great confidence builder when it comes to sewing...well I guess when it comes to anything.    

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  1. Very cute! Nice job! I know what you mean about the contests. Sometimes I try to "compete" and then don't even bother to enter! I just like the ideas and motivation.