Friday, January 27, 2012

Upside Down French Braid Bun - By headless instructor.

Don't get me wrong I am gonna so being trying this hair do, but as I was watching the tutorial at one point it looked like a headless body was styling a head that was in front of it. 

Watch it, and you tell me if it's just me or do you see what I mean.  :-)

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Prudent Baby's - Coffee Cake in a Cup

This can't be good.  Really.  This is gonna be real bad.

Last night on Facebook I saw Prudent Baby talking about their coffee cake in a cup.  I missed their original posting on this last year, so I clicked to see what they were talking about, and I should not have done that.

If I wasn't so paralyzed with laziness last night I would have tried it then, but since I was out of milk for my usual breakfast, Ovaltine, this morning I figured I'd make some coffee cake, and OMG this is fan-freaken-tastic!!!! 
I keep my baking ingredients together.

Prudent Baby, you are brilliant.  I will admit along with many other Prudent readers I'm not a huge chocolate person.  I do like it, but I do love me some coffee cake, however I don't buy it much since I don't want to force myself to eat the whole think over several days.

This recipe is the perfect amount for a single serving...morning, noon and night.  I made three servings on my first try, one for me, my mom and daughter, so it took me about 20 minutes including cook time to get this together.  

The top two have not been cooked yet, the bottom one is ready to eat. 
I made adjustments to the recipe as they suggested and as readers chimed in, but very slight adjustments.  Since I made three servings I divided one egg into threes, and I used whipped cream cheese instead of sour cream.   I cooked them each for 1 minute 10 seconds (maybe an additional 5-10 seconds next time). 

These came out wonderfully fluffy and moist.  They were delicious!!!  I almost wish I didn't find this recipe simply because this means I'll be eating more coffee cake than usual.  I can not suggest more for you to try this.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Thrift Share Monday -January 2 .....also my Blog-iversary

Happy Blog-iversary to me!  

That's it. One blow of the noise maker, and one handful toss of confetti in the air.  I'm not one to find celebrating stuff for myself is all that important.  Sad...I know.


Well I have a couple of items to thrift share that were obtained at an estate sale early December.  Items which will teach me not to take my mom to estate sales with me in the future. (haha) 

We were on our way out to buy our Christmas tree and I persuaded my mom to go on a detour with me to an estate sale, that was completely a bit in the opposite direction of where we were heading.  The title of this estate sale was intriguing "Large Estate of Prominent Surgeon", and 5,000 sq.ft.; stuck in my head.

My usual routine when I go thrifting is, for the most part, I'm in and out (I'm not trained enough to know what's good to resell at a profit therefore I steer away from a lot of purchases).  I do an initial round about the place and do a second round if something caught my eye the first time.  Nothing caught my attention and I was done with the place pretty fast.  I lingered a bit because my mom was slowly roaming....s-l-o-w-l-y.  I tried to keep occupied and looked interested by looking through books, or other little knick knacks, and roamed the house a few more times.

My mom was enthralled with the house.  Things like the fire place reminded her of my dad. The furniture was very 70's-ish, and the backyard was gorgeous since it backed up to a golf course.  She took her time and look at items, and said how beautiful it was, or this is just "so gorgeous".  This was very strange to me since this is not how she talks.  I normally don't hear her describe items as beautiful or gorgeous.  So I was a bit thrown off, and weirded out (insert Twilight Zone music here.... no, not Edward and Jacob Twilight).

She stood and looked at these...."these are sooo beautiful".  


This set contained 8 of these containers (?), casserole dishes (?), kitchen decor? With the pheasant to the left being the lone large one of them all. 

This turtle has some really beautiful glazing, though my photo doesn't do it any good.

I don't even know what these would be called,  and have had the hardest time looking up info on them.  They weren't cheap either.  I looked at the price tag and thought yup at $200 those would be nice.

Anyone familiar with these?  They are stamped at the bottom Portugal. 

Then I saw my mom caressing this lamp.  "Isn't this just so gorgeous?"  Yeah I don't doubt an $80 wouldn't  lamp look nice.

She roamed this place for an hour, when I was done with it after nearly 10 minutes.  I will admit I did see some neat stuff.  Like it was apparent that the estate was of a brain surgeon.  There were slides of sliced up brains with tumors and other gross stuff like that lying out on a table to view, along with a wall of medical books. 
photo from estate sale site

After her circling numerous times in this large home I asked her if she wanted the items she caressed, the lamp and Pheasant dishes (?), for Christmas.  She looked at me shocked, and said "Well, I was gonna tell you not to buy me anything for Christmas." I told her I'd split it with my two sisters and since it was the last day of the estate sale everything was 50% off.  She immediately said "Ok".

What just happened? That agreement happened too quick. 

So an hour and $140 later we got her Christmas shopping done early and out of the way.  Plus they were gifts she actually loved.   Yay!

Is it old(er) age where you start loving or admiring odd things or verbalizing it out loud?  I remember my great-grandma would save the Styrofoam that meat comes on and use it as a plate sometimes because "it was too nice to throw away".   "This is really nice Styrofoam".  Strange memories.  :-)
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