Friday, August 19, 2011

My Fav Friday

Hmmm... I've been debating on doing a weekly blog on my favorite things.  I know I have a few absolute staples in my life that I always want; like beverages, maybe a snack, and other weird silly life pleasing things.  So I'll start it today and see if I stick with it.

I'll start off with a daily beverage that I absolutely love love LOVE.

Chocolate Milk.

I've drank chocolate milk almost everyday as long as I can remember.  The days I go without might be when I go out of town, or I've ran out of milk (it's rare that I won't go out to buy milk the same day i run out, but there may have been that rare occasion when I haven't).

Chocolate Milk to me is a meal or a late night snack.  I absolutely WILL NOT drink milk or chocolate milk with a meal, but will drink regular milk with something sweet like cookies or brownies.  Chocolate milk and sweets do not mix.  For example chocolate milk and cookies do not go together, two sweets equal no sweets, the flavors get canceled out.  But that's just me.

When I was little my go to flavoring was Hershey's chocolate syrup, but that oddly changed (16 years ago) when I moved from El Paso to Austin.  Why is this?  I had the hardest time wondering why my chocolate milk no longer tasted the same, but eventually came to a conclusion.  I think it's because the cows changed.  Just like the flavoring of Mexican food from place to place so did the flavoring of the cows.  Well the flavoring of their milk that is.  (All you moms out there who've breast feed know this is true.  What you eat affects your milk.  So I think this happened with the cows.  Cows ate different hay and/or grain so the flavor of the milk changed.)

I'm weird with my milk.  In El Paso my go to brand of milk was Price's Milk, and I was a bit disturbed when we move to Austin.  Mom didn't bring home Price's milk anymore, so I had to go to the store and get it myself, but to my dismay nowhere in the milk section was Price's milk to be found.   This is when I learned some brands are regional only.  UGH!!!

I don't recall how long it took for me to find the taste I now love, but I did, and it's wonderful.

My favorite milk and chocolate flavoring is ......

Bordon (whole milk) and Ovaltine Chocolate Malt, and only chocolate malt.

Usually I'll have anywhere from 1-5 Ovaltine Chocolate Malt canisters ready for back-up.  This is one item I don't want to run out of.

I drink this combination anywhere from 1-3 times a day.  Every morning I make a glass for me and my son (my daughter got off the milk train, but will occasionally drink it).  Sometimes in the evening when I'm not in the mood for dinner I'll drink chocolate milk, and those late nights when dinner has been hours ago I'll have a glass before bed.

MMMMMMMmmmmmmmm it's sooo good.

Do you have a chocolate milk combination that you love in your area?  I'd love to hear it.

(I have not been asked or paid to proclaim my love for Bordon or Ovaltine, but I'd be more than happy to accept gifts from them since I do love them sooo much.)


  1. I liked reading ur rambling about the finer points of milk hehe. I'm breastfeeding most of the time I get to read ur posts.
    My brother in law went to pre school as a youngster, and found the tray of milk ready for the class and thought he'd hit the jackpot. He drank ALL of it and his mother was asked not to bring him back lol. He is 40 now & still loves choc milk :-)

  2. Too funny! I love plain old milk, I tell anyone who'll listen that if I could only drink one thing for the rest of my life it would be milk. Not that I'm apposed to chocolate milk, mind you. So I'll have to try your ovaltine, I do love malt!