Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's amazing where a little blog can travel to.

Wow!  It's amazing where a little blog can travel to.

See?  I'm listed on their blog.  Wow!
The last couple of days I've noticed that I was getting quiet a bit of traffic on my blog from France.  Hmmm?  It's been crazy to see that I would get an occasional view here and there from different counties to begin with, but to see about 30 views from France in the last few days was really weird (well to me since I'm new to this blog world).

So the other day I attempted to look at the website where the traffic was being directed from, but I wasn't able to locate any information about my blog.  Hmmm.  So as I see views, again today, directed from this site I go back to see if I can find anything about my site.

GASP!!!  They have my Pajama Pants Drawstring Bolster Pillow tutorial linked from their site!  It's titled "Pyjama > coussins".  Pajama cushions.  How great is that?!

The wonderfully creative blog, one of my favorites, Obssessively Stitching is also on this list of links.

Wow!  This is so freaken amazing!

Thank you to all who visit my little blog.  This is incredibly inspiring.  All the blogs I read are so inspiring to begin with, and now to see that people near and far are actually viewing my blog is giving me even more "want" to make and create things.

Happy dance.

Thank you again!!    

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  1. Viewing from Australia too! I think I got here from Made by Rae, originally