Monday, August 29, 2011

Thrift Share Monday's - August 29

Got some small finds this weekend, and I mean small by small in size.

I'm sooo happy I finally was able to score some sheets this week after about a two week lull.  Yay!

pillow cases

One of my small finds was this small bowl.  Not too sure if it's for a candle or maybe salt.  Do any of you know?  The cashier at the estate sale said it was silk glass, but isn't that a form of Vaseline glass?  I checked it under my black light and it didn't glow, but then I don't think my black light is that great either.  :-/

At the same estate sale I super scored these sewing machine needles for $3.00.  Awesome!!!

Saturday I went to another estate sale and made an unlike me purchase.  The estate was of an individual who was a coin collector.  I don't know much about coin collecting, but I grabbed a few pieces anyway, and being 50% off I was pretty much just trading my money for equal value.  I actually paid $15 for $13.41 worth of coins, and based on the casings the coins came in, not a bad deal.

Randomly picking 10 of these $1 presidential coins. Is it me or is Lincoln staring right at me? 

This 1909 wheat cent in case; unfortunately it doesn't have a view of the back.

 and a President Reagan Commemorative Coin.

Then this 1977 (my birth year) proof set, in case, which displays the coins front and back.

I like the small sized purchases....they don't take up any room.  ;-)

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  1. Lincoln is a bit creepy...he really does appear to be staring straight at us (in an annoyed fashion, no less)! If you are a fan of vintage linens, you should pop on over to My (Un)Intentional Life and leave a comment as I'm hosting a giveaway for some there this week ( Thanks for sharing your finds!