Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Very little being accomplished. How about you?

Wow!  I feel like I haven't accomplished much the last couple of days... probably because I haven't (I must have been sleeping).

I did, however, add the final stitches (literally) to a skirt I made my daughter.  This is one of those projects that is almost done, and for what ever reason haven't gotten around to finishing it.  The whole skirt was done, but the skirt hung on the back of my chair for a week before I spent like 30 seconds to sew the ends of the elastic waistband together .

My poor daughter, 11, she would keep on asking me "is it done yet?"....  a day or two later "now is it done?".   So finally Saturday night I decided it needed to get it off my chair and finished it, and my daughter wore it the next day.  Yay!  (It is a little more countryish then what I would have wanted.  The combination of fabrics, I guess gave it this look; even though separately they are not countryish what-so-ever.  Oh well... it is what it is.)

She loves it, but for me it's not the accomplishment I wanted it to be.  This was my first skirt project so the amount of fabric really intimidated me...it looked to be a lot.  Even as I was cutting it my daughter would say, in an offended manner, "I'm not that big", since it seemed really wide.  I know the elastic was gonna cinch it tighter, and I know the rows should of been longer so that more gathering and ruffling could occur, but like I said the amount, or I guess the length of  the rows of fabric scared me.

Also as I was cutting the fabric I thought to myself "Oh this is a lot of fabric to waste.  What if the skirt doesn't come out?  Then I chopped up all this fabric for nothing." So of course these thoughts somewhat kept it from turning out the way it should have.  But like I said this was my first skirt.  So this was a learning experience. Now I know what needs to be done, and what shouldn't be done.

My daughter already want's another skirt, which we already bought fabric for.  So lets see how long it takes me to get around to making the next one(s).

Oh!  And I think I'm ready to start working on the quilt with the I-Spy squares I won.  I'll keep you posted on the progress.  There willl be little updates as I slowly match up squares with it's surrounding block fabric.        

Double Oh!!  I did try my hand, last weekend, at making some oreo truffles; I saw posted on another blog.  They took me a little longer then expected, and were nowhere near as pretty as the pictures, but really how often is your first try at something really as nice looking as the pictures you see(shush to those who are perfect in the kitchen)?  But they were oh so yummy.  So yummy I got a stomach ache from eating too much, but I have more to eat and I will eat them.  With some help from my kids.  YUM!!   (They took me long because I have a fear of melting chocolate.  I tried twice last year and did not succeed.  This time I used the microwave and got Ghirardelli chips instead of Nestle and I had no problem at all. Yay!  I melted the chocolate in small batches, therefore, took me longer then if I melted it all at once.)


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