Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vintage sheet request

Just the other day I received an email from one of my lovely readers (Hi).  She was inquiring about the vintage sheets I had listed on Etsy, and if all that I had were listed.  Ashamed to say, I do not have all my sheets listed on Etsy.  I've fallen behind on my listings, and in June and July quite a few of my listing expired, which I haven't re-listed.

My photography at times (more than less), is always dark and leaves my sheet posting not as appealing as I would like (I do make adjustments with the photo software, it helps, but not 100%).  This especially so for the items I initially listed on Etsy when I first opened my shop.  So I've had intentions on retaking photos and posting better pictures....., but that hasn't happened, yet.

The best picture taking lighting for me is around 6 pm, outdoors,  (You all may have seen how my photos come out when I take pictures indoors, blah.)  but I live in Texas and we have been dealing with high temperatures, 100+, so taking pictures outside is less than ideal.  Therefore, no pictures= no listings. Pictures for my blog is enough heat to withstand.  

Anyways, back to my lovely reader.  When she asked if I had more sheets unlisted I offered to send her pictures of all the sheets I'm currently hoarding stashing, and to my shock it was 51.  (If someone told me 8 months ago that I would posses 51 used sheets today I would have busted out laughing, almost certain they were crazy.)  She viewed the pictures I posted on Flickr and indicated that should would like a fat quarter of each sheet that I was willing to part with. (Well Yeee Haw!! haha I'm so not country)

So the next three days I spent some time unfolding, ripping, and refolding my sheets for this request.  That's a lot of sheets to fold, and I'm soooo not the laundry enjoyer, but this was something that needed to be done anyway since I needed more fabric for my vintage sheet quilt.  Therefore, I was able to kill two birds with one stone. Yay! 

I wanted the Esty listing to look nice for both my reader and others to see so I did take some time (outdoors) to arrange and take pictures of the fat quarters that she requested.  (By now my kids probably think I'm crazy always taking pictures of sheets, but honestly I'm a mom so I'm way past crazy.  Kids do that to you.) 

So whatcha think?  Not a bad stash of sheets for someone who didn't own one used previously loved vintage sheet 8 months ago.

I hope you enjoy them lovely reader.... you know who you are.  :-)


  1. I like the pinwheel effect. Hey- have you heard of an OttLite? They can be expensive BUT they sell OttLite BULBS at Home Depot/Lowe's for about $9 each and you can use them in your own lamps. That might help you out!

  2. Lovely collection, but 100 degree heat? Not sure I'd be out in that either!

  3. Hi Back at ya! Your pics turned out great, and that pinwheel layout of the fabrics made my head spin...with anticipation of their arrival. 100+ degrees, yiikes! Thanks for all of the effort you put in to posting those pics.
    I didn't realize you were in TX. Half, well, one third of my family has migrated to TX, from WV. Even my son ran away to TX. He was influenced by a friend going off to college there. It didn't take much convincing since MD has one of the highest tuition rates in the US, and I mean for state residents. It was cheeper for him to take classes as a non resident freshman at TexasAMWest in Canyon than to go to the community college here as a resident! Geesh!
    I'll let you know when my package arrives. Loved shopping your Etsy shop, sooooo easy.