Thursday, February 3, 2011

A goal for my blog. Better pictures.

Ok.  I'm on a mission.  Aside from my contest entries for the sewing machine prize at Prudent Baby.  I'm determined to take some decent, if not excellent, pictures for my blog.  I'm not saying this will be a guarantee, but a goal to work towards.

I don't know what's going on.  I really enjoy taking pictures and I think I'm pretty good at it, but for the life of me my craft photos are horrendous.  I want to blame it on the dungeon...well tower of my bedroom (loft with no windows).  I sew at night after work, while the kids are zoned in front of the TV, or after they have gone to bed.  So I work on, and finish my projects, at night...late at night.  So natural light is long gone and the artificial light in my room is awful.  Not to mentioned it's winter here in outside, the yard, is a desolate void littered with Honey's (our dog) babies (her toys).  So staging photos outside is not necessarily ideal.    

Recently there has oddly been two blogs that give tips and tricks on how to take pictures of your crafts.  Have they seen my blog?  Did my terrible pictures burn their eyes?  I'm guessing they did (not) so they wanted to help me.   Well, I appreciate any help especially if it's helpful help and I'm taking their tips to heart.

The two blogs are:
I left a comment on Elizabeths blog, just a thank you for the tips, and she emailed me thanking me for stopping by her blog.  Now that was really a nice touch.

Here are some pictures I have taken over the years.  I think they are good, but that's just me.  Sometimes I feel like I'm looking in a skinny mirror, meaning I may be larger then I am and I don't see it (I'm not bragging.  I'm petite with no muscle so what ever is on my bones has to be fat).  So is this the same?  Am I looking at my pictures through a pretty lens?  Are these pictures as bad as my post/blog pictures.  Help!! I really want an outsiders opinion.

Thank you!


Ooh my next goal is fixing the appearance of my site.  I'm one month into my blog and first of all I'm shocked that I've managed to keep it up along with sewing, and since I'm new to this the tweaking of my blog has been a work in progress.
Thank you for stopping by and/or following.

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  1. I think those pictures are lovely! Just get to know your camera. Mine is pretty basic - but it does more than I thought it would. I also like to use to edit my pics. They have a free version, but the paid version is like $5 a month. I think it's worth it. As far as the appearance of your blog goes - you'll come into your own blogging style. I've been blogging since March, and I JUST NOW like the way mine looks. I laugh when I think about how it looked when I first started out. Just keep blogging and you'll get there!